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  1. 1. Great idea. It adds feeling player is sort off underground revolutionary defence force. Scraping resources various way. 2. Current version is a bit slaughter. Tactical spice or some development progress is missing. 3. advices for gradation a) limit deploy area, lets say half map closer to barricade b) split opponents to 2 groups.then make them spawn in 2 phases. Warriors (Cleaners with rebreather and auto-weapon and grenades on bikes) ,Support ( drivers in white collar and pistol, assistent-driver in work-clothes and a knife). Bikers are official defence force so they are there in the deploy phase. On the end of first turn, drivers with assistants spawns next to each door of the truck.
  2. I'm super impressed with milestone 2 and just wanted to start by saying thank you for the Devs for listening to the community in regards to the cleaners! One of my favourite things about X2 and milestone 2 is how the initial invasion doesn't start immediately and I feel that milestone 2 is definitely more drawn out from what it was in the past update which in my opinion was needed to expand upon the cleaners as an enemy. The first mission was great and I like how if you capture the commander you get a pop up with some info, such a small thing but provides a nice bit of lore for us fans. It would be nice to see something similar in conjunction with the aliens. Maybe like capturing an alien commander/officer from some sort of command UFO or alien base could provide intel of when to expect the next terror mission or something or how far the invasion has progressed so we have an idea of what research to prioritise next over something else. The rescue soldiers mission was a nice unique twist that I didn't expect, and I'd like to say I think it would be a nice feature to have down the line in regard for the aliens too. Perhaps you have to assault a base and rescue soldiers or civilians, kind of like the abduction missions but we're instead assaulting a facility where we're tasked with rescuing human captives/soldiers for a bonus in funding or a reduction in panic on the continent the base is located. The convey missions were incredibly fun, although they're very easy compared to the standard missions we're given, they're incredibly fun to do and remind me in a way of the total war franchise take that they do on ambush scenarios. I think the only thing I could really suggest on this one is perhaps certain conveys have certain contents such as accelerated weapons, alien alloys, or alenium. I experienced my first VIP mission last night which I gotta say was quite challenging but was also incredibly fun and unique, I'm unsure if they were in milestone 1, but I got to say I'm so impressed with the thought that's being put into the missions with the cleaners. Again, I'd also like to say that I think it would be nice to perhaps have that fleshed out later down the line and implemented into the alien invasion side of things, perhaps being tasked with rescuing a high value target like a politician or a country leader, perhaps with the failure conditions being catastrophic to the player, maybe a major decrease in funding for a month or two or even as far as losing them as a contributor to our funding depending on the continent/countries they represent, kind of similar to the first mission failure conditions of if you lose, you lose the game, but perhaps not that extreme of course. Overall I got to say I'm thoroughly impressed with milestone 2. I love the new mission types and new lore that's been added and I hope it'll go as far as being similar to X1 and X1:CE in-terms of said lore. I'm very excited for the cruiser type being added in milestone 3 whenever that may be and even more so excited for alien bases and the battleship class in whatever milestone that'll be in (I know it'll be some time but I'm incredibly hyped for the full release of this game in the far future). I'm hoping we'll one day get something similar to the vehicles we had in X1, and perhaps the upping of difficulty in terror missions as I remember veteran difficulty X1 terror missions feeling like you're truly fighting a losing battle in the early to mid game stages of the game. I love the small things, one example is like I said before about capturing the officer in the first mission, I'd love to see more of that, I guess similar to X1:CE with pop-ups about the invasion and what to expect along with progression, the pop-ups to do with enemy types and then perhaps something similar to the firaxis xcom in regards to a simple mission briefing similar to what we get in the early stages of X2. Another thought I had was when you get the new transport aircraft, the loading screen art changing to that said aircraft before dropping into a mission, it's a very small thing but I'd love it nevertheless. Thank you Goldhawk interactive for all the hard work and painstaking hours you're putting in to make this game truly stand out whilst continuing to make such an entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable experience for us fans. I'm looking forward to what you have in store for us all in the future and will eagerly wait for milestone 3 after finishing my second run of X2 with anticipation. In the meantime, back Xenonauts 1!
