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Found 6 results

  1. StK

    New RoleIcons

    I wasnt to happy with the orangish color theme the devs chose for the role icons so I made some myself in a black/yellow style. Maybe someone wants to use em. The files need to go into the \Xenonauts\assets\uitextures\roles folder Here's the link to my google drive for download https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1BcENUPXAaBS1RNanFQdnA1eXc&usp=sharing (The Attachment looks a little pixeled (the files aren't) and the yellow color looks brighter then it actually is in the files)
  2. I have preordered but that was well into last year and I only just got on the forums.
  3. The forum medals / pre-order badges are no longer available, sorry - they were a reward for the people who pre-ordered Xenonauts in alpha form (i.e. before the Steam Early Access release)! We actually would have liked to keep supporting them, but unfortunately it is not possible. We've had discontinue them is because they were linked to forum membergroups via Desura when we only sold through Desura, so anyone who bought a copy of the game was able to connect their Desura account to the forum and get a badge for doing so. We now sell primarily through Steam, and support other sales channels such as the Humble Store as well as Desura (and will add more in future). Therefore most people that buy the game will not have a Desura account, so would not be able to claim a badge. We don't want to cause arguments or make people feel like they've missed out by buying the game in the "wrong" place, so we decided to discontinue the forum badges at the point where Desura was no longer our only sales channel. Those who already have them will not be stripped of them, but will retain them as a thanks from us for supporting the team in the early stages of development when, frankly, they were taking quite a major leap of faith to buy the game! The comments in this thread all relate to the old claiming process. I have closed it to new comments now.
  4. Hello all, IT Noob here, everytime I try to check my profile to see if my premium preorder is mentioned on my profile I can't find it. Should it show up for me or just show on my profile for other users? I've got the pre order confirmation e-mail and I've been playing alpha and beta builds with no problems loading standalones and from the desura client. I'd just like to see my medal. If anyones knows anything about this - help an ol noob out would ya?
  5. How do i go about getting the Standard Pre-order badge? I paid for the standard pre-order and dont know where or how i can obtain it. THanks
  6. Vindictus

    Hi lO Premium

    Yarr mateys. I was wondering how one might harvest that oh soh pretty Premium Badge? (Mind you, that I've already bought the Premium Package )