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Found 2 results

  1. Ok after playing the game for a bit I have come up with a few ideas for adjustments to the game for the sake of game balance, an interest in a slight shift towards realism, and better a more satisfying game experience. For ease of reading I have divided these up into sections with a bullet points style. <**Geo-scape Changes**> -Additional Options besides putting down a new base- there are basically two different options I would like to discuss 1) Incremental base development: this idea is simply a modified version of the current base deployment system and can be accomplished one of two ways. This can be done by allowing the creation of outpost which has a single or partial function of a base which can then be upgraded in one or two steps into a full on base. A couple of examples for this; *Listening station*(listens to local com traffic searching for alien sightings and displays an icon showing last known position and heading) *Coordination Station* (all the functions of a listening station but also tries to coordinate with local forces to minimize alien impact. Basically increases chance of local forces downing a UFO in their area of influence and also provides very minor stabilizing effect to relations with nations in its effective range) *Observation Station* (provides radar function and the coordination station effects as well) when Upgraded into a full on base the base will come with a prebuilt Radar array. 2) Awareness supplementation: this is different ways to supplement your radar ranges of existing bases *Deployable Radar units (smaller cheap radar stations which can be deployed/built on the map to supplement radar from bases) *Observation stations (see Above) *Mobile radar support (think AWACS which was already in existence during the games timeline) <**Base Components**> Here are some recommended changes/additions to current Base structures *Hanger & Runway* Convert the current hanger into a “runway” and add a 1x1 Hanger structure. The hanger functions similar to the garage only it stores aircraft the runways instead dictate the number of aircraft which can be launched immediately. Here is an example; say you have enough hangers for 7 aircraft and only 3 runways. When you detect a UFO and select intercept the list comes up showing all of your aircraft. Those aircraft you have assigned to your various runways show a “ready” in the status while those not assigned to the runways show “Delay 30M” so when you select one of these delayed status aircraft for launch they will wait the allotted time on the games time progression before launching on their mission. Or you could simply make it so only those craft that are assigned to the runways can be launched. The whole point is to have the ability to build a reserve of aircraft so when you say want to build a mid-late game aircraft you do not have to scrap one of your existing fighters to make room to build it. Likewise if you lose an aircraft if you have either saved your older aircraft or built spares you can immediately place a reserve craft into service while waiting for a replacement to be built *Modular Work Space* Similar in many ways to Lab and workshops except its more expensive and the 15 space that it makes available can be used for either research or workshop projects so for example you have one of these facilities instead of a Lab and workshop and you have 10 researchers and 10 techs if you assign all 10 researchers to a project then if you tried to start a workshop project you would only have room for 5 of your techs on that project. If that is not workable in the current configuration of the game than simply have the Modular Work Space building adds 7 researcher and 7 workshop space. <**Weapons and Equipment**> *Weapon Refinement* this is simply an escalating refinement of older technology such as weapons etc. with either better replacements or reducing manufacturing costs/materials Most of this can be accomplished through mods I am currently working on. *Trauma Kits/Save Downed team members/civilians/local forces* for details see the Medkit thread *Enhanced Night Fighting tools for ground Combat* see Nightvision thread for details <**Map Editor Redesign**> This tool needs some work, additional assets, and either a friendly guide or tutorial. The biggest issue being that there seems to be no easy way to build and define multi-floor maps. Someone had talked about the lack of true urban maps so I had this great idea of building one. One where the landing zone was the roof of a multi-floor building and the UFO would be crashed into one of the upper floors of another building. This of course seems to be impossible either that or I need someone who understands it better than I to give me a tutorial. Speak discuss tell me your opinions on all this?
  2. I have been looking at your game and I'm very pleased and I only have a few suggestions: 1. I know this will never get added, but I'd like a undo button for one reason: sometimes you accidently move a unit, I did it twice today myself. 2. How about adding radar stations so you don't have to buy a whole base to get a radar? Or, better yet, why doesn't the countries tell you or share their radar stations with you? (Okay, last part wouldn't make a good game, but still?) 3. I would like it if you buy more building space for your bases. 4. It would be cool if you could put in other HWPs in the game. I would really like a small arterilly or flak/mortar unit and a heli. 5. I think a flak/mortar weapon would be useful. 6. I would also like if you made a logical place to recieve your weapons from. I get you might could find a pistol on the black market, maybe even an sidewinder missile, but a jet or tank, not likly. (If I'm not mistaken, you bought them on the blackmarket in the first game.) 7. This might be hard to program, but could you allow us to send more then one dropship to an area. This might lessen the strategy, but they do do it in real life. It's very logical to do on a base assualt. 8. Once again, a helicopter. I would like if they added more of them. I also have a question: when you shoot down a squad of ufos, does the crash site have all three of them or does it make three seperate crash sites?
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