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Found 2 results

  1. I'm trying to do a mod for an EWACs - long rage, can sit in the sky for hours, and has beefy radar but is slow and unarmored. Sort of giving you an alternative to building up a new base for radar coverage. Also doubled up aircraft flight duration to reflect tankers. I'll post the EWACS when I'm happy with it for your enjoyment! Anyway, I'm making the EWACs purchasable, because I am not even going to try and mess with the research table at this point. I'd like to do a similar thing for an SR71 Blackbird at some point, when I will mess w/ that. But for now... My question is I have been all over the xml files left and right. I know where you mod the manufacturing section, that's easy. But I can't find where you set the purchase price of planes that are buyable. We all know that the F-17 and the Condor are buyable, can't recall the price at this point. But I imagine that it has to be settable somewhere! I just can't find the darn thing. Is it based off a factor of the sale price in items.xml? Like if it sells for x you buy for x*2, or something like that? Need help - I got all the images and stuff done, I think it will be sweet, but need to know how to do this! Thanks all. PS Loving some of the mods out there and for the record Xenonauts kicks EU's rear!
  2. Id just want to suggest on making the preorder available from www.GoG.com also as I'd like to support your game too, but not wanting to go through steam or desura to get the game when it comes out. Thank you.
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