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Found 1 result

  1. X-DIVISION 0.99.01 Alpha Test Version JOIN TO STEAM GROUP!! DOWNLOAD LINK Hi People of X!!! After months of planning, editing, adding, deleting, remaking, discussing, coping, pasting, coding, painting and doing much more things. Finally we start first test run of X-Division 0.99. First of all, this version is not playable yet as a whole game. This is for a test run to check possible bugs/missing elements/balance issues for new added features. You got every GC items unlimited. You got a base with all map cover and got 3 last tech bomber plane with most powerful torpedoes. Just bring down all ufo's and go for ground battles. You can change the game time with startingAlienTicker value="0" code at gameconfig.xml. You should have this mods active: What should be tested? -Sprites of the weapon/armour/shield combinations for both alien and human weapons. -Weapon sound/projectile/particles. Any missing or non fitting effect for weapons. -Ufo GC tests. Any crash at loading or map problems? Every ufo should have it's core drop. -Ufo Crew. There should be only guard/soldier/warrior/elite. I mean there should be no guard/warrior/elite if there is soldiers. -Balance and AI. -Aliens, do they have weapons? Do they fire them? SPecially important against ceasans because they use shields. Any reaction crashes? Against 1 Phase Ufos, use: -Division/Laser Weapons with jackal armours. Against 2 Phase Ufos, use: -MAG/Plasma Weapons with predator/wolf armours. Against 3 Phase Ufos, use: -Gauss/Pulse Weapons with sentinel/ravager/alpha wolf armours. Against 4 Phase Ufos, use: -Rail/Sonic Weapons with Best armours. Chart for Phase Ufos: Finished Part: - Human GC Soldier Weapons/Grenades/Explosives/Shields/Armours %95 - Alien Weapons/Grenades %100 - Alien Units and Equipments %100 - Alien Ufo's, their timing and crews %100 - New AI %90 Not Finished/Included: - Vehicles - Air Aspects - Manufacture - Research - Descriptions - X-Pedia I will try to make a Q/A section as Sentelin advised.. i hope i can handle.. prepare for bad english.. - You got already 0.98 nearly finished, why did this take so long to make a just next version? 0.95 and others were a test for version 1.0. 0.98 gave me many info about the calculations, planning and balance. I got a big imagination and sadly when i start, i can't stop. I made many plans and changed them at progress. It's very hard to handle if you add so many things, even the game itself didn't use them. 0.99 is a huge step and much bigger then 0.98. It will be 1.0 after all tests and balance finished. - What is your purpose? What will X-Division become at 1.0? Some people played X-Com for years even with the same things, against same enemies even they memorised everything at that game. X-Division will have a long game play with many new things. It's like X-Com 2K's Long War. You will start the game and it will take your hours and days always with new things to get, to use, to research, to beat. Many gamer finished this game more then one time like they did to X-Com.. X-Division will like to play this game 5 times in a one gameplay. - What did you plan to make that long game play? Numbers are important. This kind of games needs content. You want always new things. This should never stop. Every combat should have a purpose. Maybe an alien to capture, maybe a weapon to get, maybe a material you need. X-Division will have tons of new things to use. There will be always new things to make you have them. - Everyone can add more things to this game. Will be good enough to have more weapons or such things? No. Adding things more and more without plan will ruin it. You can add 10-15 weapon and players can use them with joy, but this won't be enough to make the game enjoyable at long term. This needs a very serious and disciplined planning. X-Division planned with every little aspect of this game. This mod is the only mod which adds the "enemy" to the planning. We got decent number of aliens and they have about 10 weapon at vanilla game. X-Division's first step is having a massive and organized enemy to fight against. After the enemy army recreated, i made player side. We are defending ourselves so we need to have a counter for every incoming attack. The balance is created from the beginning to the end. You won't able to overpower them and they will grow stronger when you get better. This is a race between aliens and you. - Let's talk about the number you mentioned. What do we have for players? Game got 3 Phase at vanilla. X-Division made this 4. It looks not so much maybe but every phase is much larger at this mod and adding a new one is like adding %30 more game content. As players, we got 4 phase and each phase got a ballistic and energy weapon branch. Every branch got 6-9 weapons and each weapon got 2 upgrades. Including this we got a special weapon branch with 3 upgrades, a weapon tech bring us by our rebel caesan. Additional weapons like launchers, flamethrowers we got totally more then 160 weapons not including grenades and such. 6 explosive branch from beginning flag grenade to singularity heavy explosive will help us. 4 Branch of flashbang and smoke grenades will add tactical aspect to the game. We dont have new shields so 0.98 shields will stay. We will have melee weapons as axe, knife and swords. No, not lightsaber.. Vehicles and airforce will have their new content soon. All weapons got their unique art. Every armour got their 3. version and it makes the mod huge as size. And miniguns.. yeah miniguns.. - 160 weapon?? It's 3 times more then 0.98.. why so many? Will i need them at all? Even at vanilla game i could finish the game with lasers. So the new enemy you talked about? Aliens. 