  3. After a few playthroughs on initial release I stopped playing to see what difference the next Milestone would bring, so that I could come at it fresh, so here is my feedback on milestone 2. Overall, it is a great step forward; I have very much enjoyed playing X2 and commend the devs on their progress! I especially like that there is more variety of mission types, especially in the cleaner stage - the ambush missions, rescue VIP missions and the rescue soldiers mission along with the already existing data retrieval missions and abduction missions just make the game seem genuinely fresh rather than simply a rehash of the original Xenonauts. I think the difficulty of the ambush missions needs tweaking - they are far too easy; I had two and each time I killed all of the cleaners and got all the loot in two turns. Possibly there needs to be way more cleaners, or possibly the number of troops I can take needs to be limited because it is an ambush/covert mission? As the game progresses, however, we end up quite quickly back to the same basic missions - downed UFOs, Terror Missions and Base defence, and even these are basically the same mission - kill all the aliens. If there could be more variety in the mission types as the game progresses that would be great. Along similar lines, the Ops officer disappears as the game progresses; either remove the interactions completely from the game or have them for every mission. Perhaps the Ops officer could give audio briefings like "Central" does in the Firaxis XCom games? These are the things that make X2 distinct from X1, so don't have them drop off as the game progresses. I still think there should be some way to reduce panic that is under player control. At the minute if a region is nearing 100 there is little I can do unless a mission happens to come up in that region, and that mission happens to be one of the missions that reduces panic. Even removing an Alien Base does not reduce panic. I know that a certain amount of panic is created by the base being there and removing it stops that panic being generated, but for a major win like the takedown of an enemy base to not even reduce panic in the region by, say, 5 or 10, seems unrewarding! Also, on the issue of Alien Base missions, I liked the old X1 approach of having two ways to win - either destroy the generator of kill all the aliens. Maybe the first way would not reduce panic (but still stop panic being generated) and the second way would reduce panic? I also wonder of it is too late to do some tweaking to the development of weapons and aircraft. Essentially we have the same type of weapons throughout that get upgraded as research develops so in the end soldiers always carry one of the 6 weapon types - pistol, shotgun, rifle, machine gun, sniper rifle or grenade launcher; research does not add different weapon types, just more powerful versions of the same weapons. It is the same with aircraft or vehicles - they are essentially the same throughout the whole game they just get better armour or more powerful weapons (and a visual update). Perhaps these are things for the modders to do later but perhaps the devs could give some thought to it at this stage? Another thought I had was, could there be different Xenonauts base types; for example, an outpost that would have a cheaper initial cost to build but that could not have any more than, say, four buildings, or be restricted in some other way. For example, you might want a base that was nothing more than a radar listening post with a base defence battery and living quarters so that it could be defended. One more thought - it would be great if the game added to the type of challenges posed by more advanced aliens - after a certain stage the original UFO Enemy Unknown brought in mind control, for example, and that changed the very nature of the fight (as opposed to simply giving the aliens bigger and more powerful ships and weapons.) Just some thoughts; and congrats to the devs, the game is really coming along nicely.
