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Found 7 results

  1. Hey all, just letting people know that I released the first version of Xenoscape, a simple mod that's designed to add and replace the music in the game. I loved the Xenonauts game from start to finish, but thought that it could've probably used a more distinct atmosphere for it music-wise. Since I've recently been making electronic music anyway, thought it might be interesting to try modding a game with it as its background. This is the first time I tried anything like this (usually I tend to focus on live performances only) and it's a work-in-progress experiment of sorts, but would love to hear what people think. As mentioned below, the style is sort of a mix of IDM, ambient, and a jam band -- I think taste-wise it's a pretty niche thing, but thought it might fit the sort of eerie, weird atmosphere of the game itself. Most of the tracks are improvised on a ROLI Seaboard in a very weird way, so the sound has a kind of "raw" quality to it that you normally wouldn't get from traditional recording techniques. The mod has over 3.5 hours of music in it, so it's pretty large. (~400MB) If you play very quickly (or like to save/reload a lot ), there's a good chance that you might not even get to the end of a lot the tracks. Hoping this will increase immersion, if anything. It's been a pain trying to get it on the Steam Workshop because of its size limitations but it'll be up there as soon as I figure out a workaround. Looking forward to Xenonauts 2, by the way! Hoping that the game will continue to support the modding community for the next release. FYI - I've been having issues with volume control in-game...it doesn't seem like the "volume" parameter in the sounds and sounds_gc files are always responsive. If it becomes a major issue I try for another update, but we might leave it if it doesn't bother people that much. Let me know if you think there's anything that can be done. Description and links here: Xenoscape is an original music add-on mod for Xenonauts, designed to replace and change the atmosphere of the game throughout its gameplay. Most of the tracks are longer than the play-duration of each setting (Air Combat finishes in under a minute, usually, but the track goes on for much longer) for increased immersion. The style is a mix of 80s cheese-synths, IDM, ambient music, and improv. If you enjoy jam bands you might like this mod, since most of it is improvised!! Tracks 3 Air Combat Tracks 4 Geoscape Tracks 3 Day Combat Tracks 3 Night Combat Tracks Main Menu Track YouTube Playlist: Nexus: http://www.nexusmods.com/xenonauts/mods/18? If you enjoyed the music and would like to support the lab, like the YouTube videos and subscribe to our YouTube channel, and stream the music directly from the site at any time. The channel will be periodically updated for new projects and musics in the works! http://tangerine.fm
  2. So ,Phantra what is this mod about then? Well, this mod aims at Improving the sound effects and adding voiceovers to some of the actions/events happening in the game by replacing exsisting .ogg files or incorporating entirely new ones. All of the sounds currently in the mod have been extracted,compiled and build in the model of their xenonauts vanilla counterparts from bits and pieces by me. (current version original bits and pieces were taken from bf3 and bf4's massive arsenal of sounds. ) keep in mind: although I did my best to preserve the style of sounds of the original in the new files, some turned out utterly different. Beta 0.2 Release: - new balistic vanila weapon sounds . - new aircombat sounds for missiles and canons aswell as new a crash sound. - new vehicle death sound ~ - new flames sound. - new rocket launcher and frag grenade sounds. Plans for the future: - making new sounds for injury/death sounds of humans and maybe some of the aliens if i can manage to make them sound as they should. - changing footsteps/impacts/door stuff/etc. - new sounds for the rest of the vanilla weapons/items. - adding voiceovers to ground combat actions/events. How does one Install this mod? - step one, make backups of your sounds.xml and sounds_GC.xml aswell as sounds and sfx folders ... after that: - If you are getting this mod for a clean instalation of 1.06 you just need to extract the zip file into your xenonauts install folder. - if you have mods that modify the sounds.xml and/or sounds_gc.xml or have a newer version of those files (CE/patch etc) then: you would need to Install the sound files manualy + make changes to sounds and sounds_GC, the files that would need assingment in there would be: AirCrash.ogg -> in sounds.xml assigned to the sound played when a unit crashes in aircombat AirCombat_explosion.ogg -> in sounds.xml assigned to aircombat explosions VehicleDestroyed_1.ogg -> in sounds_GC.xml assigned to vehicle explosion *Currently it has been tested on version 1.06 of the game and in need of testing on other versions. Download Link here Discuss the mod + Idea's/requests here: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/12627-W-I-P-Sound-mod-%28non-music-sound-replecement-additions%29
