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Found 14 results

  1. I have started implementing a Viewer (Java application with graphical user interface), which is able to replay any sprite animation of this game. At the moment the application is able to open an xml and play/pause the animation. Also it is possible to change the animation speed (time factor). Furthermore each frame of an animation can be exported to a single image file. I will post the application here as far I get the GUI finished. The next step will be implementation of useful editing features. like editing sprites of particular frames. Also I plan to implement a layout editor to pack several sprite images of a single animation into a png file. There will also be some automatic layout strategies to reorganize the images in order to get them tightly packed.
  2. Hi, I have been working on some replacements and would like to get some feedback if it looks good. Special mention is all alien plasma shots wich use a new glow effect I think looks cool but maybe be a bit overdone, any comment on it is welcome. New update to v0.82 - Works with V19 Stable https://www.dropbox.com/s/en8juzlgmrtfh9b/Test%20Shots%20v0.82.zip V0.82: -Update to work with v19 Stable candidate 1 V0.81: -Hotfix for me being dumb and messing X/Y positions. V0.8: -New tank laser shot replaced. -Tank plasma was missing in 19.7, now added. Requires to use vehicleweapons_gc.xml provided in the mod. -Minor tweaks to laser shot. -All MAG shots still pending. ** If you wish to use with older game versions just dont copy vehicleweapons_gc.xml ** ***Compatibility with other mods *** If you want to use the new tank plasma cannon, any mod that edits "vehicleweapons_gc.xml" is incompatible as this mod will revert tank weapons to vanilla or the other mod will undo the new shot image. Mods that rebalances weapons will surely edit it. To merge this mod with other mod, just follow simple steps: 1-Install the desired mod/mods you want to use. 2-Install my Test Shots mod but Dont install the file "vehicleweapons_gc.xml" 3-Open "vehicleweapons_gc.xml" with notepad or whatever you like and look for the following entry: 4-Replace the highlighted line above with spectre="projectiles/heavyplasma/heavyplasma" 5-Save and you are ready to go. Backup folder have original files for uninstall. Please dont just open the images in Windows viewer or whatever, in-game it looks different specially with the glow. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey guys, I'm new around this forum and I have been doing some searching and I can't find any mods that give females combat sprites, is there not one in existence?
  4. Random Suggestion Unless theres some weird reason not to, i don't see a reason why you shouldnt at least consider compressing a majority of the game textures to rgba 256 color PNG's maybe even 128 color to lower the size of the game overall, i did it out of boredom testing how small i could get the game, i compressed all ~34000 of the textures (on v18 stable, which totally did not take over 8hrs) & managed to decrease the games size from 4.6gb to 1.7gb with unnoticable loss to any image quality due to a majority of the games individual textures not having a very wide color range. Here's a texture example to look at: http://www.mediafire.com/?3ml5ox5h0h0f363 I used this image in example: xenonauts\assets\units\xenonaut\armour.buzzard\weapon.lasercarbine\burstshoot_sw.png Sizes Original Image: 2.53 MB (2,660,276 bytes) rgba 256 color: 731 KB (749,081 bytes) (virtually lossless) rgba 128 color: 583 KB (597,218 bytes)* *(little loss, only noticeable if you zoom in alot on the texture itself, in game the difference is visually irrelevant and unnoticeable) In game testing screenshots (not of that texture in particular): http://www.mediafire.com/folder/scenemn8st84d10,5u93jsq5b9s2ryv/shared The first screenshot (1.png) is all original textures, and the second is using all 128 color textures on everything. Anyways at the least a much smaller game, itd be almost lossless at 256 color & likely around 2-2.4gb in size, i like to save as much space as i can on my computer, and depending on how the game loads and renders the textures it may actually speed up loading with the much smaller files.
  5. I don't know what's special about the tile I moved into, no alien had been there, no grenades, nothing like that, but I moved my soldier to this tile at the corner of the building and he became invisible. I can still select him no problem, I just can't see him:
  6. I literally have no idea... how much work is it to build these troopers and animate them? I've seen several threads that go 'yea, that would be neat but that would double or quintuple the sprits...' How many man hours per spite or % of total project is this work?
  7. I've noticed that Sebillian non-coms are signficantly larger than guards or soliders. I would have thought given Sebllians seem to prize brute strength, wouldn't Sebllian culture reinforce strength by having the bigger guys kicking around the smaller ones?