  4. Spoiler Alert! Don't read below if you don't want potentially to have content spoiled. So, I noticed I just achieved 50% clean network progress in milestone 2 which surprised me because I feel like I have barely done anything yet. I did the atlas base mission, captured instead of killed the General and some cleaners. researched cleaner corpse and interrogated a cleaner. I rescued two of the three soldiers in a mission, and just finished an ambush mission. I think I completed maybe one release hostage mission. It's 21 days in so far. I am just kind of surprised I've already got half the network finished when I haven't even made it to the end of my first month yet. I feel like that progress is really fast and somehow it should be expanded a bit or something. I am currently working on a engineering project to test weapons on cleaners, but I am now worried it was a waste of time as the network will be shut down before it's any use. Also they are already fairly easy to drop (which is okay at the start, I did lose a soldier or two so far). By the way I am playing on soldier (what I consider normal) difficulty. One other note. I felt like the ambush missions was interesting but to easy. I literally murdered them all and destroyed no trucks in turn one, still with one more soldier left unused with full tu's. I think an option would be to push the ambush deployment zone a bit further away from them to reduce accuracy and possibly add one or two more cleaners. I would expect to have at least a few cleaners survive to turn two of the ambush. Posting this for feedback to the dev's related to the recent changes in milestone 2
  5. AI Adjustments Suggestion Not sure how feasible it might be, but wanted to suggest three things in regards to friendly AI Could we get an occasional special/rare civilian? Maybe a doctor or paramedic running around who will notice your troops and heal them if they're wounded, and back off a couple tiles afterwards. Or maybe a mechanic/engineer type who will try to repair the MARV. ALSO we could add local politicians/senators/governors as secondary objectives! If they survive or you escort them back to a certain point of the map, have it reduce panic for that region (I really like this idea, given that reducing panic feels mostly based around shooting down UFOs and that's it) Could also open up a lot of fun room for Easter Egg characters like a cowboy with a revolver, neckbeard with a katana, MI6 operative in a suit with a silenced pistol. Another thing that I think is much more important and would love to see. Maybe add a command system for friendlies? Make it cost 4 AP to direct a friendly to hunker down, follow me, or head to shelter. Give the Squad lead or everyone a green flare they can throw to 'designate' the shelter point to the AI, and once you're in a certain range you can send them to safety. Could also make it a dice roll against your soldiers bravery stat, braver meaning more trustworthy and likely to be listened to, maybe local military and police will actually join up with your squad if you have a VERY brave soldier command them to. (Not suggesting that you recruit them after the fact, but that could be a cool idea, more interested in just being able to command them for the duration of a mission) Lastly, dunno how feasible it would be, but would be cool to see local military fighting more coherently, instead of just scattered with the rest of the civvies all alone. Maybe spawn them in a pod of 3-5 and tether them to a certain point or their own squad leader. Would be cool to see them acting cohesively and trying to hold down a position while sticking together. So far my experience with local military is them standing in the middle of the street, refusing to use any form of cover, and generally just being bait,
  6. Noted this by mistake during a tactical mission - not sure if this is a bug, but if a weapon has certain weight including the ammo when you equip it before mission, then unloading the weapon during tactical mission ADDS the weight of the ammo to the inventory! It should not, as the clip/ammo is already carried one would say... but it does! And it actually applies to all weapons... Example: While in inventory, the HEVY has a weight of 40 during tactical mission it has the same weight loaded - so the weight probably includes the ammo (even if some rounds are already fired).... BUT, as soon as the ammo is unloaded, the ammo weight is ADDED to the overal carried weight of the soldier, resulting in TU penalty, which is totally impossible. Moreover the whole weight of the ammo (16) is added to the inventory, even if half is already "gone." It seems to me as a mistake, the initial clip is likely not included in the calculation of the total weapon weight, therefore if unloaded, its weight is added to the inventory... I would like to suggest therefore, that the weight of the weapons is reduced for the weight of the ammo (empty rifle weight of 16, clip weight of 4, weight of loaded rifle = 20). HEVY weight of 24, loaded weight of 40 (or 32 if loaded with smoke grenades) and/or calculated by each item.
  7. For me, I love being able to change my soldiers to people I know. This was such a small thing in the new XCOM games that added a lot of enjoyment for me. So in addition to just allowing changing our soldiers names, I'd love to be able to change appearance, gender, and nationality on top of the existing name change, to match people I know. I know this isn't the most pressing thing and I'm not saying this should come before major features, but I still think this is a small thing that would add a lot to the game and should be done at some point.
