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  1. I've tried simply changing the xml file, which does change the price that is reflected in-game... but then I get the message that XXX is paused due to financial resources and nothing happens. fwiw I'm simply trying to fix the marauder costing 7.5mil (instead of 750k), after my xml change to the price the game will subtract 750k money but will pop up the above error... I figure I'm missing some edit somewhere.
  2. I downloaded the standalone version and have been seeing what makes this baby tick. Glad to see it uses Lua scripting WOOT! Anyways now for the important bit I saw a package tool in the release will the files HAVE to be repacked or can the archive be deleted and have the engine use them in loose folders if no archive exists? What I am getting to is how would i distribute mods to people using the compressed version. If the archive can be deleted a simple batch file to delete or rename the archive then copy the mod would be simple. Thanks as always! BTW - This is one of the best game communities I have had the pleasure of dealing with.
  3. Hey all, I am a hobby programmer in several languages, and I am pretty good with 3D Studio Max. I will be creating some mods, but the game updates so often I haven't even started yet. Any ETA on finalizing basic things like models and scripts so they can be tinkered with? Also will mod tools be released to make it easier? If I have to hex edit this like I did the new XCOM it will be a slow process. Happy gaming! P.S.-I do see some tools listed about what is troubling me is the new compression of files. I have done a good bit of work with the Unreal game engine and the compression and reference methods it uses makes simple things like swapping models nearly impossible.
  4. In a mirrored, or possibly upside down or inverted landmass/water version of earth The ceasian clones peacefully go about their daily lives. Screw plausability! Screw the original Xenonauts story! The Xenonauts are invading their peaceful little world. Allienance: Wrath of the Xenonauts With 3 000 shi.. wait what? Those aren't ships, what are they? They resemble flying movie sets representing their homeworld? What the bloody shiznook (alien curse pronounced cheesenox) are they doing in orbit? The humans are invading by landing movie sets that are a few hundered square meters, filled with civilians and poorly trained/equippmed military on our world. But each time we respond to a scene to clear the infestation out an elite force that goes by the name of "Xenonauts" shows up and starts stealing our technology, killing and abducting our men and scrapping our ships for materials. It is up to you (as the Allienance commander) to negotiate an alien alliance and gather the other races to repell this uncalled for and totally unfair invasion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I've been inspired by the poster Gus (thanks for the title) in the latest announcement thread to rack my brain for a way to play the alien side. This seems to be the simplest way to implement it, although it has a bit of a parody feel to it and requires some suspension of belief/plausability plus a total disregard for the original story. There are not really any major changes to the game play (except it's factions are flipped around) although it will rquire some tweaks and a different balancing then the normal one. No Idea how to end the mod though. What would be the final battle? Invading some biggass museum (because the humans are trying to invade by forcing their culture onto the Ceasan homeworld, what better ultimate battleplan then to launch museums? ) Or maybe we/I should wait for the real ending of Xenonauts at release before making up stuff for the parodylike mod? Hmm maybe it's possible to Playstyle essentially the same except you get points for killing the "local military force" and the civvies. negative points for lettting them flee (which they will do when the last xenonaut is killed or alternative objective (disableing their transport?) is completed As there are no crashsites Airbattles between aliens and Xenonauts would have to happen when the Xenonauts launch an aircraft to intercept your UFO as it's heading toward the landed movie set to deal with the infestation. What I/we would need the most for this mod is 1) Alien paper dolls (maybe we can just use the concept art) 2) The ability to tie in Xenonaut AI advancement into the ticker system, or possibly create our own events and tie them into the ticker system (is that possible to mo already already? or intended to be moddable perhaps) 3) Use the armour drop down list to chose races? possible that wouldn't be too hard... 4) New backgrounds for the base view screens. Could be provided by the community rather than development team artist. It is just a mod after all. (maybe we can just tint the humans grey and morph their forheads to look bigger and call them ceasans) 5) Ability to adjust the score gotten from killing stuff in ground battles (probably already possible) 6) I'm probably forgetting something big and important. 7) More to come.... Edit: 8) A way for players to trigger the mods nerfed versions of alien special abilities (like the "chryssalid" attack) I would expect this mod to come to contain artificial difficulty that changes how things are represented from the main game. Like the chrysalid for instance: as a playable unit you would have to change the conditions for transforming a human into a zombie. Either make it deal a set ammount of damage and need to bring the unit down to below 10 hp or make it do a "facehugger" where it dies after infecting a unit. And probably make the zombie an AI controlled ally instead of player controlled. I hav no idea how modable the alien abilities will be. I mainly want to discuss it (and come up with enough simple solutions or chortcuts) so that I might convince myself to take a gander at it (and most likely fail so horribly it becomes a parody of itself:p) I know that suggesting something and hoping someone else picks it up and makes it a reality is not the bst way to go about it and extremly unlikely. I would probably appriciate it if someone did, but I'm not going to sit around and hope for/expect it by trying to necro this thread after it eventually dies (assuming I did not infact try it out myself). PS: The vote is public, other people will be able to see what you voted for.
