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Found 10 results

  1. Hi anyone, i have a small suggestion which maybe solve other problems too. Yesterday i played my first little tryout session and became really frustrated because of the difficulty to use a medikit on one of my soldiers which stood right above a line of trees. After putting the medikit in one of the "healers" hands, rightklicking it to use it on the wounded soldier, the targetpointer was preferring the line of trees everytime i target him. Only a really small area depends on the wounded one. Would be nice to force the pointer on soldiers/aliens for such actions, like holding down strg while targeting figures in the game. On the other side the pointer could prefer environment (grenades exp) if you don't hold strg.
  2. If the user decides to use a medkit on another soldier, but that soldier has been placed behind a large prop which has gained transparency, then the medikit's use does not know to prioritze the prop, or person. As you can see in the attached image, attempting to use a medkit on a person behind a large tree had the medkit prioritizing the tree rather than the person behind it. Steps to reproduce: 1) Enter any map with large props and at least two soldiers, with one who has a medkit. 2) Let one soldier get damaged by an enemy, then move that soldier "behind" a large prop, as in, in position where the prop goes transparent. 3) Move the soldier with the medkit next to the injured soldier and attempt to use the medkit on the injured soldier. 4) Notice that the targeting priority of the medkit is on the prop, not the soldier for every pixel that is covered. If the soldier is completely covered by the prop, they cannot be healed. (Seriously, I lost good men to this bug!) Suggestions to resolve: 1) Remove ability to target props at all when using medkit. 2) Increase priority on PC's/NPC's when targeting, while lowering priority of props. Also, this is a general thing too. I mean, it happens with guns. In the 2nd attached image, I was attempting to target the Sebillian who was "behind" a tree, and the game kept wanting to target the tree. Also, I really only did this on this one map, so it might just be these trees, but I doubt it.
  3. Hello all, I will keep this short and to the point. Usually when units take cover behind a building or a railway carriage, the surface of these obstacles becomes transparent so as to see where your units are. This also enables you to reselct them during the next turn and also enables you to aim at them to apply heals and such. However, sometimes when my units hid behind cover such as building or railway carriage, the obstacle remains opaque. This stops me from seeing where exactly my units are, stops me selecting them and worst of all stops me from being able to target them. It is quite annoying when you are trying to heal a unit with another unit and the only thing you can target with the medpack is the giant building or railway carrige that is in the way. I feel many of these problem could be fixed if obstacles that are within field of view become transparant as you mouse of them, as opposed to becoming transparent only when a unit is adjecent to it. Thank you for your time, and congratulations on making a game that has already stolen many hours of my life
  4. Pretty simple request, not sure how difficult implementing would be. Just want a toggle, or alt or something key to hold down to "bring aliens/NPCs to the front" as far as mouseover targeting is concerned. Right now it can be pretty terrible attempting to target that alien behind two boxes and a wall, but with the toggle, the ONLY thing the mouse would be able to lock onto would be the alien body behind the crates, as if it were showing up "on top" of everything else. Anyone anyone?
  5. While playing a night mission, my soldier could see the alien at night, but i could not see him as it was too dark. So the only way to find him was to click the Alien Sighted icon and it would center over the alien. From here, you must scroll around a bit to find your target, sometimes proving difficult especially if they have an obstacle in front of them and/or are behind cover. It would be great if we could auto target the alien with Fire Mode. Maybe when i click the Alien icon while i have my xenonaut/hunter etc. on fire mode and have it point directly at the alien instead of having to scroll over him would be great =)
  6. Hi Xeno folks! I was thinking that it would be cool if we had this option to choose where we want to shoot (Head, Eyes, Torso...), like in Fallout. Don't know if it's possible at this stage of development, but it would be great!
  7. Hi,seems a long time ago I enjoyed the original Xcom and having preordered Xenonauts I am chuffed to see you are making the real thing. I understand the game is only in alpha but am curious if you will be including the ability to target specific body parts during ground combat?
  8. X-COM 1 - burst shooting was the choice, really good accuracy X-COM Apocalypse - accuracy was terrible, the choice was to walk very near to the alien and then shoot him from blank distance Xenonauts - quiet bad accuracy, i takes almost all the team to kill one alien in one turn, while many times if a civilian or a soldier stays not so near to the line of fire he gets shot (and often dies). I would suggest shooting would be more accurate, only the body part what would be shot would tell the percentage the shot deals damage. You could aim for head/body/arms/legs. Head would receive 100% damage but would be difficult to hit (like 20% hit, 5% hit body instead, 75% miss) Body would be easy to hit but would be really armored on many aliens thus reducing damage largely (like 70% hit, 1% hit head instead, 2% hit arms instead, 2% hit legs instead, 25% miss) Arms would not do a lot of damage to the alien but would largely affect its ability of firing (30% hit, 25% hit body instead, 45% miss) Legs quiet a lot of damage, affects the ability of the alien to move (50% hit, 10% hit body instead, 40% miss)
  9. Hi all, I've seen a few comments from people asking about implementing the ability to hit different parts of a target's body, but it seems that the consensus is that coding this in would be a hell of a lot of work and isn't practical, which is fair enough. So, I thought that maybe instead of outright targeting different body parts, we could simulate the effects of this via the same method that allows you to put more AP into a shot to increase the accuracy. So when you're setting up your shot, you'd cycle through the aiming options with the right click and a new option would be added, whereby allocating slightly more AP to a shot results in attempting a critical/head shot. From a balance standpoint, I'd imagine the accuracy of this shot should be lower than your standard chance to hit, but it could result in double damage if the shot lands. This brings in an extra layer of depth to consider when making your shots, with a high risk/high reward option. You could take this a step further and add a second critical shot type, which simulates aiming for the alien's legs, resulting in lower health damage, but a reduction to the aliens movement/AP, useful for stopping Xenonauts' equivalent of the Chyssalid in it's tracks when you're not confident you could outright kill it in time. What do people think? Would this be possible to code, I guess that's the most important question. And would it add to the game? Cheers!
  10. Like many other people, I sometimes have trouble clicking exactly where I need to in order to interact with a partially-obstructed target. So, I suggest some hotkey modifiers that change how the selection cursor works. First: Either the default cursor behavior, or perhaps holding ctrl should change the normal cursor to a 'box' cursor like the original xcom one that disregards obstructions and highlights the selectable square. It was a really good idea that works really well in an isometric environment. Perhaps an interface option to set which is default and use ctrl to switch between them? Second: Holding alt or another hotkey should change the targeting selection to aim at the center of ground-level for the selected tile. KABLOOEY! I'm sure we can think of some more possibly useful selection modes. Anyone else have any ideas?
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