  8. Hi folks. I'm 10 hours in now and just thought I'd add my voice before your early access release. Haven't read the forums yet, so apologies if anything here is duplicated. Just ignore me I downloaded the beta as soon as I was able, but didn't have the brains to figure out what to do. I thought I'd give it a proper go again just recently and have some feedback... First, I have quite a lot of hours in Firaxcom, and no hours in the original game or Xenonauts, so that's where I'm coming from. I'm currently at 10 hours played, campaign attempt number 5. Not got past the first terror mission. Tutorial. Apologies if any of this is included in the tutorial and I missed it. These points were lightbulb moments for me when I figured them out, and were mostly obtained from watching letsplays. But I only tend to do that when I want to persevere with a game. 1. Cover, LOS & Time Units: Cover is well explained, but most of the guided actions involve "move then shoot". This reinforces the belief that shooting is turn ending. I know it isn't, but it's ingrained in me to press space after shooting even if I have TU left. I also thought I could shoot round high cover, which I obviously can't. I think a tutorial action that involves you taking high cover, then using TU to step out, fire, and step back would be a great way to illustrate that you can do stuff after shooting as well as explain that you can't shoot round adjacent high cover. This aspect of the game is what sets it apart from the other titles for me, and is what makes it really engaging. 2. Friendly Fire is a real hazard, and also something I think should be included in the tutorial so people know about it, even if it's during the enemy turn, rather than making the player click through it. Also, grenades can miss quite easily which I found out the hard way. 3. Inventory isn't mentioned in the tutorial. I didn't even know it could be accessed from the tactical map until I saw it on YouTube. Maybe have a soldier pick something up or switch out a secondary weapon for a medkit? Picking up a corpse to return it for evac could also illustrate that hidden "10% chance not to die", which is a great feature I knew nothing about. Still don't know whether you need to take the corpse on missions where you evac (mission 2). 4. Right clicking to open doors, get USBs out of computers etc should also be in there. Had to watch a letsplay for mission 2. 5. Turning has a use. It's kinda covered as an aside in the tutorial, but it's not until you get to the tac map when you make that quarter turn to see an alien standing ten feet away in plain sight that you realise just how important it is to be aware of your surroundings by turning your soldiers. I'm now forever turning and scanning to see what's around me. Project Zomboid hat is firmly on. 6. Right click on a shot type makes it go orange (without having a target selected). I had no idea what this meant until I figured out that it restricts your movement to allow you enough TU to move and fire. Should be in the tutorial. General. On the soldier management screen, having a tooltip over each of the soldier attributes, reminding the player what they're useful for would be helpful. I still don't know what Reflexes are used for, so this would be useful for people that didn't absorb themselves fully in the tutorial. A smoother camera rotation would be better than the janky rotation in place now. I have mine set to 30 degrees so I have fine control, so pressing Q or E a couple of times in succession is a bit jarring to the eyes. Nice To Haves It would be really good if Soldier "classes" could be saved to disk rather than the gamesave. For mugs like me, starting a new game as frequently as I do means having to re-organise how I want my loadouts to appear repeatedly. Similar to how Factorio does blueprints. That's all I have right now. I think the game is very playable for early access. My only real concerns were over the tutorial. My first few games were a disaster as I learned those points. It's not a bad tutorial, it just leaves a few things out that Firaxcom players might rage over. Good luck with EA and with the future of the game!
  9. So the doors stays open on the aliens ship if you open it up on your turn, and closes on the enemies turn. But if the aliens open the door, its closes on their turn. Should it not then close at the end of my turn, as it does for me? Feels a little unfair, and un-intuitive that the doors don't follow the same rule for me (the player) and the enemy (aliens). In the old x-coms for example, doors closes at the end of your turn, both for you and for the AI. I can see that this can be abused by the players if the AI dont know how to handle that situation. But at the moment it feels a little cheap when you are breaching the enemies ship. This is just a minor thing of course, but thought it warranted a comment.
