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Found 3 results

  1. At least for adding in a future update or patch after release. 1) Damage falloff for weapons. It should be a simple enough adition - distance to target is already taken into acout for accuracy formulas. Basicly a weapon has an aditional entry in the weapons_gc called pctdamgefallof='-1' that tells the damage reduction per square (as percentage. In this case, 1% damage reduction per square)). Default 0, but it can be made a positive value to make a wepon that become more damage at long range. This would basicly jsut calculate the new damage value (rounded up) and hand that value over to the other calculations (armor penetration, etc...) I'd really lik this, as it would give modders the abiltiy to give more varriance to weapon and create interesting tactical situations 2) Multiple AI Props profiles for allies. Alines have miultiple types and profiles with different stats and equiapment. Meanwhile, allied soldiers all use the same non-combatant profile as the civilians. Just having 2-3 profiles for allied soldiers would help. Roookies, Veterans and the rare Elites (with % chance of appearing). Natually, they'd have better stats, with elites having better armor (like jackal or better...statisticly, not visually). Would be even cooler if we could have a text/name displayed. I would love to make a John Rambo or Chuck Norris characters with 1% chance of appearing, but having monstrous stats.
  2. Currently, when you finish a mission with allied soldiers present, they're denoted in the end-game statistics as "Allied forces". My suggestion is that you actually name them by, based on the country or region in which your forces are deployed. For example, if you were fighting in the US it would say "US Marines", "US Army soldiers", or "SWAT operatives", if you were fighting in Norway it would read "Norwegian Army soldiers", "Heimvern soldiers", or "Beredskapstroppen/Delta operatives" etc. Just one or two strings for each country or region, and then the game doing a check for where in the world the fight took place. I don't know how long this would take to code, but I think it'd be a nice mod idea, at least. Little things like this can heighten immersion so much.
  3. I was reading about Geo Allies in an earlier thread, and started thinking about civilian allies during the battles. For example, when doing a terror mission, having a few brave, AI controlled civilians attacking the aliens with dropped weapons. Maybe even having the civilians taking potshots at you due to combat inexperience and nervousness, and wondering if the gunshot you heard was from an alien or a "civvy".
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