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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, With the native OS X port having a little bug, I wanted to go back to my play through on the previous release of Xenonauts for Mac, the windows version inside a wineskin. Unfortunately, Apple removed X11 from their operating system for this new release of OS X (El Capitan), and it appears to have broken something with the wrapper. I got errors about X11 lacking core modules, or something to that effect. I downloaded X11 (X Quartz) from their website, installed it, logged off and on again, but it still wouldn't work. I opened the wineskin wrapper itself, ran the wine app, did a test run of the application, and saved the log files. Here those are in a dropbox folder. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y0ctv737f7c258x/AADyUznRr1_7hw7kl8J3txqNa?dl=0 With the new native OS X release, I don't know if the wine version will be updated at all, but if anyone has any advice I would appreciate it. Thanks!