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  1. I already posted this in the sticky at the top of this forum thinking it was just a general suggestion thread, but another poster informed me that it was intended just for v8.2. Anyway, here's a quote of my thoughts on the early game aircraft meta. "I know this is more a beta/balancing type suggestion and that you guys are more concerned with just getting the game feature complete, but I'd like to see the stats of the 2 starting interceptors to be reversed. So the F-17 would have 160 hp, 2300 km/h top speed, etc., but keep the weapons loadout on the craft as they are now. As it stands, F-17s are almost useless against the early game ships, they aren't fast enough to catch them and even when they do, their firepower leaves a lot to be desired for such a slow craft. As if to make F-17s even more obsolete, the default Mig-32 loadout is almost unbeatable by the alien craft. The AI isn't able judge when to roll out of the way effectively due to the different missile speeds and all 4 missiles hit 9 times out of 10. If you reverse the stats, it would turn the F-17 into a fast, agile, but relatively weak interceptor perfectly suitable for hunting down and destroying alien scout ships solo and mediums when in a squadron. It would also turn the Mig-32 into a heavy engagement platform useful for taking on the alien's larger, more heavily armored combatants where its low speed would be less of a disadvantage when weighed against its heavy armament and good health pool." Additionally, the F-17s ability to make evasive rolls would fit in better with the plane that is less heavily armored rather than the more armored one as it is now. Thoughts?
  2. I'm pretty sure 80% of my air combats and chases end with my jets running out of fuel and having to leave prematurely. Any chance of having a larger tank for the jets? It's quite awful, especially with the habit of zigzagging UFOs have. Possible solution that wouldn't break the game: Stop jets from using up fuel in air combat. They use it at the same rate as they do on the world map and I bet the air combat map is smaller.. It's not a game-breaker but it is very annoying! Edit: Five air combats in a row my jets have run out of fuel. I've got 3x F17 2x MIG at base1, 2x F17 at base2 and 1x F17 at base3.. No matter where I spot the UFO none of my planes will reach it before running out of fuel Planning to get four full wings of F17 F17 MIG eventually. Edit2: Six. Edit3: Seven, with one successful air combat in between..
  3. In a recent air combat I accidentally hit the Disengage button instead of Afterburn....but once you order a Disengage, it appears you can't unclick it and send your fighter back into battle. Wouldn't it make sense to allow that? Or is it like that to prevent you from doing hit and run, re-engage, hit and run, rinse repeat attacks?
  4. Shooting down ufo fighters no longer creates crash sites but after shooting down two or three I now seem to have a >50% chance of the application crashing every time I shoot another fighter down. Only happens with fighters, not scouts or corvettes, and if I avoid engaging with them it doesn't happen either.
  5. Not sure how often most people will actually use it but the 'disengage' button that pops up when you close into attack range of a ufo doesn't actually work, it just starts air combat exactly the same as 'engage'.
  6. I decided to write this 'guide' as I've seen a few people mentioning they had trouble with the aircraft combat. This works for the UFO Scout and may work with the UFO Corvette using heavy missiles (this is untested). I engage the UFO with 2 F-17 aircraft (let's call them 'Adam' and 'Bob'). I command Adam (which the UFO always seems to go for) to fly directly north, and Bob to fly almost straight at the UFO, but not attacking it (changing course as needed to make sure Bob stays outside the UFO's cone of fire) (see pic 1). When there is about 2 cones length between Adam and the UFO, I command him eastwards (see pic 2). When Bob passes the tip of the UFO's cone of fire, I command him to attack the UFO (see pic 3). Bob will move to intercept, but stay behind the cone. At this point Bob will fire his missiles, the UFO will roll, but still be hit (since you're attacking from the side - also, it rolls too early and away from the missiles). After being hit the the UFO should turn to flee (with 70% damage, if both missiles hit). To make sure you catch up to it and kill it (using the cannon), activate the afterburner on Bob (see pic 4). You can also command Adam to attack, but he may not be able to intercept before the UFO has either escaped or died due to the distance. So, basically, flank with Bob, while luring the UFO with Adam. Here it is, in pictures: Pic 1: http://img267.imageshack.us/img267/4394/act1t.png Pic 2: http://img812.imageshack.us/img812/5143/act2h.png Pic 3: http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/9953/act3.png Pic 4: http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/8152/act4g.png Against a Corvette class UFO, your missiles will not do a lot of damage (I have not tried this tactic with the MIG plane/heavy missiles) and I had to use almost all the shots in the cannons of both aircraft to take the Corvette down, taking some damage in the process (although both planes survived). Chris, not sure if you were planning on updating the AI for aircraft combat or not (and as I have only seen the first two types of UFOs, I don't know if the tactic works with the later ones). Todo: Does this tactic work with 2 MIG's against a scout?
  7. Hello First time playing and I have no clue what to do, just sat there until it said it saw a ufo then clicked intercept and when i engage I have no idea how to fight, i die everytime. A manual or guide would be good, can you point me to one please? Cheers Chris
  8. Noticed each time I try and retreat from air combat that I never reach the edge, maybe its already in there as something that you research later but in the same fashion as the Roll maneuver, could the Jet proprelled aircraft have afterburners to help with the escape? Or am I just doing it wrong, seems to me if there's 2 interceptors and one attempts to make a run for it if the UFO is being pounded still by the other aircraft that the UFO would turn its attentions to the remaining attacker.
  9. My first 9 detections resulted in combat over water. What do you guys think of an option to engage over land, or some sort of notice if you are over land or not... it isn't always obvious.
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