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Found 2 results

  1. *FOR VERSION 18 hotfix 2* Hey, one bug ive found (or at least I think its a bug) is when im on UFO crashsite missions. In the end statistics, getting points for 'ufo secured' seems to happen at random. In some cases I have not gotten it, even with several troops both in and around the ufo. Other times, ive gotten it when i completed the mission without even seeing the ufo on the map! Not sure if the score after missions affects relations and monthly income increase, but if thats the case, then this is a bit of an issue. Just thought id let you guys know . Keep up the good work!
  2. I'm playing alpha v 9.1, if any of the things 've been implemented since then and I don't know about it, sorry. Here are my humble suggestions: 1. Securing a ufo after tactical mission. I read here that you have to hold a unit "in" the UFO for several turns (I assume the number specified on the splash screen for tactical mission, i.e. 5 turns). However: - if I hold a unit there and kill all the aliens, the mission ends and the ufo is not secured - if I hold the unit there and intently do NOT kill any aliens, aliens escape, and the ufo is not secured The ufo crash-lands, a supra-governmental military body moves in, kills all aliens; now that'd pretty much assume they can "secure" the ufo and do whatever they want with it, just like in the original x-com and in clones such as ufo:ai, ufo afterlight etc. 2. Unlike the original, there's no way to see "behind the buildings" when you have a soldier there. Unlike clones, map can't be rotated. So if there's a building obstructing the view, and I have both a soldier and an alien behind it, I can't target, although the soldier has LOS to the enemy. The only workaround is to have another soldier _enter_ the first floor of the building in question and approach a door to the "showdown", if available, then the building becomes "transparent" and I can finally see what's going on and target the enemy with the original soldier. Very unplayable in this respect, less of a problem now while there's generally a single tactical map, more so when there'll be more maps... 3. "Corpse destroyed" - isn't it overly simplistic? Yes, the thing is not alive, but something tells me that unloading a pistol\AR\shotgun into an alien would render a pretty much intact and researchable corpse. I'd guess the alternative approach where researching corpses give access to certain tech, while researching\interrogating live specimens gives access to even more tech. 4. Furthermore, wouldn't it be possible to capture a live alien before developing ranged stun weapons by e.g. approaching the alien with e.g. 2 or more units which would "overpower" it? This would introduce an element of high risk\high reward early in the game. You either lose these guys, or have them overpower the alien together if you plan correctly. Neat idea, no? 5. "Hidden movement" between turns - I'd assume the aliens in LOS of soldiers would move without this sign and their movement would be visible to the player, not only their end state. This is logical, no? Only truly hidden movement (i.e., of the units not in the LOS of PC's) should be hidden. 7. Any chance to enhance civilians' behavior? Two obvious choices: introduce panic mode where they move uncontrollably, and allow soldiers to direct them to the dropship, so that they would not get in the way. Directing them would cost TUs, but still, realistic, no?[/b]
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