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  1. Right now I feel like the air combat is a little bit backwards with the 'overkill' model in terms of nuanced tactical play. At the beginning of the game, when you're not experienced, you need to exercise more tactical nuance in air combat to avoid over-killing UFOs and leaving no crash site. Later on, when you're more experienced, the bigger UFO's become much harder to overkill, so you can just let loose with everything you've got. This has the odd effect of actually reducing your responsibilities as a tactician as the game proceeds onward to 'harder' air combats. What could be done instead would better simulate the sheer size of these vessels, as well as introducing a different tactical element that makes air combat more involved, rather than less involved as ships get bigger. When a UFO takes a certain amount of damage (perhaps enough to kill it now), it becomes 'seriously damaged'. This means it can no longer go back into orbit and is certain to crash at some point, but it stays on the battle map and can still fight you at reduced effectiveness. Once you've seriously damaged something, you'll want to break off combat with it (too much more damage could bring it down catastrophically and you lose your crash site), but you'll need to do it carefully as the vessel can still hurt you as its going down. The analogy would be to a damaged B-17 - if you took out a couple engines from one of those things, it could still be flying for minutes or even hours before crashing (and sometimes even make it back to base), but during this time its machineguns can still harass and harm attacking fighters. I notice on the battle map ground combat that they've made allowances for varying damage levels of the UFO - you could tie that in to how much damage the UFO sustains while already seriously damaged. Bigger ships can stay in the air while 'seriously damaged' longer than smaller ships, which means they'll remain dangerous longer than the smaller ships - thus leading to a greater need for tactical nuance (planning not just your attack runs but your exit routes) as you begin to fight larger and larger vessels. Something like a Scout can still crash right away and a Corvette can remain on screen for just a second or two, but a giant battleship can stick around for 20-30 seconds or so (or even minutes or hours, if you want to let people escape from the combat and then see where it crashes in the geoscape). Alternately, instead of a timer, being seriously damaged can introduce a percentage chance per second that the craft will crash, leading to random amounts of time before a vessel is brought down. You could do the same thing with player craft - once it's below the 50% mark in damage it needs to get out or risk crashing.
  2. Disclaimer: I haven't played the game at all yet. I've just been reading design threads. I found out that currently if you overkill an alien ship during air combat, there's zero chance of obtaining a crash site from it. Since you have early elements like the MiG that players can obtain (and will want to) that will overkill some of the early craft, players who haven't done their research are going to definitely be doing this (or it'll happen out of necessity in an air combat). Instead of reducing the chance of getting a crash site from overkill results, I think you should consider simply reducing (but not eliminating) the chance of getting a crash site - say, if the damage is over the 'overkill threshold', drop the chance of getting a wreck by 30-50% or so (you could even have tiers, where each 5% above the overkill level drops the chance by 10%, so if players are using a nuke or something against a small scout then it'll be completely gone every time). Savvy players are still rewarded for being careful about how they attack alien vessels, but non-savvy players don't get screwed out of crash sites entirely.
  3. I played the demo for a few hours and enjoyed it a lot but one thing that bugged me was how often the air combat kept coming up. It got really, really repetitive fighting the same 3-on-1 skirmish over and over and over (and later 3-on-3), especially when all I wanted to do was play the (really enjoyable) turn based combat. I was probably fighting ~20-30 air battles in a row before I got to play out a ground combat. And most of those were identical to each other. Split my 3 jets up, drag-n-bag, rinse and repeat. Maybe some sort of auto resolve option would be good. Of course, jets are so expensive I'm not sure anyone would risk leaving the results of a dogfight to some % chance. But ya... some way around this would be nice. Either that or just change up the dogfights more somehow and add variety. Anyways that's my 2c.
  4. I'm new to this sort of genre, every time I see a enemy UFO I click the option to follow it till its over land and then attack it. Then when I get into battle with it, I always destroy it. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Sometimes air combats take some time. Especially when planes and ufo retreats. No ammo or other reasons. Time compression will save a lot of time.
  6. In the land of the mission is under the control of foreign fighters AI, why they can not be in the air battle? Is not it possible the United States or Russia or China are not able to send interceptors?
  7. On screenshoot http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/9/2012/02/db6d5ba5d243e9d97916686eb1b1d258.jpg Chinook has a machinegun. I think Chinook should fight against UFO's using gun - it make sense for me. Info from wiki "The Chinooks were generally armed with a single 7.62 millimeter M60 machine gun" In game we have CH-48 (prototype? no mention in wiki about it, so we can add one more gun) Chris is it possible? I know it make sense only against Small Scout - later it will be a waste of time.
  8. In the air combat gui there are two percent signs after the fuel amount. Also, the fuel percentage seems really low. I have also had a low fuel warning light come on in the gui, without the "retreat now?" Dialogue box popping up. I did not lose the aircraft though.
