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Found 19 results

  1. It appears in their Wheelhaus series so it doesn't come off well. [video=youtube;6Tbv03td0p8] Its towards the end.
  2. Hey everybody, hope I'm posting this in the right place. As the title suggests I'm doing a Blind play though of the vanilla Xenonauts on my YouTube channel. I love the genre so hopefully I won't suck too much I'll be uploading 2 episodes a week (Mondays & Fridays) and the videos will hopefully be about 20 - 40 minutes long. If that sounds like it could be something you guys and gals might like here's the link to the first Episode: I'll be naming my soldiers/planes/etc after anyone who comments and basically wants to die for the good of humanity Thanks GFB
  3. I figured I'd put this here as well since most of the community here has helped me out significantly in getting this far. Lots of XCOM, a bit of Xenonauts, and a whole load of other general gaming stuff equating to nearly double of what The Simpsons has put together. That's a lot of videos, and I thank everyone who watches for their support and feedback to help me continue. Here's to the next 1000 with more editing, more professionalism, more fun, and hopefully some more Xenonauts. Cheers! [video=youtube;1n2PoHBhZSY]
  4. Hi everybody i have just started a new LP of "V19 Stable hotfix on steam". Go check it out and give it your saying. First episode in the playlist is here: Regards SnowiiFrog
  5. So take a look on how i can handle the things in the new patch 3 Episodes are up here is the first: Also check my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/snowiifrog Hope you will like it, i do
  6. This is for anyone than has seen Kikoskia's let's play videos. if not, then look him up Thanks
  7. I will be adding clips of gameplay, air fights, ground combat, going to have a few pictures working as a semi slideshow as well. Would like to know opinions about the music choice and if it fits. also update: once I make significant changes I will edit this post and I will post again so you guys can check out the video again.
  8. I was looking on Video Streams for stuff about the early release - I don't have any affiliation with these streams, but thought some developers may take a gander. Also, this - Keep up to good work developers this game has huge potential...
  9. Xenonauts should have it. I say let it be a part of the infinite starting gear.
  10. I didn't see anywhere better to put this, but I created a small play through of Xenonauts V14 on Mac. Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wgl9PZP6a4
  11. A few people on this forum know I love youtube, and spend probably too much time on it. So, for fun, I typed in xenonauts into the search bar, and I got back some interesting results. Of the 9 pages, there's a lot of lets' plays, ranging from v8 all the way to v12.1, so anyone wasn't here earlier and who wants to see the progression of the game can watch how it evolved. There's also quite a lot of "first looks" which is sort of LP, but more in depth than a Let's Play. The Let's Plays come from a varied bunch, I guess you all visit the forums regularly, I don't know who you are on the forums, but I did learn some things from watching them. (I watched a lot of Xenonaut Let's Plays). It wasn't all Let's Plays, though. First of all, the interviews. There's totalbiscuits' (that's how I first found out about Xenonauts), and I found this interview of our beloved leader who was interviewed by indiegamemag Next, I found some animations and sounds. Here's the , the and . Someone really liked Aleksi's air combat music. So much so, that they put it into this (at about 04:23 into the video). Oh, and did somebody say mod? Here's some of oracle1990's work on female xenonauts.Remember the kickstarter, when we were all trying to promote it? A couple of people promoted goldhawk's kickstarter on youtube:-buttonmasher and .And finally, Xenonauts is used a good example of (although the specific example of why Chris is a good example is brought up right near the end).
  12. Tell me what you think! Also, please let me know if this kind of thing is supposed to be posted in another section! Hope you enjoy!
  13. FYI all, I recently posted 2 Xenonauts Game Play videos on Youtube to help get the word out. Following are the links in case anyone is interested:
  14. Basicly the title says it all, i would like you to criticize the video and how i could have done it better. This is my real first introduction, the other was just smashing stuff together, this one took me 2 hour to build up, ( i knew basicly nothing with that new program and i took over 45min to search a decent music background royalty free ). I hope it suits everybody P.S.: El Chialeux will be my new youtube name im switching back to french because well, my english isnt good when comes time to talk, it doesnt sound professional. It mean "The ranter" basicly, but with less negative background than ranter.
  15. I noticed in some XML files that there are a bunch of other races, and would like to (modifying xml files) make a ground combat using them and posting videos on youtube. Is that posssible ATM (9.5.1)? Any problem ? (i guess only the Ceasarian and drone are working races)..
  16. Hey everyone i just thought i'd drop by and tell you all about my Let's Play videos featuring Xenonauts! I hope to catch everyone there! You can find me at this link! www.youtube.com/xpdxtv Remember to check out the Xenonauts Playlist for the videos. If you like the videos please give them a thumbs up and subscribe. Every viewer, comment and subscription is important to me and it's all absolutely free! It only takes a couple of seconds so come check it out!
  17. Once I have the press build for the game ready, I'll be looking to show it off to all kinds of journalists (and have an extensive list of people to send it to). However, I also want to tap the Youtube market. I was wondering what Youtube channels you guys watched that you thought might be a good fit for us to send a preview copy to so they can do a Let's Play for it? I know the two biggest players already, TotalBiscuit and the Yogscast. But then there's a whole host of smaller guys who might be worth talking to as well. Khombat mentioned the following channels: - paulsoaresjr (he's already been in touch but I'll need to remind him that we exist when the press build comes out) - jefmajor - VerbalProcessing Any other recommendations? I figure anything upwards of 10,000 subscribers is fair game if they regularly cover gaming news.
  18. Hello, I currently run a popular show called "The Minecraft Monday Show" and always looking for a great new passion project. As a long time X-com Fan of Apocalypse, I'm fascinated by your game. And I have a love for supporting Indie games and giving more light on them. I was very curious on what the media permissions were for showing off Xenoauts. Is it like Mojang with Minecraft where the testers have full permission to post any media type they would like? I found this to be one of the most strong points for them and helped develop a very strong community that grew up helping create their game. I look forward to hearing what the permissions are or a link as I could not find it. Thank you -BebopVox http://www.youtube.com/BebopVox http://www.Twitter.com/BebopVox NSSBebopVox@gmail.com
  19. This might be directly related to the ingame mechanics and developement but I just wanted to share this idea with you guys. How about getting some famous "Let's player" to play and show your game? Once it is in polished enough for a good playthrough that is. I really think that LPs are a new and effective medium to advertise a game. Personally a lot of unknown, yet awesome games has come to my attention by different Let's play channels on youtube. For instance the Indie game "Terraria" benefited a lot by letting some LPers access to a preview version before the actual release. For instance channels like: The Yogscast, TotalBiscuit, AngryJoe, PaperBatVG, GetDaved, Quill18 and many more. Thoes guys do a real good job on presenting and showing off the game. The preview of TotalBiscuit is already pretty great! Just an idea I wanted to share, any thoughts on this? Maybe I forgot an important aspect. Keep up the good work!
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