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Found 5 results

  1. In X1 we essentially had four light sources in night missions: scenery lights like lamp posts the inherent flash lights of our troops (their illuminated vision cones) flares head lights of vehicles I'd like to see this system expanded a bit, as it essentially slowed down the pace of the game in X1 compared to daytime missions (because you would throw flares around one round, then advance in the next). low-light amplifier - a piece of head/eye wear for a soldier, giving him good sight in darker areas, but none in light regions (as the light amplification tends to overcast the surroundings of bright objects) thermal imaging glasses - same slot, portrays surroundings in false colours, but some aliens (e.g. the reptilian sebillians) are invisible to the user. Might show gas and heat pipelines through walls, whatever this might be useful for (blowing stuff up, obviously...) signal pistol - a secondary weapon that can illuminate a big part of the battlefield this round and can be fired indirectly over obstacles, and a smaller one next round, and then dies. Short life and big area compared to flares, maybe even a chance to stun enemies with big, night time adjusted eyes portable floodlight - a rather heavy utility item that must be placed down by a soldier and then illuminates a bigger part of the map compared to flash lights. As it runs on batteries, only limited use time. Some Psi vision system - reveals the location of living things, but not what they are. Civilians and Aliens as well as the type of Alien cannot be seen (something like a blue blob on the battlefield) For some of these to work, the blind fire system needs to be reworked - in X1 a soldier could fire at a tile with an alien with the direct aim function, even though he could not see the alien. Either this needs to be made impossible (or one soldier with low-light amplifier essentially provides the same bonus for every comrade) or weakened in terms of accuracy. Suppressing fire could still work to a degree. Any other idea you can come up with?
  2. Hi there, first off sorry if this has already been covered, I must have missed it. Basically what I ask is that it be possible to split up and add together air groups - by this I mean groups of interceptors. For example, when you don't know what a threat is, you may send two planes (one with faster missiles/gun, one with torpedoes) to try to take it down. When you fight it, it may turn out to be a scout for instance, and taken down by plane 1 with plane 2 not being involved. However plane 2 is still bound to the group and has to return to base before being able to go out again, even if it has fuel left and missiles still ready to be fired. If another threat appears, even though you have this functional aircraft already in the air, you can't split it off to do something. Similarly, you may send two seperate aircraft off on different jobs, then find there is a larger enemy and want to attack it with both aircraft. However this is just not possible to do. Logically, it makes sense. You have two planes, you should be able to give them different orders even if they launched at the same time. Or you have two planes, you know where they are, you can direct them to group together and form an air wing. But this is not possible in-game. I don't think the lack of this feature really adds anything to gameplay other than restricting your choices and forcing you to take unnecessary gambles that make no logical sense. So all of this is why I ask that, if possible, the makers of the community patch add this into the game at some point. Many thanks for reading
  3. You're on a ground mission, you cycle through your soldiers. You probably don't remember them by name but you'll have assigned appropriate armor for various roles or based on how valuable a soldier is... at least, this is what I do. I'm certainly not giving Rookie #83727 my single suit of Wolf Armor, only Lt. Shotgun Murderface gets that. So it would be nice if I could tell just by looking at a soldier's portrait what type of armor they're wearing. The equipment screen armor overlays should be simple enough to reuse.
  4. Xenonauts- idea: new features, real live training (without decease), all player owned soldiers (Charlie 1 squad vs Charlie 2 squad), player vs computer, gain exp(attribute point), computer squad gain less exp, could turn into mini game concept e.g. capture the flag, bases control… p.s. had to write this quickly and will come back to it in the next few days to write it properly
  5. Less bug, more feature request. I've had a situation in which one of my fighters suddenly bailed. Whatever the reason, I couldn't undo it. Some testing showed that a Disengage maneuver cannot be aborted by clicking the corresponding button or giving new movement orders. A Disengage order should be revisable. Whether given consciously or by mistake, the order should only serve to steer the plane away from combat instead with the least effort, not disable a plane for good with a high chance of it getting destroyed in the process due to flying uncontrollably through enemy fire. Giving a new movement order should intuitively cancel the Disengage maneuver.
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