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Found 12 results

  1. For the most part I auto-resolve air combat. Do interceptors gain experience and skill with each successful mission they survive?
  2. 1 pilots to the landing craft. 2 a mini map 3 bonus to hit by resting in walls or corners etc 4 drift for smoke 5 weather effects 6 access to satelites and military fleets etc 7 items made and sold should sell higher than hey cost to make i mean we used resources to make them after all. 8 grenades should have a longer throwing range and should be able to throw over any object, seriously they get stuck a lot. 9 he rockets should cause more damage to area. 10 cars etc need to explode etc 11 we should be able to choose uniform colours 12 should be able to call to civs on the battlefield and have them come to you so they dont spend time just running about and towards the aliens. 13 leaning to shoot around corners and use grenades should be an option 14 land mines need to come in to game. 16 option to upgrade or adapt aircraft should be doen ie enginea, targeting fuel tanks and xp for fighter pilots. 17 missions to recover downed fighter craft and pilots 18 north and south ice caps need adding to map. 19 body size and shapes.of soldiers need adding. 20 more base room options are needed. 21 video animation would be good ie takeoff and intro movie 22 more volume options added 23 ambient sounds on battle maps 24 attachments for weapons 25 xcom insignia options 26 option to refuel at other bases with hangers 27 option to store equipment on transport 28 allowed to have more soldiers in basic transport i see the space 29 soldier training options ie classrooms 30 option to expand base size with tunnelling 31 terror maps need to look damaged and generally attacked before we arrive ( think on it did the aliens wait until we arrived before they attacked the people??????
  3. An idea to make air combat less redundant: I like the auto resolve option but it often looses battles that a skilled player could win - this is not a problem, in fact it should work like that to encourage personal control, but what if we would give better chances to our fighters if they are combat veterans? The player would be encouraged to take personal control in disadvantageous situations since only then, the experience of a plane pilot would increase and its only effect would be to change the auto resolve parameters a bit in the players favor. This way the player would take control early on for new planes but leave the combat to the auto resolve if he knows it is win-able and has experienced pilots. Each plane would have a dedicated pilot that cannot be swapped so new planes would start from 0 experience and would have to be personally controlled in tight or evenly matched situations to gain over time (a single plane would max out in experience after 4-5 at least evenly matched missions that it has won). Visually it would also benefit the hangar screens where mostly not much is happening by placing pilot stats there (only background info to make it interesting and the single important metric: Experience next to a cool pilot IMG that could vary at least after plane types: Link This mechanic would also encourage players to combat enemy fighter squads, since those would be evenly matched to 3 planes adding 1 EXP to each of our planes when won besides the usual benefits (no money reduction, relation bonus and no harassment of planes).
  4. Hi! I'm aware in the originals vehicles didn't gain experience (for some reason) but I think its a shame that they don't here too. Unless they are robots, but at least the Hunter and Scimitar aren't. Hell, the hunter even has a couple of poor sods inside the damn thing. I see many people comment they don't ever use them because they don't gain experience of any sort so.. that's too bad really. I'd rather that what I view as an oversight in the original not be carried over here for mere traditions sake. It made no sense there and I don't think it does here either. Part of the fun is risking the units you've become attached too, and as it is you just don't care what happens to your vehicles. But actually more importantly.. anyone else find the Hunter missiles to be WAY more powerful and useful that then the pulse laser turret? Those hunter missiles are just a good time, let me tell you. When I got my scimitar the first time I was very disappointed to see there wasn't a missile turret for that since the pulse laser is basically crap. Its just too inaccurate, with the good old missiles you just have to get in the general vicinity -- also its great for blasting aliens hiding in thick cover, the pulse laser will just miss the alien and its cover entirely most of the time, even in burst fire. I suppose its possible that some people might prefer the pulse laser, although I honestly can't see this because its awful, so it would be nice to have missile options on the later vehicles too. Anyway, yes, I'd like to see the vehicles be a bit more fleshed out then they are now in general, to be honest.
  5. I don't give a damn if my hunter car explodes because it feels like it is a big cover with gun. I really like the idea of hiring a crew, crew stats would affect vehicle stats, if the vehicle would break or explode some of the crew might make it out and some of them would burn to death. If one vehicle takes up 4 spaces in a transport, it could have a 4 men crew or less. And if vehicles hp gets to zero it wouldn't always get destroyed but crew would take damage and have to get out and the vehicle could be fixed after battle. This is just an idea, I know nothing about coding so I'm not sure how hard it would be to make this work. Dont know if its too much but if youd need to hire pilots for aircraft that could make losing aircraft and a ace pilot really painfull.