  9. Whenever i face a fighter in Air Combat it says 'Alien Craft has landed in water' Even when i am over land. I made sure i was over land. The tail till over land option is blanked out so i cant do that. Can you fix this in the full version? Thanks in advance PS: This was happening over Brazil, America, Russia, And Europe
  10. So, I saw a bomber for the first time and gunned it down with a MIG, over the continental United States, and I got no crash site? It seemed big enough to produce one, and I have not read anything about them before. Interesting that only a MIG can catch them and shoot them down. I sent an F-17 against the second one I encountered, and it's two sidewinders only did 17% damage, and it got away before he could close to within cannons range with afterburner on the whole time. So even a whole pack of F-17s would only be able to do 51% damage before they got away.
  11. I seem to randomly get a CTD when an air combat starts. I think it is when a fighter chooses to intercept me, as I get the Air combat starting whoosh sound, without having the intercepted UFO window, you know the one with tail until over land and all that.
  12. When intercepting the UFO called Fighter 100, the name and a red dot appear on the screen, but not the fighter icon. It does not move or fight back, but the F-17 closes in and shoots it down successfully. This has happened twice, as I had a CTD shortly after, but I did engage fighter 101. I notice this is the point where they start firing missiles at you, as fighter 101 blew my condor out of the sky, unexpectedly. I learned a lesson in fighter 101 There were a different series of engagement leading upto the two invisible fighter 100 engagements. Firstly a series of fighters, the second time a couple of scouts and one fighter. Have also now found it with further fighters. 115, 117, 120. However, they are interspersed with other, visible fighters, some of whom use missiles.
  13. Once you close to firing range with a cannon selected off, it goes from red to green, but still does not fire. There is no change to the colour when you click it again, but it does sart firing again. Can be a pain if the cannon was turned off at the end of another combat, because as the new combat starts, it looks green (on), but it does not fire until you click it again.
  14. A fighter was detected very close to my base. I sent up a Condor, but as soon as I clicked the button to send it, the game made the "air combat starting whoosh" sound, then the air combat sound started, then I CTD. Well, not actually CTD, but the screen froze up, and the only thing I could do was ctl-alt-del, and start task manager. Once I did this I could see the "Xenonauts has stopped working" dialogue box was there. The mouse could still move around the geoscape, but not click anything, and was normally a target reticule, except when it was within the border of the not afore mentioned, not visible, dialogue box. Then it was a regular windows pointer.
  15. Having taken a break from playing the game at the start of the year I decided to jump back in and see what had changed and then reflect. Dog fights 1. Like the new look of the dog fight GUI. 2. Really love being able to change the speed of my aircraft (+) 3. Being able to change the speed of my aircraft makes dog fights really easy (-). About this third point. I have heard mention of improved AI for more advanced tactics however I'm not sure how this will really help the situation. I suspect that as the game progresses and you end up with fighter wings vs mixed ufos things will get interesting and hectic. However at the moment, engagements are quite boring. Now this isn't an issue if the ticker does (as has been stated) drop low enough that you are only fighting once every few days. But if your like me and fast forward most of the time you will end up fighting against single aircraft so often and punctuated with only occasional ground combat against pitiful forces of 1 or 2 aliens that things get boring quickly. Now I understand the need for getting new players into the game gently and have no qualms about this (it is also more lore friendly). But the question is how to make the game more interesting for other players. Could you give us the option of a quick resolve button for dogfights? *dodges bottles* The interface is already there for the intercept on the geoscape. How about giving another button for Auto-resolve with a percentage next to it of the chance of success. I think I would probably prefer this to fighting single scouts or fighters as I find the combat at present just too easy (1 vs 1) or too boring (when 3 vs 1). The percentage need only take into account the type of aircraft and number on each side and perhaps a random seed for the UFO craft which determines its pilots ability (to make things slightly less obvious). Either that or maybe an easy way to drop some tactics into the mix is to start the dogfight with a deployment zone. It doesn't have to be big and could be restricted to one or two sides of the screen but would allow you to essentially drop your aircraft into the engagement tactically (perhaps having one come in from an angle). It would add some variety to engagements. This would give you the option of deploying 1 or more aircraft together (as standard) or splitting them for a hair raising flanking afterburn while one of your aircraft plays bait. Deployment zones aren't the only idea but they do get around the fact that at present it is really difficult to manoeuvre around the smaller enemy ufos. On a different note. I still have some qualms about the Ufo Sighted pop-up screen. Often it pops up and blocks the location of the UFO in question. It makes it kind of difficult to work out whether you should be launching from you Indochina base or Europe from example. Why not either make this pop up have a very small transparency so you can just make out the UFO or say "Ufo Spotted (Europe)" etc.
  16. I just wanted to throw my opinion in and let you know that I think it looks great, my compliments to the artist. P.S. I noticed the tooltip for the afterburn button is displaying #### -TW
  17. Considering how much people seem to like the air combat I feel like I must be doing something wrong. So far I have shot down 1 alien ship and lost like 5 aircraft. I didn't even notice the roll button until just recently. It helps, but I still struggle. I keep finding myself trailing closely behind an alien ship; too close to shoot it. I turn left to engage, it turns right to try to circle around. I turn right to engage, it turns left to try to circle around. I literally went right off the grid trying to line up a shot. Finally, my ship ran out of gas and the game prompted me to return to base. When I clicked on ok the game froze and I had to close it. Anyone have some tips? It can't be as hard as I'm making it. Is there more to it than just Space Bar = Pause, click Afterburner, Click Roll, click to select/de-select Armaments? Is there any way to slow down when you're tailing to create a firing lane? I tried to disengage (and then re-engage) to create a little distance, but I quickly found out that this doesn't work (as it did in Xcom).
