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Found 6 results

  1. I threw together another quick air combat video. No commentary added to it (I'm looking to eventually do a proper air combat tutorial), but I remembered to actually show my mouse this time so you can have a better view of what I'm actually doing. My play is a bit sloppy here, and I just showed a few early game engagements with starter weapons but the same tactics work later in the game if you keep your weapons upgraded. Anyway, here it is. [video=youtube_share;kbX77G9x2_c]
  2. I am thinking in perhaps recording a few games and If I feel like that particular game was worthwhile, perhaps I could record it and comment on what happened in it. This is on insane difficulty, so it´s just straight up iron man mode.
  3. I'm getting nowhere in air combat. Against 3 Heavy Fighters (or a Medium ship with 2 Heavy Fighter escorts) I've tried 2 Condors and a Foxtrot and I've tried 3 Condors. All with Alenium Missiles. I don't see how to do it. Sometimes I can knock two of them out and lose 1 or 2 of my ships if I replay the battle over and over but mostly I just lose all ships. Is it possible to do it with Alenium technology?
  4. I made a quick video addressing some of the more popular complaints I've seen across the day in the Steam discussions: price point, art style, beta release, and similarity to other games. If I could get some help throwing this around the internet, it'd be much appreciated. Also, let's play coming back soon. Still working to get to where I left off (plasma tech; not far).
  5. When the beta rolls around, us eager little beavers will have access to far, far more of the game than we have had previously, especally the tech tree when it's "unlocked", as it were, and we see more maps for a lot more UFOs. People have been making Let's Plays of this game since there were playable versions to put on youtube, and I can't imagine that it will be any different when the beta rolls around, but with so much more of th game available, will Lets Plays help or harm sales of the game? From the harm point of view, one of the big "sells" of the game is the research. It's exciting to research new things in the game, to find out new things and get shiny new toys. But that excitement, that "sell" only works once. Once you know what the aliens are doing, why they are doing it and what you can do to stop them, that excitement vanishes. and if you can see all the research in a Let's Play, then why would you need to play the game? From the help point of view, as the ground battles evolve over time to include new aliens and new technology, a well-crafted Let's Play can "show the goods" as it were. Take the ground battles from all the XCOM:EU videos. They really sell the game and make a lot of buzz for it. If someone watching sees a team of 12 dudes stomping around in power armour blasting the beejezus out of bad guys, heck, that's something everyone wants in on! Personally, I think that Let's Plays taken during the beta could both help and harm the game, and I feel we should agree to show off our l33t skills and the game to the very best of our ability, without doing things (like giving away plot) that would involuntarily harm sales of the game.
  6. This is a full video of the game before it stopped working. It has been prob 6 months since I last played this game, but I updated it just yesterday and this is my experience, including a couple bugs and/or suggestions. 00:20 00:25 02:48 08:52 12:30 (note: I was right-clicking on that button, and my soldier began looking in that direction. It'll likely be fixed before beta rolls around, but just an FYI) 13:44 17:45 (note: excuse the language... it was the second time in a row the game stopped responding while I was in battle)
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