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Found 5 results

  1. Now I have searched and read some former posts over night missions and the suggestions to change; night vision tools, more visible range, larger light circle of chemlights and so on. I will not discuss those. My though is that the night missions are too dark. Ok, maybe the aliens cut the power so that all lights go out in the city/village/industrial/whatever area, but why are the civillians and local forces moving around like they see everything? Additionally I think it would be better if some lights were still working, like street lamps, changing traffic lights, building lights (doesn't need to have them all powered). Imagine a street lamp at the edge of sight range, suddenly an alien rushes in and out back into darkness. Thrilling effect to the soldiers! And further, the aliens could intend to kill the lights when in battle, to make it harder for the soldiers and force them to throw chemlights repeatedly. Sorry if this was discussed already. I haven't found it then.
  2. This one's pretty simple, so I don't think I need to upload a save, or anything. Basically put, I have my sniper take a second-floor so I can have the sniper... well, snipe. It's a night mission, and I want to see, so I have him shoot out the window and chuck a flare as far as he can. The appearance of a parabolic arc later, the flare is lighting up the street across the way. Except when I toggle down a floor (you guys really need to make it possible to set scroll-down to the mouse wheel,) I find that the flare disappeared. It turns out, the flare levitates. Although it's more "unimplemented feature" than "bug", as well, you can throw onto the roof of a multi-story building at the same distances you can throw across a level field.
  3. To encourage players to take on night time missions instead of skipping them, how about giving unique bonuses on completion? This could be a specific medal, increased experience points or an extra cash bonus. It does seem inconsistent to have a huge spike in difficulty on night time maps with no compensation. And also unrealistic to be able to play 99% of your missions in daytime by waiting for time to pass. (NB Thanks to all for making this fantastic game - im really starting to feel the immersion for the first time with the latest update)
  4. 1. Flares should be able to be picked up again once thrown (I think this is planned). 2. Flares need there own animation (i.e not a grenade). 3. Flares should hiss and give out 1 tile of the wispy grey/white smoke (the type of smoke caused by plasma hitting the ground). They are abit lack-lustre at present. A groovy new hissing sound effect would add to the ambience in night missions - breaking the silence between screams! 4. Each soldier should have 3 flares, 2 flares isn't quite enough (though this might be intentional so as to make them more valuable).
  5. Nothing like a pitch black, scary as hell, mission at night fumbling for flares. Do we still have them? Without them, this game will not go far.
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