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Found 4 results

  1. I might get a lot of objections here but I find the fact that ironman mode is forced on the highest difficulty setting rather obnoxious. I want to play the highest difficulty level, which shouldn't mean I have to play ironman. Mostly my problem is that I prefer to play manual ironman rather then automatic ironman. Sometimes a game glitches out, sometimes you want to try out something funny/cool/weird and you don't want to throw 8 hours worth of gameplay away just to try out said thing. Sometimes you just want to break the ironman because a hastily misclick just made your guy get up and run toward the alien, hugging him. Let the player enforce his own ironman, and if he doesnt want to then let him tick the box that makes the game enforce it, but don't force the player to use it just because he wants to play on the highest difficulty level.(Which for me is a 'must' as I barely ever touch a game after beating it)
  2. Still loving it. I like the LMG's and the hunter HMG's for ripping aprat those damn reptoids. Maybe David Icke was right, Reptilians are all around us!!! Seriously I just wanted to pop by and express my joy. Also I didn't know the ironman setting was working properly. Now this is fun heart thumping gameplay!! Cheers team!!
  3. Making iron man mandatory for the hardest difficulty makes sense after all the bugs and balancing issues are taken care of, but if you want bug reports and feedback you should let me take it off during alpha and beta testing.
  4. Hardcore Mode? -Receive more experience/promotions. -Not allowed to save during battlescape (Fallout Tactics). -Fragile soldiers. -Aggressive AI. What about Power Armor? Are we gonna have some sort of research breakthrough which allows us to investigate power sources of sufficient energy density to sustain a full-body powered exoskeleton for more than a few hours? Don't give me that 80's "realistic" theme when we're facing a fictional extraterrestrial life form.
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