3 Main race with some helpers tried to conquer us with about 10 plasma weapons and 7 ufo types. They don't have any armour or resistant mostly. As i said, we need a serious enemy to use a serious defense. I used much time to plan to create a balanced and organised enemy. I want them to use everything against me. Player should feel the stress. As numbers, aliens got more then 100 weapons now. New grenades for both damage and tactical aspects like we have. They will use different kind of weapon types and tactical objects special for their races. Caesans will use their energy weapon tech with explosive grenades and their force fields like our shields. Their resistance against energy will make you use kinetics against them. Their helpers wraiths will use most powerful energy weapons and flashbangs to assault you. When you will try to handle them at range, xenomorphs will ambush you with their ballistic proof skins. Sebillians will go for with smoke grenades and tougher reapers, Androns will use much more drones and heavy weapons. Aliens will start weak phaser weapons and bring their ion cannons later. The biggest planning was about the 4 game phase. Every phase, aliens will upgrade their weapons, ranks and types. They will become powerful step by step. You will see different colored units at every phase. For example you will fight against soldiers at 2. phase and fully elites at phase 4.. even with powerful armours you wont able to run to the open. Like all the normal races, Xenomorphs, drones, reapers, everything will have different colors, better weapons and stats. Aliens now have about 30 ufo's. This was one of the biggest problem against my planning. 7 Ufo were so few to add something and make the game longer. So now every ufo type got different content per phase. You will have scout at every phase but with updated crew and stats. Special cargo ships and shuttles will bring you surprises and rare material, objects and enemies to capture. Overpowered ufo's for their phase will bring terror and base assault missions. Now enemies got special terror teams with unique armour penetrating and chemical weapons. Their drops will give you the best tech you can have but first you need to beat them. You will need high explosives for andron tanks, gauss rifles against caesans, sonic cannons for sebs, flamethrowers for reapers and more. If you got the right weapon, everything will be fine. But if you don't have?.... - You made a mod for aliens rather then us lol... How did you balance them? They are so many variations.. Yeah that balancing. The first step was controlling everything. I planned all the damage outputs from alien and our weapons. Then i gave that stats to the weapons, armours and resistances for that phase. If you look to the excel file named "weapon-stats 0.99.xls" you will see TONS of numbers about every stat at the game. So i know the damage of the aliens at a phase and i gave armour stats to our armours which we will get at that phase. Of course there will be in game balancing. - So we got good numbers and aspects. But about the weapons.. are they only better damage then older ones? No. Every weapon branch have their specialty. For example, plasma weapons will be very heavy, slow and low ranged but hits hard. Pulse weapons are low damage but fire fast and got good accuracy for mostly new soldiers. Gauss weapons will be one shot long range weapons and MAG's are crazy burst. We got 4 ballistic and 4 energy weapon branch. 2 Branch is replacing other mostly, i mean Division weapons will be replaced by Gauss and MAG will be replaced by Rail.. Laser will become Pulse and Plasma to Sonic... But these 4 branches will have different characteristics. And the special antimatter branch will be average damage but they will ignore alien resistances. Explosives got tons of things.. stun, chemical, emp, explosive, armour penetrating..smokes and flashbangs.. you need to have everything to survive. - They are about 400 new items to use. How will be their visuals at game? Will we have only different equipment picture and same pew pew at ground combat? I hate that. Just change the picture and everything same. You need to feel to use it. We can't change the look at the soldier images so we got bullet projectile, particle/explosion and the sound. Nearly every weapon and it's branch got it's own projectile and particle, including alien weapons. You got a Gauss rifle MK-1 and it fires a reddish flaming bullet. When you got MK-2 of the same rifle, your bullet and plume became yellowish. So you will feel the weapon changed. Sounds, X-Division got about 100 new sounds for ground battle. New bullet fires, reloads, explosions. This realy makes a different. - AI.. did you change anything? AI changed totally. I wanted to create an aggressive one. I wanted to make them fire to you. But still needs testing. They are so aggressive, they just leave ufo even command room to hunt you down..heh.. - New vehicle plans? Thanks to our new modders mostly Aaargh, we got many new vehicles to able to use at X-Division. 0.98 got some problems about this. I will correct them and tried to add proper vehicles and weapons. Wont take long i hope. - You didn't touch to air combat right? Wrong. I made some experiments about counter missile weapons and special weapons like huge cannons. But even i like to mod the air combat, i use %90 autosolve. I still think about this. Is it worth for the time? So i will make this as a DLC after everything finished. I need to edit new UFO stats too. 30 ufo and new airplanes waiting.. bahhh.. 0.98 air combat is working well so it wont stop the release date of this version. - We need research and manufacture for play the mod, you know... Yeah. One of the most exciting part of this version will be random research. You wont have all the upgrades of your weapons. MK-1 will be easy and you will get all weapons but lesser Mk-2 and few Mk-3 will be availbe.. You will need to capture many key aliens and get many items/resources to get new versions. My plan is making manufacture a type of engineering. You will research the weapon but manufacture will handle upgrading. You can think this like a big manufacture of a weapon type and it will be infinite. A manufacture for a weapon update and for that weapon version alone is ridiculously many numbers of total manufacture. You saw the numbers already, guess the research and manufacture numbers.. 0.98 got 400 research topics and 0.99 will have more then 600 easily.. - Your lore team gone puff.. any ideas about this? Everyone got RL issiues. It's totally normal and i am very thankfull to them for their help. I am planning to write important lore parts and make someone translate for money. But do not wait to add every object from me.. You do not need to know how alien ion pistol works anyway.. interrogations are important. We will see.. - Where is the download link?! Heh, morning.. it's uploading now. It's 4 GB.. so takes time Thanks for reading. It's 2 am and i got duty tomorrow.