  10. So as someone who only reads official development update news and patchnotes i have a few thoughts to share about v19. Geoscape: Im holding off most of the thoughts about it until the new UI, but the change i hope to see the most is a proper interface for ordering your air units around (in geoscape, not in dogfights), proper waypointing (like shift+clicking), maybe even creating patrol routes and saving them for later use. --- Ground combat: AI: It still feels weird... while i notice that aliens tend to go into safe spots where most of their angles are covered from the optimal ammount of xenonauts i still see them going out of cover for no reason (especially inside light scouts: they shoot some and when walk out from behind the cover). I also witnessed a bizarre behavior in my first terror mission that i played in this build (im not sure if this behavior was present in previous builds). In this mission aliens (androns and light drones) completely ignored my scout car, to the extend where i was effectively able to cover my soldiers with it and exploit the scout car as a "sliding door": I would move it away at the start of the turn, fire some shots with my soldiers, and cover them again with my scout car at the end of the turn. Aliens never shot at the car, and acted confused, over running around aimlessly or just going after npcs instead of trying to flank my soldiers or attack my scoutcar. I also find it hard to make use of secondary floors, its like they are not in game at all, i rarely find aliens in buildings (and never in upper floors) and wish it was a more common occurrence. It also feels like their pathfinding could use some work, sometimes they make a lot of aimless movements and end up in the same position from which they left or out in the open. It feels like they have trouble managing their TU's... Also every alien seems to act like an individual ignoring his comrades... I'd like to see some group tactics involved. An example would be aliens that are sitting inside of ufo storm out to help their buddies when there is a firefight going outside, attempting flanks and so on... Too often its just picking off one alien at the time... pushing a bit forward and finding another one hunched behind cover a bit further back, why didn't he come and help his buddy 3 turns ago? Also the placement of aliens around the map (in ufo crashsites) is odd, they seem scattered and disorientated with no clear goal. Shouldn't they try to set up a defensive perimeter around their ufo wreck? Try to ambush you (in greater numbers than 1) as you approach it and so on? --- Visuals: I thought i'd be used to it by now, but the particles that fly out of all the weapons look horrible and out of place, they are slow, sluggish and look like a cheap placeholder art. I would much more prefer to see just muzzle flashes and impact sounds, or some nicely animated tracer round lines. In fact the whole combat gameplay feels off, soldier dont allign properly with the direction they are firing, sometimes skipping the "raise weapon" animation completely and just shooting from idle pose. But the worst part is bullets hitting things... it just looks so impact-less? I mean shooting stuff felt more satisfying in fallout 2, and im not talking about critical gore-fest kills. (which would be amazing to see in this game, but i know that the its very hard to do thanks to overly-complicated animation processes used in this game). Ground combat part 2 Shooting from the cover sometimes shows that theres a 50% chance to hit the cover im shooting from. This just isn't right... and there is a bunch of other oddities when trying to aim through/from complicated cover. I once saw like 3 50% indicators pop out by simply aiming at the target behind a low train platform...vagon... thing. Morale system isn't working properly i think. Im still not seeing the randomness in maps, and there's too few of them so it gets repetitive fast. I had few other things i wanted to mention but i forgot. I should keep a list or something. Anyway hope this helps.
  11. First of all, let me say how much I love the game. You've done an amazing job of modernizing the classic, and keeping a similar feel to the game... something many have tried before, and not come close. My comments below are not complaints, just things I noticed that either seemed odd, or didn't work as intended. I mention them only in the hopes of improving the final product. In no particular order: Lights - Night missions are notoriosly more difficult than day time missions, but without any form of lights to throw around, the aliens have a much greater advantage, as they seem to be unhindered in the dark. In fact, from my experiences so far, they seem to be MORE accurate in the darkness... but this could just be bad luck for the soldiers under my command. Ship Lights - The drop ship should have low level lights. After my troops leave the craft, it is very unnerving to forget where your ship is located, in case things go horribly wrong and you need to run. Having low level lights would give you an anchor for exploring in the darkness. Explored Areas - Again in darkness, it would be great if you could get a grey silloutte outline of areas you have explored, that you can no longer view. It makes sense that you cannot see it so see the aliens, but the buildings and bushes are not going to move when out of sight. If this doesn't make sense, ask me and I'll try to explain better. Menu Selection - The selection of anything on a menu is very tight, and I find myself constantly fighting with the interface to select what I want. Automatic Research - It's very odd to automatically perform autopsies when all of my scientists are busy researching something else. Manufacturing Expenses - I found myself strapped for cash, and thought to churn out some armor to sell... since I am making the product, there should be profit in selling the finished item... but in fact, I can only sell for half of the production cost right now. I think they need to negotiate a better deal. As it stands, it