  6. *edit* i just realised some of my concerns were adressed in the faq. Let's say I dont agree with everything especially the pilots part. Hi, i just finished a v18 playthrough. Congratulations, for a clone that sticks a lot to the original it has some great innovations. I was surprised by the depth of the game at this point. Air combat is the best i’ve seen. Before playing xenonauts i believe i played every clone of the original X-com game. Here are some thoughts to make Xenonauts my ideal x-com game. Some specific to Xenonauts, some could apply to every x-com clone. 1. Every people you employ should be unique. * Planes and vehicles should have pilots inside with names, ranks, and skills like reflex, piloting, and combat skill (if they are crashed or during a base attack). Maybe the rank could open access to more combat maneuvers. So those kill ratings wouldn’t be only for show and when you get a new plane type you can put your favorite pilot inside to benefit from his experience. Same for ground vehicles, even the remote ones. (they too would have some kind of progression. When a plane is shot down you get a chance to get the pilot back, if he managed to eject. It could even trigger a special mission to get him back if he fell behind enemy lines. * Based on Paradox’s Heart of Iron 2 (and maybe the others) Scientists also would have names but also domain specializations. Like particle physics, organic chemistry or whatsoever. Each research in the lab would need a few of these domains. You could always assign an unqualified scientist to a research but he would get a time malus. It’s a matter of getting the person for the right job. Acquiring renowned scientists could be a mission in itself or a reward. The same system could be used for engineers. No more anonymous henchmen. You know and care for everyone. 2.Tactical combat. Recon : It always annoyed me that we arrive on the battlefield airborne but ignore everything of the map beforehand. Having come flying you should at least know where the buildings are (or the UFO for what matters). If not for satellite feed or aerial recon. I’d love to see a small unarmed recon drone flying high over the battlefield as a new unit (could be shot down by aliens). Damage localization : the ability to shoot some specific body parts with aimed shots like in Fallout2. Researching an alien would reveal his weak points and you could use it against them. Same for your soldiers, they would lose movement when shot in the leg, accuracy when shot in the arm, sight when losing an eye... They could even lose limbs to be replaced with prosthetics. Prosthetics that could get better with alien tech. (imagine your team of veteran half-cyborgs) Dropship : The dropship staying there unharmed in the middle of the battlefield seems out of place. Either it should fly to safety after dropping your squad or you might have to defend it. With the pilots being units. (a nice special mission could be having to defend your crash landed dropship until you get a pick-up) UFOs : I miss the ability to make your own entrance in the hull of UFOs with explosive weapons. Also i haven’t seen multiple floor high rooms in ufos. Having to go through the 3 storeys of the carrier quickly becomes boring. The carrier’s hangar could be 2 floors high. So those jumpsuits would come in handy. Hills : maybe it’s an engine limitation but every map is flat. I fondly remember the hills from the original games. Would it be possible to add some height differences? Overall, height seems to be underused. Neutral Units : Neutral military units when met could be taken control of or given some basic orders if in a friendly country. Some neutral soldier you helped could offer to join you at the end of the mission. 3. Global map I like the look of the new map but the water’s blue seem too light. The previous map conveyed the grimm feeling of the alien invasion better. Also nightlights would be welcomed. Since the map is the main game interface it looks a bit empty. You could add switchable tactical overlays. (coloring countries based on your rating, summarizing alien activity to find a pattern in their moves,...). Just add stuff that looks cool. Hollywood does that very well. (see http://vimeo.com/64377100 or https://vimeo.com/1797025 for good examples) Global Politics : what happen to countries that stop funding you? Do they fall to aliens? Do they start their own Alien-fighting corp? Seems there is something to be done there. A few ideas : At the start of the game each country has it’s own military forces, a set number of troops and plane that you can call for support. Needless to say they quickly become insufficient to facing the growing threat and using them for suicide missions would be a hit in your relations. When a country stops funding you, it starts it’s own alien fighting program. Competing with you for resources, other countries, support. They might try to get their hands on your most advanced tech. Maybe one of your crew is a spy and you have to get rid of one of your favorite scientists. You might have to repel their invasion of your base. Fighting humans besides the aliens. We need some way to win those countries back. Some specific missions perhaps or giving them advanced tech. getting in good terms with a country could net some various rewards besides money : Experienced units, a plane, and old military base a a startpoint for a new base, informations about aliens. 4. Base Medical healing pods : Once researched and built you assign soldiers to them for faster healing like you would assign them to your dropship. Training facilities : we really need a way to teach those rookies how to throw a grenade farther than their feet. Managed by one of your veterans. The higher ranked the veteran, the better the training. I’d love to see a alien break out of his containment cell and spreading terror across the base. An Alien the movie like mission.
