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  1. Hi. New player here. Never played any XCOM/UFO Defense game ever and after having seen a Let's Play by Unit Lost a year ago I jumped in on Veteran difficulty. I know about creating another base immedietly but that never gets up and running so screw that.... Thing is, I get friggin murdered all the time.... I get out of the ship, trying to scout around. Aliens turn, this blue shot comes from outside my viewing range and kills one of my soldiers immedietly....Get shieldguy a bit closer, kneels him and put Rifledude behind. Aliens kill shield dude and I miss everything....what....? I move a dude and a Ceasan reactionshot kills that dude.... I've restarted 3(!) times already!! Fourth try. First or second mission. Sebilians (regenerating lizards) snipe me from half a screen away. Shielddude dies (ofcourse....) and the two guys that shoot him don't kill him....Mr.Lizard regenerates health and kills me....:thumbs up: I throw grenades and shoot and finally kills him. Only lost half my squad so far and have killed ONE goddamn lizard.... Move north towards farmhouse, blue shot from window kills another soldier (ofcourse....who the FUCK is surprised?? Not me!). This time, I move the two remaining guys (cause everybody else frigging DIED!) and reserve TUs for 'snap shot' since that's what Unit Lost did and it kinda worked. I throw grenades and think I kill FarmLizard and move in from the left....HI FarmLizard! He runs up to 2nd floor. Guy outside keeps grenading him (is it 3 or 4 grenades now?) and moves to the right to enter the farmhouse. Now I reserve TUs so FarmLizard don't engage anymore! Miild success. I hide in a corner and look outwards. Mr FarmLizard pops out adjasent to me!! I kill him. Attack the UFO from two sides. I hide behind a little bush and take shots at him. After a few rounds he kills me with his longrange shots.... The last soldier died because of computercheating. I had 100% blockchance. Computer stood still, shot and killed me....what....? Summary: 3/6 aliens killed 8/8 Xenonauts killed 2/2 civilians killed My tactic of scouting around and spreading my soldiers in groups of 3 or 4 doesn't seem to work. As soon as I get a mic, I'll show you how hard I fail. What are the differences between the difficulty lvls except what the game tells you? Enemies do less damage and can take less damage too? I understand if no one wants to play this and everybody plays XCOM: EU/EW. I'm starting to regret buying Xenonauts if it's gonna be this impossible.
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