makes no sense that it is cheaper for my engineers to sit around doing nothing, paid, rather than produce extra items for sale if they have free time. Moving Behind Objects - When initially moving behind buildings, or objects, you currently have to click blindly. Once your trooper is behind the object, the object fades so you can see what you are doing. It would be helpful if the object faded while planning a route there, so you can see what you are doing. Staircases & Elevation Change - Elevation changes seems a little confusing, mainly inside a UFO. It isn't clear where there are walls, or open space... aliens shoot at you from outside the ship when you are inside... etc. With stair cases in buildings, troopers climb up without a problem by changing elevation level. But when they come down, it's possible to walk through the stairs rather than around them. Medi-Kits - This is very confusing. The cost in TU is not accurate, and the TUs actually spent match the HP healed. There is no information on how many bleed icons are present on a trooper, nor is there feedback to say you healed one of them. I was using a first aid kit on a seriously wounded soldier and the first three times I used it, I cleared a wound and did not heal at all. The only information I was presented with was that I was spending TUs and the trooper was not getting healed. That's it for now. Keep up the amazing work guys. I'm completely addicted, and thank you for that -Arabin
  12. Just wanted to post my encouragement for all of you as far as making this game goes. I pre-ordered near the beginning of the year but never made a forum account. I've been monitoring the progress of the game though, and it all looks really great. Thanks for being true to your fans and the basic concepts of the genre, and thanks for making this awesome game.
  13. Overall -- I have to say, again, that I love this game so much. The graphics, background artwork, music and all the little touches like the news feed at the bottom of the geoscape screen, it all comes together to create one of the most immersive games I've ever played. Immersion seems to be a bit of a "lost art" these days, and I love it when I get to play a game that actually scares me or creeps me out, or makes me feel emotionally invested in what's going on. I find myself jumping every single time I hear a shot fired during Hidden Movement, and I get this "grim" feeling when playing the game, no matter if I'm watching the geoscape, managing my base or forces, or fighting in the air or on the ground. Tactical combat 1. I feel very strongly there should be some way of interacting with civilians to get them out of harm's way, if only simply receiving direct control of them when you are within x tiles. Just makes very little sense to me that operatives would just leave innocents to run around and get shot when they could perfectly well just have brought them into the cover of a building and secured them with handcuffs, per standard police procedure. A compromise of sorts would be the game giving you control of a civilian when a soldier or vehicle has visual contact and is within x tiles. The only thing you could do with the civilian, however, would be to move him. You would not be able to make him pick up weapons, and you would not see what he saw. If you ordered him to move into an area outside your visual range, you would lose control of him and he would disappear from view. In addition to this, any soldier next to a civilian could cuff him (you would do this by simply selecting the soldier, then right-clicking the civilian -- no cuff item or anything needed), making him crouch and stay in place until told to move by the player (or perhaps unless he came under direct fire). Civilians would also be subject to "low morale panic mode" when under player control, making them run off or refuse to comply, like your soldiers in X-Com UFO Defense when their morale dropped too low. 2. I like the idea of having the game automatically switch to showing walls and ceilings, and the interiors of buildings, depending on your visibility. Took a little to get used to, but I love it now. Only... I wish there was an option to override it and see the interiors of buildings (and your dropship and whatnot) for "battle planning" purposes. 3. Could you experiment with not "lighting up" tiles near the troops, but just keep all tiles the same bright/dark (depending on time of day/light level) lighting? I find that when I play games that do this, such as Ground Control and World in Conflict, I don't really miss the "fog of war" because it's really a matter of common sense what you can and can't see anyhow. What Ground Control did back in the day was letting you press the "R" button while hovering your mouse over a unit to see two circles denoting that unit's line of sight/weapon ranges. Xenonauts could do the same thing, where you could, for example, hold a button to "light up" the tiles your troops could see, whenever you were uncertain if certain tiles were covered by your men. Dogfights Really like the "twist" of having an actual tactical system for dogfights, rather than just the old X-Com style system where winning or losing was pretty much just a matter of who had the biggest gun. They're not realistic in any way, of course, because in reality fighters are engaged from beyond-visual-range, not in close-quarter dogfights, WWII style, but I find that doesn't bother me, the system works so well I'm very, very glad it's in. Couple thoughts, though: 1. I'm not really sure what I feel about the red-green colour scheme, to be honest. I know it's meant to look like a radar display, but I feel it looks a bit "simple" and clashes with the rest of the game. Maybe you could try shades of grey for the grid and UI instead, and leave the aircraft and whatnot green? 2. As it is, each aircraft has its own set of buttons, so that the "roll" buttons are a distance apart. Could the UI be rearranged somehow so that the various command buttons are right next to one another, if you know what I mean?
