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Found 4 results

  1. So anyone got these crash problems I'm getting?I remember in v 13...v 14 and so on...Even in V 18.4 I would get this strange triple combat music when I'm in combat with my three fighters vs 3 of the aliens fighters.Basically what would happen is...Battle start,triple music starts,combat goes normal after that...Crash...Anyone know anything about this... Also with the v 18.5 I'm getting another problem...Like I was excited to try out this v for the white tile glitch...but. I loaded the game...I did ready my units up... bought what I needed then went Into my first mission.Everything went allright about half of the mission I think.Didn't encounter any bugs...Then all of the sudden...POP.CTD. I was like Ok...I'll just load up the game up again and load the mission from the start.Everything went like it originally did...including the crash...After that I didn't load up the game till yet...And I'm not sure if I want to load it up if this thing is gonna keep popping up...I mean I don't to save the game every minute just to be sure I don't lose progress...
  2. This is another attempt to fix up the AI in the game. It is not a full fix, but I think we've fixed the worst of the all-seeing aliens bug. I've given it a brief check, but it's the weekend and I can't be bothered to run a full test (I'm working on the Xenopedia still). So if anyone fancies giving it a test, that'd be good. I'm hoping to release V18.51 tomorrow if all goes well. Link is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26290309/AIHotfix2.rar
  3. Seems the AI is a bit broken in V18.5 (there's a bug in the game where the aliens can't see your units, so they won't shoot at you). This will be addressed in V18.51 shortly along with a number of other issues, but in the meantime you can download an updated .exe below and have aliens shooting at you again. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26290309/AI_Hotfix.zip Two things to note: 1) Please don't report bugs from this build. It's not an official release, it's just to tide everyone over until V18.51 in a couple of days. 2) The Version number says V17.9 on it. Ignore it. 3) The AI is still bugged. The aliens currently see your troops wherever they may be, but are unaware about intervening objects. So they'll stand where they are and "mine" their way through props and walls to reach their targets. We're working on fixing this up and we'll release V18.51 when it is working correctly. But at least they're aware the Xenonauts exist now.
  4. Just finished first mission and feels like 18.3 again with stability thus far knock on wood. Although the 'auto completion' of bringing up breifing screen after killing last alien (you dont have to click end turn) was hairy for a minute... it looked like it went right to geoscape... the top title bar of the game (Playing in window mode) showed 'not responding' then it un hiccuped and brought up the mission debrief. Unlimited flares on night missions now is nice if you use em. Is the cover indicator intentionally not showing up? Cause I havent seen it in this build or 18.4 but the shot line is picking up cover okay. Aliens did run out at me from out of the ship but they would some times do that before... one in the field i felt probably should have been able to shoot at my people and he just kinda stood there and didnt turn towards me. But first cesarian light scout so i'll continue to try to take notes on the ai. Can we ever have the ability to lay out our first base.. or at least suggest the storage and radar get built in bottom left and right corners as those 2 single space buildings being moved could allow for 2 additional 2 space horizontals (lab/workshop/living.) I usually start the game building a new store room in bottom right and deconstructing the one i start with once its built. then i free up a horizontal row. Or allow us to rotate buildings and play tetris? (But I imagine that would let you optimize base space too much...)
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