  18. I read a post elsewhere by someone who loves the air combat, but doesn't care about ground combat. I don't know how common this feeling is, but I can understand it. Would it be possible to have a stripped mode where only air combat happens, and air combat tech is gathered from downed alien craft?
  19. I've been following Xenonauts for ages, recently decided to pre-purchase as I loved all the Xcom games, and even the UFO series etc... So, finally load it up to play. Figure I'll set it on easy to get an idea what I'm doing. Explore the base menu etc, nothing to research yet but I guess I have to kill some stuff first. Start fast forwarding time to find a UFO after building an extra radar. UFO appears, intercept it, boom, it is destroyed, no wreck. This used to happen with the first "very small" UFO on xcom as well, so think little of it. Proceed to play for 30 mins fast forwarding time and killing everything I can that is over land. Everything gets destroyed, nothing crashes, even medium UFOs. Decide to try shooting stuff with cannons, but I can't get into range before they fly away, even with afterburners. Decided I should try sending the chinook to one of the points on the map that have appeared, within seconds of it leaving my base it gets shot down. At this point I gave up completely. Hopefully this is still an alpha etc, but right now the game feels very frustrating and inaccessible to me...
  20. In the new build I am having a lot of trouble making scouts crash rather than destroying them outright. I've tried firing missiles one by one, but the scout will always be destroyed no matter what combination I've tried. Next idea was to get in F17 gun range, but I haven't been able to get my F17's to be able to physically be in gun range of a scout yet after many tries. They just can't catch up before the scout escapes. I feel like it might take a prohibitive amount of time to get lucky with missiles and force land a scout. Any thoughts or opinions from others? My proposed solutions: -slightly expand the air combat grid area so there is enough distance for an F-17 to catch up to a scout on afterburn -make it so a mig can fit an autocannon (is this possible and I don't know how to do it?)
  21. Just a small suggestion about the air combat - I was holding off till v9 to mention this in cash it was implemented It would be a "nice to have" if the interceptor the alien craft targeted was random. At the moment they always go for place number one which makes the tactics pretty simple for air combat. Should be a small change to make it random - would add to the suspense a little when starting air combat? Cheers Resis
  22. I've been playing a bit more Xenonauts recently, and I've noticed that the MiG-32, when armed with Avalanches, seems rather useless in a head-on fight where the UFOs are charging right at you. As there's no option to slow down and you can't change directions without losing missile lock, you have to fly the MiG right into the UFO's guns, and by the time you can launch the Avalanches due to the 8-second lock time they've got you in their sights, thus ensuring a dead MiG as it doesn't have the dogfighting capability of the F-17. My question is, am I just using the MiG wrong, or is this something other people have encountered? It seems problematic to keep a MiG out of weapons range of a UFO when the UFO is on an attack heading, thus defeating the entire purpose of having Avalanches in the first place. Any advice on how I can better use the MiG and Avalanches would be greatly appreciated!
  23. I must say i dont realy like the one in the xenonauts alpha. i dont say copy the old one from xcom but i like it more someone say "it is better to copy something good than something bad to make themselves" its wrong english but i hope you know what i mean what do you think guys? do you realy like the air combat screen in the alpha? i dont wana fly by myself i think the old school air combat system is better. chris do you think about to change some things for the air combat? or is it final? thank you
  24. I haven't played the alpha yet, but based on the screens & video, the current gui reminded me of a turn-based, 2d tactical air combat flash game I played a couple months back: "Steambirds". If I may-- 1. Was this already known, and will more of it be seen? 2. I can certainly dig this gameplay if this is the case. On reflection I can see it complementing the whole xcom experience very well. Here is a link: http://armorgames.com/play/5426/steambirds
  25. I know there's a big update planned for air combat, but I've been thinking about this a bit and figured I might as well offer some suggestions Currently, most air combats play out pretty much the same way due to the spawn placement of combatants. You're either on a stern chase of a fleeing scout, or flying head-on into a couple of UFOs at a time. As there's very little room to maneuver, you pretty much always do the same thing; this is very different from ground combat, where even combats on the exact same alpha map can play out completely differently due to differing spawn locations for aliens and the crashed UFO. I propose that air combat have a semi-randomized spawn placement as well, to simulate the chaotic nature of an actual "furball" and allow players some room to maneuver their fighters to gain advantage. In order to minimize the chances of one of your $300,000 fighters getting a horrible spawn and getting blown up right off the bat, this could take the form of just placement at any point along the player's and alien's map edge, like so: (Red represents the player spawn, green represents the UFO. Bit counter-intuitive, sorry) Thoughts?
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