  14. edit: I have meanwhile been convinced by Gauddlike's arguments that my original proposal is lacking. Below is a revised version. A big thank you to everyone who provided feedback! Hi there, First of I'd like to say that as a huge fan of XCOM I greatly appreciate how close you stick to the concepts of the series. But in one way you are imo a bit to close to the classics: reserving time units in ground combat. I have only played Xenonauts for a short time up to now, but I already encountered a number of situations where I thought to myself "well, that could be done in a less click-intensive manner". I'll give you an example: Usually I reserve time units for a reaction shot. But if I then encounter an alien while using the rest of my TUs for movement, I want to shoot him. It happens rather often that the game won't let me do that, cause I don't have enough TUs left for two shots (the one I want to take and the reaction shot). This requires me to deselect the 'reserve TUs option', clicking on the alien a second time and reselecting the reserve option at the start of the next turn. That's a lot of clicking. I'd suggest to implement one of the following solutions to this: - Allow the usage of reserved TUs for aggressive actions like shooting or throwing a grenade, with one additional safety-click on the target and displaying a 'click again to use reserved TUs' overlay. - Allow the usage of reserved TUs for aggressive actions like shooting or throwing a grenade as long as a modifier key is held (© by Gazz ^^). If one of this options is used make the text of the reserve-options greyed out, so the player has visual feedback that this unit won't react during the enemies turn any more, but leave the previously selected option selected. Additional visual feedback would also be nice. By which I mean this: introduce a 4th color for the path highlighting. Green tiles = tiles that can be reached that leave enough TUs for auto reaction fire. Blue = enough TUs left for snap shot reaction. Yellow = no reaction fire possible. Red = Unreachable in this turn. Hopefully this is helpful to you! Keep up the good work! Alex
  15. In no particular order, here's what I think (1) Tanks should have a bit more HP. One of the good things about them in the X-com games was that they could take a few hits before dying. Right now they die in 2 hits. I think it should be 3-4 hits instead. (2) Right now the MG tank is vastly more powerful than the rocket tank. I've never had it fail to kill an alien in one hit, and that's after taking it on several missions. It can also take 3 shots per turn, or more realistically 1-2 after moving, whereas the rocket tank frequently doesn't have enough AP. (3) You should be able to scroll down by putting your mouse anywhere along the bottom edge of the screen. It's annoying to have to move your mouse into the corners before you can do this. (4) Moving things around into or out of your inventory is too easy I think. X-com punished you for rummaging around in your backpack during a firefight, but this game lets you swap weapons, ammo, etc, quite easily. (5) Were pistols intended to have autofire? (6) I would like my guys to be able to move a few more squares per turn with snap fire reserve on. Otherwise battles slow to a crawl, since you can't really advance at all with snap fire reserve on. (7) If I turn snapfire reserve on for a unit, it should remain on in subsequent turns, I should not have to turn it back on every turn. (8) If I give a shoot order while snap fire reserve is on, this should override the reserve. I'm okay with the reserve telling me I can't move any farther, but it's clear that if I'm telling my unit to shoot this turn, this takes precedence over shooting next turn.
