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Found 3 results

  1. first off all i wanne thank you for making this game, finally a worthy game for the X-COM universe, a lot better then the last 2 made by 2K (EU, the bureau). and a new addition to my collection that i will play for the following years what i was wondering (and always wanted to see from the first time TFTD came out); will there be a sequal like that to xenonauts as well? and if so will there be a choise where you can go on from the end of xenonauts or start without any needs to end xenonauts. what i mean to see with this is: you can beat the alians in xenonauts but still recieve some reports from incursions, and with the first mission done the scientists discover that these are manipulated to live under water. couse of this you have to research underwater buildings to construct your first base, and the following that happens is something like TFTD. and while we are on this subject, would it even go further? with the others in mind (interceptor-apocalypse) dunno about you, but i would love to see it all come together and make it a long game that excist out of several games. best regards dabetter
  2. it was impossible to make it more modern engine such as C-XOM enemy unknown 2012? If not, it is not better to the old version of the game 1993 from Microprose
  3. A follow up to the Xenonauts action figure thread... I've been tripping across this lot for a while now, shopping for Christmas presents and think of this game. Clearly, it's something that could be used as a merchandising cross over for a Terror From the Deep re-imagining. You don't have to do everything yourself. Enter:- XENONAUTS2: THE OCTONAUTS The troops, each visually distinctive with a variety of alien killing abilities... Your new underwater HQ... They don't seem to fight much, obviously the war is in it's early days. But here's a vampire squid.
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