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Found 11 results

  1. I remember hearing about some more alien terror weapons (akin to Sectopods and Cyberdiscs) that were going to be in the game. I know that the Scuttler (which I still suspect looked like a 4 legged spider) was cut. But what about the others? Chimera? Cerberus? Manticore? Anyone have any solid news?
  2. At the moment, terror missions are bit of a shooting gallery. You put your guys in cover (probably near the Charlie) and then shoot the aliens who will charge at you. Now this is fine if it doesn't happen all the time, but since it seems to, you lose out the exploration element. It seems like you really don't really get to explore the maps on terror missions. I suggest that a "VIP" spawns somewhere on the map (maybe in a way that'll keep them semi-safe, perhaps with a pair of local forces). To cut down on sprite work, maybe have them be highlighted. If the VIP lives, the Xenonauts get a bonus to their points. If he dies, then it could incur a penalty or maybe even none if we feel that it's too much to expect the player to reach the VIP. It may also be worth making this "VIP" event random so you don't always get one during a terror mission. Alternatively, we could have a "Macguffin cache" that spawns somewhere on the map. If the player has a Xenonauts next to it, then the player gets some bonus points. While civilians and local forces are technically secondary objectives, they tend to die so quickly and are worth so little points that they don't really incentivise the players to do much about them. Anyways, the purpose of the secondary objectives is to get the player to do some exploration and movement.
  3. Not sure if there's a section for this sort of thing so I guess I can put it here. Just had a terror mission turn into absolute chaos, and somehow 'won'. The entire battle took place within grenade range of my dropship, I was attacked by a swarm of lizard guys and reapers. With little cover and most of my soldiers in the ship I deployed as much smoke as possible for some concealment. Within a few turns half of my squad was dead along with quite a few enemies, at this point I started using C4 as grenades to destroy enemy groups. I also took down a few more in the smoke with stun batons before losing two more men, with only two left (armed with pistols) I figured I'd grab some nearby alien rifles and go out in a suicide run. Killed the last six enemies and won the battle somehow haha. Anyway that's pretty much it, never saw a battle become so chaotic before, the whole area around the dropship was scorched earth and flames by the end of it. Anyone else have any stories of missions like that, or tips for fighting your way out when you're completely surrounded and outnumbered?
  4. hi guys,i have a problem..alien terror attack in harare,africa well i have landed and after hard fight against ceasan(killed at least 25-30 aliens,destroyed entire buildings and so on, and the ship was a corvette...)the enemy continue to spawn (at least 7 in line of sight) and the game freeze..a think is a bug...i have just dwloaded the v 19.6 hotfix during the game...happened to others??
  5. I'm not sure what version I have; I know mine is more stable than the experimental build. Anyway, my game always crashes when I finish or save a terror mission. Has anyone had this problem before and fixed it? If so, I'd like not only to know how to fix this problem, but also to understand why it happened. Thanks for the help! PS if the specific level and gameplay helps, I use a lot of smoke and stun grenades, and I was fighting in London.
  6. Hi everyone I am currently past year one in the game and for the last 2 or 3 months in game I have had a constant series of terror missions and base defences and they happen so close together I need to take whatever troops I have healed and those who are the least wounded can any one help me with this because I have not had a long enough break to have every one healed or assault a UFO. Any suggestion because at this point it is becoming boring in a game I am really enjoying.
  7. Hi all, Just a bit of assistance required if possible. I'm playing through on my first game proper and have so far reached mid-October, but already i've had 2 terror attacks both of which on Wellington, New Zealand. Is this purely coincidence is this re-occurence a bug? Also, I have 20 soldiers but on the inventory screen can only see the first 15 and it wont let me scroll down any further, presume thats a bug? Cheers
  8. So I don't really know if I was having any glitches, but the first light scout had crew on it, and all light scouts following that had no crew. I only was able to bring down one regular scout, so by the time the first (well, second, but first one was across the world) terror mission showed up, I had a very untrained crew. I went in with 6 soldiers. 2 had jackal armor. I can't remember their exact loadout, but I think it was 3 m16s, 2 shotguns, and an RL. I also had an MG Ferret. I was excited after the 14 un-manned UFO missions I did. Only 3 soldiers came out. Those fucking disc things, whatever the hell they are, might be the scariest thing ever. They are like Bio-Drones from TFTD. All the douchiness of cyberdisks except 1x1. Also, I might add, I had to abort after only scoring a few Xeno kills, and that was mostly from the rocket launcher, and one badass on those douchediscs. TL;DR: Terror missions suck Edit: Game crashed on the terror mission. Re-did versus Sebillians, brought in 8 soldiers instead. Aborted after 4 guys were left.
  9. Hi all, so after "testing" xenonauts for about 2 weeks I finally reach my personal critical mass to actively use the forum And guess what it's a bug report (if that won't overly strain myself suggestions might follow ) So I went through this terror mission (missing tiles bug, missing weapons images bug, xenonauts looking the wrong direction inside their chinhook all good and well ). But after defeating the last of dem critters the missen debriefing informed me that 2 of my xenonauts just went to 100strength (from like 60). Both hat only been scouting the entire mission (that is running 60%ap forth 40% back, spotting aliens for the rest to snipe). Both were subsequently promoted skipping at least one rank. All in all the stat increases of my soldiers during this mission seemed much more than I am was used to. But these two clearly stood out.
  10. Just finished the terror mission. Very well done! Tau-like drones, destroyed APC and actually fighting military guys - that`s just great! I wonder if that APC was alive at the start of the mission or is it just a decoration? My soldier was unable to see anything from rooftop (a known issue IIRC, but i still wanted to note that). That terror mission got a very nice scene when a very annoying drone (who pinned my men at gas station) was killed by alien reaction fire And sniper rifle is indeed a must have weapon...
  11. Was looking at the thread on the best way to do building collapses and though, Why not have some damage done to the surrounding area during terror missions (or the xenonauts equivalant). Basically what I'm thinking is before you arrive, the aliens have been doing their thing, and battling local forces, because of this, it would make sense to, uppon arriving, find walls blow out, partial building collapses, etc. After all it's a warzone long before the Chinook ever graces the skies.
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