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Found 1 result

  1. OK, so I suspect Desura has hit breaking point with our latest version (Build V16.1). The mirrors issue that meant nobody could download the game yesterday was caused by my uploads to the branch being corrupted. It seems that Desura is crashing when it's generating the updates on my PC, and when these files are uploaded they cause the mirrors issue. Thus we've rolled back V16.1 to V16. The Desura guy is going to upload the patch from his end tomorrow and try to get it working. It may be a minor issue causing this, or it may simply be their upload system has melted under the sheer weight of files in our game. Please just use the standalones for the next few days. We are working on a permanent fix for the Desura client, but all the solutions are a bit drastic. Essentially the problem is that when Desura updates the game, it performs an MD5 check on every file in the player's file directory to see if it needs to be updated. Because we have so many files, this takes a very long time and often causes crashes. My wider concern with this is that I think Steam works in a similar manner. It's more than possible that Steam would be having similar issues if we were using them, because games simply don't have 80,000 files in them these days. It's a result of us using a woefully inadequate game engine which we don't have the source code for, and it'll only get worse when we add in all of the alien sprites for beta. Two things we're looking at to potentially fix it up: 1) I'm talking to our ground combat programmer about consolidating all the files into a a few big single files. I'm not sure this will be possible, but if so it's clearly the best option. Not having access to the engine source code means what would be straightforward on other projects is not so here. 2) The first time you download the game on Desura is absolutely fine because the MD5 checks aren't needed. In an emergency, we can just set Desura to download a full new copy of the game every time there's an update. This is our fallback option (it also means that if the game is really stable when we release it on Steam and no patches are needed, the number of files won't be an issue). The post-install unzip system we proposed recently doesn't look like it'd help the situation at Desura's end, unfortunately. Anyway, my main concern here is the sheer number of people who don't read the forums etc and are buying the game and not having it work. It's really not a good place for us to be in, and we'll get it sorted one way or another in the near future. For those curious about Steam, I did check with them and their position is still that they'll only sell the game when it goes gold (ie. when it's finished).
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