  5. Now that I attmpeted to mod the aircraft, I've hit a very big brick wall regarding the weapons loadout. Only 2 weapon systems are allowed per aircraft (GUI restriction I wager), which is major downer. You can't have an aircraft with 2 cannons. I mean, you can, but it won't be able to carry any missiles You can't have 4 missiles and 1 cannon. When normal aircraft have 10-11 missile hardpoints + cannons, it really feels restrictive ot be limited to jsut 2 weapon systems...
  6. Title says all, really. Asking because I'm buying the game for the core tactical/strategic gameplay and would be interested in such a mod after launch. So, in order to make this happen, will it be possible to easily: *Remove parts of the base menus pertaining (non-transport) aircraft? *Refit the technology trees/construction screens? *Have landed/crashed UFO's appear on ground maps randomly? *Create custom geoscape notices reflecting said state of the tactical-map UFO - "Scout-class UFO shot down by SAM-fire over Belarus", "Local air forces corners, destroys enemy fighters over the Red Sea" "Battleship-class UFO lands in the Mojave" and so on and so forth? *Weigh the odds of such geoscape notices depending on gamestate (ideally so that research carried out at the Xenonaut R&D translates into larger quantities and classes of UFOs being shot down as advanced technology becomes available to humanity)?
  7. What file do I need to look at to alter the time it takes to manufacture new items?
  8. Would it be possible to have the important tactical formulas put in configuration files so we can mod them? I'd like control over accuracy and damage formulas. Also, if we could ASSIGN the formula we want to use to a specific weapon that would be really cool.
  9. I'm having quite the struggle trying to get one weapon to a) display 2 ammo types for one weapon on the UI and b) making both ammo types usable in-game. The closest I have got so far is to make the same weapon (in this case, the assault rifle) twice in weapons.xml, one with the normal ammo type, one with the exotic ammo type (which have been properly defined in ammos.xml, items.xml, weapons_gc.xml and strings.xml). I can then assign ammo clips from weapon 1b to a solider carrying weapon 1a, and then when the solider exhausts the clip on weapon 1a, he can then load clips from weapon 1b into weapon 1a. I have tried: Defining the exotic ammo (henceforth known as EA) as a weapon.grenade.EA and assigning it as an ammo type in weapons_gc.xml, but while it shows up on the base and gc UI correctly, it will not load into the weapon Defining the EA as a weapon.EA type (like rockets), but that crashes the base UI Defining the EA as a standalone ammo.ballistic.EA type in weapons.xml, but that crashes the base UI. Someone cleverer than me got any ideas?
  10. Hi everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to easily modify the tactical AI of the game, by simply unpacking files and editing text files as for UFO:Extraterrestrials? Wishful thinking: a contest where people would develop tactical AIs and have them fight it out in skirmishes. Basically, a very cool version of the Google "Ants AI challenge".
  11. Since the issue is near and dear to my heart, I'll hang on to all that expended brain sweat. =) Flat attribute boosts would be a Bad Idea™ because they annihilate the need for soldier experience. What is a much better approach is to let an armour give a % increase to a stat. A 130% strength armour is not going to turn a 30 strength soldier into the Hulk. It only goes up to 39. This way a heavy suit of armour can let a soldier use very heavy weapons that unaugmented soldiers can't use or can't use very well. For the really good stuff you still need a naturally strong soldier, though, so soldier experience always stays valuable.