  3. This thread is now redundant, as you can now check out the released files here : http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/11424-v1-07-Jsleezy-s-Real-Fighter-Sounds So, this one I have been keeping to myself for a few months now. It is not perfect but I can't image playing the game without it anymore. I've spent a lot of time mixing, testing and tweaking and I think it is time for others to enjoy it as well. Jsleezy's Real Fighter SOUNDS adds around 105 new sounds to the game most of which are soldier chatter. I would have added a lot more but the game crashes if you use too many custom sounds. [video=youtube;Z2rb8K1r-s4] The sounds are from Counter Strike. Here are a few examples of what soldiers say while taking actions: - Moving to position - Roger that - OK - Cover me - GO GO GO! - Fire in the hole (granade throw) And many many more. Here is the full list of soldier sounds: Please do note that even tho it works it is not perfect. Some aliens use some of the same soldier sounds and thus some of my new sounds i.e. "Fire in the hole" for a grenade throw. It won't happen all the time...but when it does you'll notice. Also, in some cases there is no way to differentiate between male and female voices so females will at times use male voices for things like "moving to position". I did all I could to prevent this but there are limitations to what I can do with how the game's code works. I almost feel a little selfish for not sharing this mod earlier, but life/work/other mods kept me from giving it the finishing touches...although it's still a work in progress. Even in it's condition I can't imagine playing Xenonauts without this mod. Please give it a shot. Get it here.
  4. Hi, I have played trough a bit of Xenonauts and noticed a few things that really bothered me. Line of Sight: Enemy and Soldier's LoS is impossible to see. This is VERY frustrating and coupled with some odd decision to prevent the player from moving in contact with some objects like the bush makes this a tactical nightmare for all the wrong reasons. X-Com has similar problems and was heavily criticized for it. It would be a good idea to learn from them. Your actions should be as clear as possible otherwise the higher the difficulty of the game the more frustration there issue will create. The LoS should not reset every time I end my turn. I am rather confident that my troops don't have conversion disorder. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conversion_disorder Some tactical situations have my men shooting from a corner, however, instead of leaning, they shoot right at the corner itself. There is no reason, what so ever, in any universe, movie, or fantasy where shooting at your cover, 30cm in front of you has ever given positive results. Soldiers: There is no distinction of any kind among the sprites of my soldiers. They all look like the same copy of the same character with the same weapon. It would be wise to have a variation of some kind, or at least show the names above their head. My men, can't hit an alien the size of a refrigerator standing still in open terrain 20m away from them and are blind to anything past 30m. I am no expert but that's immersion breaking to me. Lose the blue uniforms, they have no advantage. Sounds: Footsteps are way too loud and having the alien phase transition to a loading screen is so immersion breaking that any ambiance the game created so far goes out of the window. TAKE OUT THE ALIEN PHASE SCREEN ! Tutorials: Your game needs them. Here is a good representation of how your soldiers feel in battle: [ATTACH=CONFIG]2192[/ATTACH]
  5. I'd like to add some custom sounds to some of the weapons, but I'm having difficulty adding them. The audio files are in .ogg format, they've been put in audio/sfx/weapons/, the filename starts with "weapon_<sound>", the sound descriptor in weapons_gc has been re-written to sound="Weapon <sound>" (with each word capitalised), and it's not recognising it. What have I missed out?
  6. Now that aliens have discovered the burst selector switch on their rifles, the sound of a single shot being repeated three times on the plasma rifle sounds disjointed and iffy. Any chance we can have a specific sound when plasma rifles autofire?
  7. Is anyone else getting odd sounds during combat? A few times now, clicking on the VII tab for my jeep triggers a gun reload sound. And occasionally turning in place results in footsteps. Not all the time though.. not sure if this is known or not, or how best to supply bug reporting support...
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