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  1. Just something I was playing around with yesterday. The self-extracting RAR will automatically backup your files and install, just make sure to choose the right path for your Xenonauts 'assets' folder. You can select the alternate fire-mode in ground combat by pressing 'L' on the keyboard, assuming you have not reconfigured your keys. It does not seem to play nicely with an existing save, when I try to load one I get an immediate Crash to Desktop when clicking on the base Vehicles tab- so I recommend starting a new game to try it out. It is also fairly easy to remove when you are done playing around with it, just run the hunterRLMG_uninstall batch file in the assets folder. It will restore your files as they were before installing and will remove all files and directories created by the mod. Forum attachments do not seem to be working, so I had to upload the file to a 3rd-party file-sharing site (dropbox). Here's the link: http://db.tt/r3f8FLJy Click on the blue 'Download now' link. P.S. No Scatter Laser, just the RL/MG combo. I have not gotten far enough in the game to where the Scatter Laser is researchable and can be added as a vehicle weapon- not even sure if it is implemented in-game at this time. Have fun!
  2. My first base (in Europe) has space for five vehicles, while the second base I built (in USSR) has only space for three. I notice there is a general increase to three. Maybe the start base has code that says you can fit two vehicles, and now the new garage says three as well?
  3. Okay, my first post on this topic got corrupted. Known turrets: - Machine Gun - Rocket - Scatter Laser Plausible turrets: - Plasma - Rail Gun I think it would a really cool addition to have a stun gas / stun grenade / stun bomb / thermal shock bomb (whatever you want to call them this time around) launcher turret. It would come in handy when you need to stun aliens, especially ones that unwisely grouped together on a terror mission. It makes realistic sense, given that riot control vehicles (read: armored vehicles like the Hunter) have tear gas launchers. For balance issues, you could make it only have 6-8 shots.
  4. I searched the forum (probably poorly) because I assume this has to have already been brought up but found nothing, so I apologize if I am just retarded and/or rehashing something. My first go with ground combat, my Hunter found a Sebellian(sp?) and since I didn't want to remodel the entire block, I brought up the precision rifleman that was in tow. As far as the tiles went, it appeared that I had clear LOS to the target, but the Hunter was fairly close. Anyway, I fired... drilled the Hunter... nice shot.... glad we gave you a rifle with a scope Mr. Afghanistan Veteran. Next round, I say you know what there Pavlov... go ahead and take a knee. Sight alignment, sight picture, aim and squeeze. This time he not only tags the Hunter again, his second shot turns it into a scrap heap. Those must be SLAP rounds, or one hell of a critical hit. Third shot, I say damn the torpedos, Hunter-00 is already in the dustbin, fire away Pavlov. Smacks the Hunter a third time, this time vaporizing the scrap heap. At least we have no further LOS problems ahead of us, Yuri!! So, the Alien proves to be as resilient as the Hunter, taking two shots to go down... which is scary as well as impressive. So, obviously (I hope...) this is simply an early design consideration that has simply not had time to be fully fleshed out - or at the very least, a bug allowing precision rifles to golden-BB AFVs into oblivion. Assuming the former, an AFV should be impervious to small arms fire as well as fragmentation from high explosives... my questions are: 1. How are AFVs modeled/to be modeled in comparison with standard issue grunts (In basic or light armor... i.e., not mech suits or whatever heavy armor may be down the road)? Is this always to be a strictly hitpoint based model where beating it with a crowbar will eventually slag it? Or will there be another model? 2. Assuming a separate model is using for damage in relation to AFVs, would it be a % chance penetration model or a True/False method with Can Damage = True applying a multiplier and then simply reverting to a hitpoint based model? (I.e., 5.56 = False, no damage. 20mm HE = True x.05 Damage. Alien Plasma = True x 1 Damage. AP Rocket = True x 2 Damage.) Or perhaps something my tiny ferret brain has yet to dream of? Regardless of the answer, if any, to the above... Hunter-02 has been renamed "HONEYBADGER", which of course means that "it" is now "on", and that whatever deity these extraterrestrial turds pray to must be absolutely deluged with requests for deliverance. "Where is your abnormally large craniumed god NOW, extremely illegal aliens?" Honey Badger inquires....
  5. Not the most mind-numbing idea ever, but I think it might be cool if you could have different armor color variants for the Hunter (urban camo, desert camo, jungle camo, arctic camo, etc.) that could add a few modifiers for it's visibility to hostile forces.
  6. Hello everyone: I've recently started getting into the Alpha for Xenonauts and I'm enjoying what I see so far. However I have a few questions and suggestions: 1.) Will humans be able to gain and train Psi abilities like in the original X-com? If they can not get them in the released game can it be modded in? 2.) Will tanks and fighters gain experience? The one thing I never understood in the original X-com is why your fighter pilots could never gain XP and get better abilities. It would make sense since the more missions the pilot survives the better he/she would get. The main reason I was asking about the tanks is because unlike the HWP's in X-com that were remotely piloted (thought the same argument for the fighter pilots could be made for them), however the Tanks in Xenonaughts has a crew member in side controlling them. Can they get experience as well? I realize they would advance alot more then the ground troops because of the armor and firepower of the tank but maybe they could have a reduced rate to compensate? 3.) Is there a way to tell your fighters to fight at long, medium, or short range? For example have the Mig sit at long range and shoot missiles and have the F-16 get in and dogfight with their cannons? 4.) Is there a way on the ground combat gui to tell what lvl the camera is on? I couldn't find anything on the main gui. I may have additional questions later, however thank you again for making this great game.
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