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Found 5 results

  1. So after some reading of old post, I understand that the player isn't going to get psychic powers in Xenonauts, which is fine for balance reasons, as I get that such an ability can prove gamebreaking considering the focus on tactical combat of the game. However, there is an implementation of "taking control" of other non xenonaut units that I think would make sense and improve the game quite a bit. Basically, in order to increase the tactical ability of your squad, I think it would be incredibly useful to be able to order civilians around during battle zones. Essentially, what would happen is when you select a xenonaut and you move your cursor over nearby civilian (there would have to be a "speaking range" where the civilian can hear your selected 'naut) instead of a targeting cursor, you get a little speech bubble cursor and a percentage of success. If you click on it, you expend TU to tell the civilian what to do for that round, and you get temporary control of said civilian. This would allow for our 'nauts to do things like escort civilians to safer locations, and more importantly, to safely get them out of the line of fire or move them into a position so a medic can heal them if they are injured and bleeding. However it would be at major costs and be tricky. Namely, ordering a civilian would take a LOT, if not ALL of a Xenonaut's TU, so you're effectively sacrificing one character's movement/use to puppet another one. Secondly, it wouldn't always work, because civvies are panicked and running around like scared chickens when aliens are about. So there would have to be a success check, ideally between the bravery of the 'naut doing the ordering, and the civilian being ordered. Something like having a ratio where the Xenonaut's bravery must be 50 - 100% over the civilian's in order to have a moderate chance of success, and at 150% over the civilians, it's a strong chance, while at 200%, it's an almost guaranteed success (for this theoretical exercise, I assume the civilians all have very low bravery values). Civilians would also lose bravery just on sight of alien forces, and so could easily panic and lose control anyway, so it can be a lost cause. Also, while they aren't armed, they should have the ability to "hunker down" and hold position unless further ordered, so you can essentially put them in a spot that seems safe (like insider your chinook). Additionally, I'm assuming that local forces have higher bravery values than normal civvies, so it should be very low chance that the player can take control of armed civilians (Though still possible in certain situations). Again, the big advantage of this proposed feature is that the player can get a bit more tactical control of the battlefield vis a vis the civilian population. Also, it does just sort of make sense. I mean, I understand people freaking out when ET is lasering up their city with superheated plasma, but when the cavalry arrives, most people will listen to the higher authority and do what they say in order to save their own necks. It's not a 100% thing of course (hence not making it automatic) but it is something that could prove eminently useful in lots of tight spots. Because really, wouldn't it just be nice to tell a civvie to "GET DOWN!" so you could fire at the alien behind him? I know I think it would be.
  2. Hi guys, just a suggestion - I know the bravery mechanic isn't fleshed out yet but it's a fairly static stat at the moment and only affected by psionic attacks and medals. It'd be a really nice touch in my opinion if being under heavy fire makes a soldier more brave over time, say every time they get suppressed they gain a progression point in bravery. After 20 missions most soldiers would have a 1000 yard stare, leaning against a wall chewing a cigar while it rains plasma and rookies are hugging the dirt like starfish. Shellshock? Another mechanic idea: If they get suppressed too often, however, you could add a Shell-shock injury type, where their Bravery is halved for a duration of up to 30 days depending on how often they've been shot at. this condition could also be applied if more than 50% of the team get wiped etc. I dunno if that's too realistic but it would be a nice optional for those of us who like punishing game play. I'd tick that box.
  3. Hi! One of the things that I loved the most (and also hated) and lot's of times made me LMAO was when the soldiers went berserk or panicked in determined situations. I would like to know how it works on xenonauts, and if it can be improved?? To be more realistic I mean... Let's say a soldier enters solo in a room and face a big ass menacing alien, wouldn't be killer if he ran away in panic?? lol Let's say there's three soldiers, two of them die, and one of them goes berserk for his downed fellow mates... cool!! It would be really good if you guys improved these kind of situations! Looking foward to know more about it!!
  4. I know that most of the stats like Strength and Time Units will increase naturally during missions. And I believe that Accuracy will increase when you get kills/use aimed shots. Reflexes are gained when you hit with a reflex shot. What situations on the Battlescape will improve Bravery and Resiliance?
  5. From gameconfig: <braveryProgress pointsToProgress="1" maxPointsInSingleBattle="2" globalMaxProgress="100" comment="A progress point is earned whenever a soldier panics in battle" /> Right now bravery is earned by panicking in battle which I think is not the best system. It's counter-intuitive, rewards bad gameplay, doesn't come into play until later, more difficult missions (the only time my soldiers have panicked is when a terror mission goes terribly wrong) and when you get high morale it becomes increasingly hard to get your soldier to gain more. I would change it to a system where every time a soldier sees an alien, they gain a progress point, and when they get say 10 points (numbers just an approximation) they gain +1 bravery. It would make more sense, a soldier who is a veteran and has seen many aliens would be less likely to panic, rather than a guy who panicked so much he stopped panicking. Also it would give it a better risk/reward mechanic, your soldier can't just sit in the chinook and panic to gain bravery, he has to go out there and see some aliens. The only problem I can see is that people could exploit it by simply turning around and looking at the alien again. The obvious solutions would be to set the limit they can earn in a single battle low (but I would like soldiers who survived a particularly hard mission to get a good boost to bravery) or make it so you only get 1 point from each individual alien (if that's possible) What do you think?
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