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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, As many others I had pre-ordered the game before desura, and for some reason could not get back to it until now. Basically the proof of purchase was acknowledged by goldhawk (hence the badge), but then I'm stuck. I have also created a desura account. However I did not receive any e-mail or desura notification, and obviously desura does not think I own the game. If I'm not mistaken , I did not receive any mail just after the switch to desura either (but it was a long time ago, maybe it went to the trash bin by mistake after all). Anyway, I've spent quite a bit of time doing research on these forums and could not find a definite answer to my problem. I apologize if the issue was already raised a couple of times, but still I'm dead in the water. Any idea before I bother Chris with an e-mail? Thanks in advance.
  2. I purchased Xenonauts over a year a go and played it back then, but haven't since. My question is where do I download the current version and/or recover my pre-order? I might have missed a trick so apologies if this should be obvious!
  3. Hi I pre-ordered xenonauts one year ago (28/04/11) with the account sylario, and at that time, i had a problem with my account and you were kind enough to transfer my purchase to a new sylario2 (forum)account. Now it seems that both sylario and sylario2 accounts does not exist anymore on the forum , so i am not sure i can still download xenonauts. I tried forgotten password but it says that those mails address does not exist or that my captcha answer is wrong (it ask me color of the sky, i am not a native english speaker, but i guess it is blue, or may be grey in UK). Also the create account of the forum tells me that sylario and sylario2 accounts are free (the ajax thingie at account creation). I have a xenonauts in Desura, i think i use a code to redeem a long time ago, but the current xenonauts in desura seems to be a demo with one map only (always the same city). - Can i get back my pre-order account in the forums ( i still have the Paypal transaction ID), i'd like to have the steam code at release. - Does i have pre-purchase version of xenonauts or a demo on desura ? Thanks
  4. I dont have the premium medal but i preordered ages ago. How do I get the medal attached, and I'm afraid that you'll forget that I preordered... I actually am diagnosed with paranoia so that may be it I have it on desura though so maybe thats good enough.
  5. I pre-ordered Xenonauts on 10/1/11 and I fell out of following of happenings involving the game soon after. Today I caught up with everything and I believe I missed the email that I would of used to redeem the pre-order on Desura. Is it possible to have the email resent to me or some other method that I redeem my pre-order on Desura?
  6. Okay so I feel really dumb for asking about this, because it just feels like I must've done something really wrong, missed something really easy to see, or something other.... but I just can't find the forum-thread for it, or the shiny green button saying "PRESS ME", so I've given up searching. I'd rather just ask here now. So... I pre-ordered Xenonauts a good while ago, before Desura came into the picture. I played the alpha some then, but haven't really tried it since (I guess I just didn't want to "spoil it"). I wanted to try it out later when it had gotten some more fixes/changes/progress. ... And now I felt that time has come. But to my surprise, I find it incredibly hard to find any way to download the game. I mean I registered an account on Desura, downloaded the client... I hit the "connect"-button but it just tells me I don't have the game. How am I supposed to link my pre-order (done through your original paypal-system), to Desura? In advance, thanks from a complete noob (and probably moron) who couldn't find out the solution for himself. Edit: Solved!
  7. Hi guys Where can I download the beta Versions? It seems to me that I somehow got lost when you switched over your infrastructure. I've opened a Desura Account, but don't see my games anywhere... What must I do to be able to download the Beta 8? Cheers Onkl
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