  8. This is most noticeable with the tank vehicle where you move it around and it seems quite unrealistic the way it turns instantly in direction, this happens with soldiers as well. Is it possible to render in maybe 8 directional animation files (used only for changing unit direction) for when units move around and add in some short transition with turning etc.. 12 would be even better. I'm going to try and answer my own question and say the engine simply can't do it! is this correct?
  9. Just out of pure curiosity, Why was all of the character animations done with sprites instead of 3D models? I would think models would provide more flexability. I know the original creation is time consuming(I draw them) but once completed they could be made to do whatever, leading to new abilities and movements. Not that sprites can't be used in the same way but it take 1000s of images to do so which is also time consuming. Don't take this the wrong way I love the game so far it's just the implementation i'm curious about, it is a pretty old school way to approach it. It's no problem for me as I am old school will be 40 in 4 days:).My guess is it's an engine limitation. Happy Gaming!
  10. This should be the place where you post missing sprites from the new build. You can tell a missing sprite if the normal animation changes to a Jackal (combat armour) wearing soldier with an assault rifle performing the action - this is the default sprite that is played if the one the game is looking for cannot be found. Known missing sprites: Unarmed soldiers - Basic and Jackal Shotgun-armed soldiers - Basic and Jackal, except for idle animations Stun baton soldiers - Basic and Jackal
  11. Look at this video http://youtu.be/8vXgtoxV6fE If I understand it correctly, with this system you only have to make a model and then animate it. When you change textures, armor, or weapons of the model all sprites will be automatically generated. The soldiers can easily looks different just by changing a texture. You could even add wounds if they are hit. Adding female soldiers would be trivial, adding crouch-walking, prone positions and the like would also be quite easy. The possibilities are endless. I think the development is probably too far ahead to use this. However the devs have also said that making all the sprites for female soldiers, or prone positions, are not done as they would take much too long to implement. Using this system to redo all the previous animations as well as new ones might actually not take that much extra time. Especially now there's a lot more money from the Kickstarter they could dedicate someone to implement it. Of course developing the animation system would probably take much too long, but maybe the Zomboid team would be willing to license it for a modest price, or a small cut once the game become profitable. One can dream
  12. I haven't bought or played any version of this game yet; still considering it. It looks really great on the screenshots and the stories. However my 'fear' currently is that I see a lot of good hand drawn art work and the GUI stuff looks very nice, but I worry that this game might be just a whole box of art with a tiny bit of gameplay. I.E. awesome artists combined with average programmers (no offense). My biggest question is; I've read somewhere all the soldier sprites (which are apparently over 100.000) need to be pre-rendered etc, etc. .. But Why would you go the sprite way ?! I'm looking at all the screenshots and wonder two things: - Those sprites are 'tiny', why would it take so long to prerender. (3 servers need several months?! Huh?!) - Those sprites don't burst with high details, why not just render them ingame in 3D and stop limiting yourself so much; Render them like 'borderlands or TF2' does, then they don't need high polygon count and probably look very similar to what you have now By limiting the game so much by using sprites, you took away so much freedom; you can have males/females, africans/caucasians/chinese; you can mix procedural movements; much easier to introduce armor types and guns. And that's what worries me; you sacrificing possibilities for what reason? Personal preference or lack of knowledge? Seeing as this game is not too unknown, it should be possible to get some money from pre-orders and hire a guy to build that; and i'm pretty sure there's prebuilt simplistic engines already. If there's a worry 3D looks crappy; yes it can look crappy, it's why I really dislike UFO:Afterlight, etc. But it's because they also did the entire environments in 3D, which makes me lose sight. I think the best bet for an X-Com clone would be Isometric 2D environments with 3D animated characters. Anyway, just my two cents. To balance it of, this has been the best X-Com clone I've seen so far, but that's mainly because I see the GUI and hand-drawn art has the right atmosphere. But strongly reconsider the sprites thing.
  13. I'm thinking in terms of graphics rather than gameplay. I think it'd be kinda cool if the colors (and maybe textures) of the Xenonaut's outfit changed from region to region depending on the color scheme of the environment. I know it's a pretty minor thing, but it'd seem kinda odd to me if the Xenonauts went to desert and tundra environs dressed in the same blue SWAT getup that they wear in the cities. It could add a nice realistic touch, and the concept, imo, would go hand in hand with the whole modern feel to the art design. Just a thought!
  14. Will we be able to set a color for our organization so we can potentially set up base in the USSR and wear red, etc? If not we should.
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