  16. I'm ancient enough to fondly remember UFO Enemy Unknown and am always excited when someone tries to recreate that game. So I just played Xenonauts for a while (8.5) and it left me with high hopes for the final realease. More so than any other attempts so far - and yes, I played them all. I noted down my thoughts and after eliminating the things already mentioned in the sticky post I'm left with the following so far: - Tactical Maps. I'm sure someone must have mentioned this before. It needs more and different types. - Tactical Combat. Scrolling is painfully slow, I'm not getting any younger here while trying to go to another part of the map. How about a Mini-Map with click-centering functionality (and color coded dots for units)? - Equipping. Right-Click for automatic equipping and un-equipping. - Beginning Research. Nothing more frustrating than having a Research Lab and Researchers but discovering that you cannot research anything. And the first thing I got to research was Plasma right away. I much preferred a Human invention first like the Laser. An improved Rifle with special Ammo would do the trick just as nicely until you start with the Alien Tech. - There need to be items you manufacture that can be sold at a profit. Not having this takes the whole economic playstyle out of the game. I'm looking forward to future builds - keep up the great work!
  17. It's been my first opportunity to jump onto a ground combat build of Xenonauts and I'm pretty blown away by the progress to date as well as the polish already demonstrated in the V8.1 existing assets. I messed about in a ground combat mission and for the most part the gameplay was smooth, looked great and most importantly reminded me of the gameplay I so enjoyed as a kid. The best part is that it already has a few great little tweaks and items I've always had in my XCOM wish list. Animations in particular were very polished and smooth to watch. Everything from bringing the shotgun to bear to vaulting over small obstacles was fantastic. The smoke and fire effects are very nice too - the explosions also have a nice animation. So far I'm really impressed by the devs. Keep up the good work!
  18. 1) I just pre-ordered the game last night. I spent a couple minutes on it so far and this is... sorta a review. 2) Excellent graphics and music from start screen to geoscape and base building and such. 3) xenopedia, I can't scroll through it using arrow keys or mouse scroller. 4) when I double-click one of my soldiers names in the personnel area, the game crashes 5) the cursor can be very difficult to see at times 6) I don't know how much my base is going to cost to build 7) Craft autocannon.... why is it 399 rpm? Why not just make it 400? lol. 8) Also, 5kg is very heavy for an assault rifle (I'm imagining like AR15 or M16, etc). I know a game like this is difficult to build around reality, but 4kg would be more accurate. 9) I clicked on a building in the base, then I right-clicked on it (the hanger on the top-right) and it said I couldn't demolish it. I exited to geoscape, then went back to the base and when I right-click, it doesn't say anything. it'll only allow me to demolish the two radars, and the medical center 10) when the "do you want to demolish this building" box comes up, ESC should cancel, not bring to geoscape. 11) I booted the game up and immediately went to load my save file. I loaded and many of the tabs wouldn't work. I couldn't go to Bases or Research (the only two I tried). I built a new base, then I could go to Bases. I reloaded the file and then I had access to everything again. -- It happened a second time after the game crashed. I assume the soldiers area isn't complete to a playable degree. It ALWYAS crashes. Anyways, I booted up and loaded my game, and none of the options on the top (Bases, Research, Workshop, or Xenopedia) were click-able. I had to click Build New Base, then Right-click to cancel it. 11) Is there going to be a more efficient method to transfering resources and such between bases? I remember it was frustrating as hell to transfer hundreds of Elerium for instance to another base. 12) UFO detection read 110M and it was actually a little difficult to read. Is it possible to rework the font or something so that there is at minimum a small gap (doesn't have to be the size of _space_) so that M can be distinguished from a number more easily. Also, the 1's don't help. I can imagine getting like 3x 1's next to each other.... lol. It looks very sleek though, but there has got to be a way to make it more functional without taking away from the look and design. 13) How would I modify a squadron? I sent all my aircraft all together at a target... the Chinook slowed them all way down. lol. I didn't realize it until it was too late to turn back. 14) Is there a way to view the local funding? For instance, where can I see how much funding I'm going to get from the local governments of a particular area, aside from the "monthly report" screen? 15) Need an instruction manual on the flying combat. I haven't put much time into it, but they always dodge my attacks. Lol.
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