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  1. I played through the game on Veteran, with minimal savescumming (reloading primarily as a result of getting shot through the floor). My opinion is that Xenonauts is, generally, well balanced and enjoyable through the early and middle stages, but, like XCOM, once it nears the end, it starts to fizzle instead of building to a thrilling conclusion. This trend was topped off (or bottomed out?) by the final mission, which was a total letdown. I ended up saving Earth on July 27th with $2 million, 2 large bases, 1 extra strike base with only condors, and a bunch of radar posts everywhere. Here is my feedback on some aspects of the game. Bankroll and Funding Relations I was never really in danger of losing a funding bloc. I had less than $1 million in funds up until April or so, when I started downing carriers and battleships left and right. I did opt for airstrikes much of the time, however, so I probably could have made more money. After April, my bankroll shot up to $3 million, and I probably could have kept playing forever at that point. Terror sites were often not completable, but it wasn't the end of the world. Ground Combat Weapons and armor technology progression Ballistic, Laser, and Plasma showed up at just the right time. Each technology was in use for 2-3 months, which seems like the right length of time. Mag was superfluous, as I had captured all technologies by then, although it was good to have it for the final mission. Nevertheless, it seems like MAGtech would be used for far less than 25% of the missions. Armor availability coincided with corresponding alien weaponry technology upgrades. Air Combat progression New craft were well coordinated with the alien spacecraft progression, although I saw no need for the Fury, and I didn't build a single Foxtrot, either. The Shrike shows up at just the right time, and it was a good idea to ditch the Valkyrie and the other fighter craft, whatever it was called. I think you're giving players too much for free. As it is, you don't NEED to build the new fighter craft, for several reasons: 1) Condors can take the latest weaponry. 2) Guns do HUGE amounts of damage to capital ships. 3) The latest weaponry is given away for free. If you put all of this together, it means that you really only need to buy Condors (lots of them), and you can skip everything else until interceptors start showing up in pairs. This could be fixed by limiting the weapon technology allowed for certain craft (i.e., Condors get up to alenium/laser, Foxtrots and Corsairs get plasma tech, and the Marauder gets everything), and/or by reducing the amount by which cannon fire damages large ships. Or maybe by making Condors unrecoverable . Vehicle progression I only built one Scimitar, which was destroyed, but it was made available at the right time. Like MAG weaponry, the Hovertank was available so late that it wasn't useful for me.
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