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Found 2 results

  1. Just mentioned that the displayed Build Time for a Foxtrot is incorrect: Shown on the Screen is 40 man Hours, but with 5 Tecs it takes 8 days, which lead me to the assumption that the build-time is 40 Man Days,.
  2. So after mentioning this a couple times, I finally found a few minutes to set up and do a quick video of some air combat gameplay with my 100% Foxtrot style. This was done in a single, continuous session just trying to record a variety of encounters over a few minutes (and includes a few where I screwed up). There's no audio because I did this with a baby in my lap, and no cursor shown because I am bad and didn't realize Bandicam defaults to hiding it. My initial purpose for doing this was to demonstrate how overpowered Foxtrots are, but in the course of thinking about this I've come to the conclusion that the problem isn't Foxtrots, it's just that torpedos are so much better than sidewinders they probably should become an outright upgrade after Alenium Explosives or Corvette Data Core and/or use a manufactured launcher (possibly in conjunction with an outright removal of Foxtrots), which would make both Condors and Corsairs (and sidewinders in general) useful again. Currently I build Foxtrots in the first two months, and can use them safely against anything other than battleships and interceptors (I'm assuming. Never played/fast forwarded enough to reach them). Anyway, here's the link. [video=youtube;7U706x0lTAM]
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