  12. Anyone any idea how to get modded armour to appear in the soldier equip screen? I have been through every file and made the appropriate additions as far as I can tell. I have just copied across the Jackal images so that's not an issue. Currently I have the armour as a researchable item that pops up correctly with the info screen after completion. I have linked in all the ground-scape images and items but simply can't find any way of adding it to the drop down menu in the soldier equip screen. Any ideas?
  13. Hey all, I wondered if anybody knew how you'd go about adding an entirely new item to the game? I tried to add the AK47 as a new weapon, but couldn't get it to appear in game. I created entries for it in the following files: weapons_gc, strings, items (and set it to the same status as the ballistic weapons so it was available from the start of the game). I thought that would do the trick, but no joy. I wasn't sure how I'd go about getting the game to use the weapon but I was surprised I couldn't even get it to show up in the equip screen. Anybody have any idea what else I'd need to do? And if I can get it to show up in the base screens, any tips on getting it set up for use in a mission? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi, As the title says; after downloading the latest patch I'm unable to modify any values within the games files. Is anybody else having this issue? I seemed to have a few problems getting the patch, so maybe it's linked to that? I'd been working on a weapons balance mod, so I'm hoping this is maybe an error, rather than an intentional change...
  15. Hi I have question to dev team. Could U explain me what does it mean? <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">airplane.alien.fighter</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">160</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">10</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">4000</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">1800</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">900</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">40</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">40</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">0</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">0</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">4</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:Index="13"><Data ss:Type="Number">0</Data></Cell> I know its speed, acc, healtch ect - but exactly which one? Thanks I'm trying to mod some files to make game much harder for example - longer Mig32 research and manufacture time. Now I'm trying to mod UFOs parameters but I need to understand above file ))
  16. I started this treads to discuss the BL (Blaster Laucher) and potentially find a way to make it a viable mod in Xenonauts. BL was used in UFO as a mean to avoid long missions and to quicken the game in end game. It also helped to debunk hidden alies by killing them or removing every cover in an area. It's drawback were not many since it destroyed almost every map tile, aliens and object it did encounter. It was counterbalanced by it's own strenght wich was destruction. As such The BL was more balanced in TFTD since most salvagable items were near each others in key area. Such area were command center, cockpit, engine and computer core. The tiles were also dangerous since they could detonate a BL prematurely. The use of a BL has to be weighted a lot more than in X-Com. Extensive use of a BL made poor salvage and the elerium cost outweighed gains made in several ufo ground mission. The terrain design was also clearly intended to hamper it's use (like in the TFTD missions) and i suspect some randomness was included in it's travel path. Such limitation were not present in X-Com and brought abuse since UFO and base layout enabled their use without much drawback as long as you got ammo. While clearly a overpowered weapon, the BL did fasten the end game play while the last research was made. Please be constructive in your comments. Ideas: Less Waypoints Destructible warhead Turn base movement TU used to move Destroy salvagable items when used Persistant damage in a large zone Heavy construction cost and/or rare components. Lower Score Lower reputation with country hosting mission Different Destruction pattern like Fan (V), lines. Wire guided so when changing direction there is a chance the cable snap, making the missile go rogue. Weird explosion shape like a fractal. Wire guided so has a max range before exploding or loosing control. Disposable drone version. Explosive version is blind. After a quick reply from Chris, it is confirmed that waypoints are troublesome. As such, here is a basic concept of the weapon as I see it: The BL spawn a unit named [blasterBomb] wich is controlled as a player unit. Ennemy units react to [blasterBomb] as they would with any player unit. I think an average % to hit would be good. When it is destroyed, it explode in a large radius, destroying object and tiles alike. Persitant "radiation" damage could be implemented in the zone affected. The destruction of the [blasterBomb] is trigerred by the player, [blasterBomb] destruction by the ennemy or end of turn. Using the BL means a score penalty when the bomb explode (unit killed). To enable the self destruction of the [blasterBomb], the unit could have several properties like low healt and bleeding damage. The unit should be blind. Time units should enable it to travel far enough not to kill the shooter and close enough to require soldier placement. Probability of self destruction each time a command is issued after the first one. Construction cost: Around what is found on a small intact UFO. Computer of some kind, Fuel, engine. Stats: Damage : 200 TU : 120 Healt : 30 Armor : 0 Bleeding damage : 30 Blast radius : 20 Persistant damage : 10 dmg Duration : 100 turns
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