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Found 2 results

  1. Is the last mission supposed to loop infinitely after destroying the generators, hordes of Reapers, the high praetor (HP) and escaping to the pod room beyond the HP with everyone alive? If the best ending isn't finished, why not just have a splash screen congratulating the player on obtaining it, or did you not expect anyone to actually manage that? Also, is the last mission not yet complete? TBH it was effortless next to tackling a late game terror site or raiding a large base, or even a battleship. Negative nancy stuff out of the way though, this was a great game and a lot of fun in spite of the flaws.
  2. So my current run is getting towards the endgame, but apparently the final battle is "teh broken" right now (V18), and this was fixed in the more recent experimental (I guess?). Can anyone (Sathra has much experience here, I know), give me a quick rundown on what needs to be changed to get the last research available? I've got all other researches completed, including Battleship techs. I believe the vital, missing tech is Alien Leader Interrogation. A related question is how the availability of research is checked by the game -- If I were to mod leader interrogation to be based on an already-completed tech (such as officer interrogation, imitating the official fix), would that enable me to research leader interrogation in my savegame? Would I need to capture another alien leader to do so? I've already captured two or so.
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