  7. Hi Guys First time poster As the title suggests I have a few thoughts Id put out there and see what you think. If anything I have suggested has been posted I apologize. I'm not sure if any of have played Ufo: Alien Invasion, Its a Open source game with alot of ideas I like and was wondering if it was plausible to add and if not why don't you think it would work. 1. Jets Customizable. Basically you can add electronics to your craft IE: Weapon tracking systems that give 25% hit chance or ECM Jammer so you could dodge incoming threats or even Advanced Composite Components that might give extra Armor that would make your craft last longer but the downside make there Top speed or cruise speed slower. 2. Weapons. I thought this was quite a cool idea. Grenade launchers for example have more modes of fire such and Air-burst basically there's an alien behind cover you can shoot it releasing a hail of metal on him. Another mode of fire was timed in which the gun was fired and the Projectile didnt explode until it stopped and Ufo:AI some maps are uneven and follow the path of least resistance.. I even had a "oh shit.. well.. Should have known that would happen" moment where I shot it inside a House only to kill my squad and a few Civies 3. Pilots. I know this is in the FAQ on why you guys don't think it would work I'm just putting it out there. Pilots that would gain experience therefore becoming better at dog fighting with the enemy. Which brings another idea if your pilot has been shot down and if he survives (Ejection seat -could be another customization where if your craft is shot down has something like 15% chance to live) there could be a Search and Rescue mission to bring him home before the Aliens find him. Like something where you have full vision of where he is and you can control him. The pilot only equipped with a Handgun or nothing where you have to bring him back to your craft for extraction or just kill everything. 4. Weapon Proficiency . In Ufo:AI the more you use a weapon class the more proficient you get with it. Just say you use Assault rifles exclusively for 1 of your soldiers he will go in time from Poor to good to great or even Not Competent to Competent. Gaining modifiers such as slight aiming bonuses to better reaction times. Thats all I can think of to add atm if I come across anymore things in which may improve this game Ill just add it to this as of now Id like to know what you think of these ideas
  8. Just a question why are there no pilots in the game? Should they at least not take up space in your base? To be honest I don’t really care if this happens it’s more of just like... Huh? Ghost pilots!
  9. Hello love the game but thought I'd post my ideas, so please don't hit me, I am writing to suggest something rather hard to implement but please think of this as more of a wishlist rather than actual expectations. I would like to have greater attachment not just to my little SAS troopers, but to my whole military staff made up of supporting roles. My simplest suggestion is that a skins are made of scientists and engineers so that when an alien attack occurs at your base a small number of staff (maybe those that couldn't evacuate) are at risk of becoming collateral damage. Maybe have a panic room that is sealed during battle to house support staff. If the battle ends in defeat they would naturally be killed off, if not they are not they would return to there jobs My next suggestion is that all staff level-up, how that is implemented would be simply be by checking how long they have served, or even better how many projects they have seen through. A scientist that has spent 2 years studying alien artefacts should be more proficient than a newb. As stated in the title I would also like to see more types of operatives... (Mostly as NPCs) Intelligence-Service (Men in Black) They lower your chance of detection, increase the chances of alien base detection, have a chance of detecting alien attacks and movements off radar, and have a chance of assisting you during your attacks. Pilots They cost more money than a standard trooper Exist inside the transport, equipped with a side-arm and no knowledge of how to use it. If they die you have no option to evacuate, if you lose the battle after this the transport is lost. A pilot would add a level of risk to all land battles. And will constantly have you asking; "Do I want to risk him so I can have more firepower?". The pilot could also man fighter-craft and gain experience. Admin Staff (Less so) People who handle the logistics by lowering the costs of imports. They could also help by increasing the efficiently of support staff, the export value of goods and the relations between other countries. Security Staff They decrease the likelihood of your base being detected and assist you in base battles with gunpowder weapons Head of Xenonauts The base you're situated in receives efficiently perks. You can transfer to any base and, if aliens attack the base, you can fight with a side-arm. If you die you lose the game. ---end Hope you don't mind my thoughts on what could be added, the game is looking great but I thought I'd suggest it now rather than suggest it even later down the line.
  10. Just a quick suggestion/question Does the game have pilots for the transport craft? I really think they should also be able to participate in the tactical segment of the game as well - sort of like a last resort
  11. Just saying I think it'd be fancy if the cockpit of the Chinook had people in it.
  12. 1) Was thinking something along the lines of giving the planes and vehicles pilots and drivers. They would then be able to level up just like the soldiers. Like the pilots could learn to dodge lasers better or become better at shooting down certain types of space ships. Vehicle crews could get more action points when they become better trained or improved accuracy and so on. There could even be some sort of survival chance for the pilot, where he could eject and then travel back to X.N. base. Vehicle crews could climb out of destroyed units and then if they survived the mission return to fight another day. After a trip to the sick bay of course. 2) As to the destroyed equipment, I was thinking that the destroyed hunter husk could be repaired at the base for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. Thus giving the engineers something to do. Could also incorporate some sort of engineers improving hunter armour or sights or rifles to improve the gear. To give them something to do while research is under way. These improved rifles could be silencer, larger clips or larger calibre bullets for the assault rifles. Comments and other ideas welcome. Thanks for taking the time to remake a classic and keeping the feel of it.
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