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Found 11 results

  1. Add in a "security checkpoint room" a 1 by 1 building for the base that spawns 2 NPC soldiers during a base attack. The security checkpoint will allow players to delay the aliens, helping the Xenonauts to defend against attacks from the flanks and making base defense less lonely. In addition, the player may also deploy Xenonauts in the security checkpoint rooms. It always seems odd to me that all the troops are clustered together at the command center instead of having some located around the base's premises. Alternatively, just scrap the NPC spawn idea and make this a cheap "corridor" building that lets you create chokepoints while also allowing you to deploy troops outside of the command center area. The building will be relatively low cost. It's probably too late to put this in, but some modder might try their hand at it.
  2. Hi, i dont know if it has been stated already but i think some features about base managment miss dearly. - A description of each module you want to build. It would be nice to know how much place for people a living quarter wil bring or how much defense the new turrets i am going to build are going to give. A small text giving notification about each module would be very appreciated. - An ingame notification about how to change the oriantation of the modules we want to creat would be nice. I had to come seach the answer on the forums. New players which do not take the time to search might think that those modules cant be turned. Thinking for example that hangars can only be built vertically. Speaking of orientation i noticed a bug where the image inside of modules dont follow the orientation you gave. If you have a plane in an horizontal hangar you see i all clamped and small. Same for vertical factories.
  3. So I was poking around at the building maintenance costs (which I think need to be reduced to 5%). I modified the values and the game didn't crash, which was nice, but it didn't seem to update the costs. Are the building costs only read when you start a game, or did I miss something else?
  4. I've not bothered with building base defences. Partly, it's because I need every cent to build other things. Partly, it's because I like getting the loot from all the aliens. But for this post, it's partly because I've never been that convinced they do enough damage to justify their use. Has anyone else been using them in Xenonauts. If so, do you notice a marked improvement in defending your bases.
  5. If you were to find a way to add a base facility into the game, how much of a mess would it make of the Base Defence Missions? Would they be able to launch properly? Just curious having seen the likes of Alien Containment in the assets folder.
  6. I've been playing the Steam Beta and last night had something strange happen. I researched alien biology, and got a message about how I can now build a facility to house captured aliens. It then allowed me to research stun weapons. Nowhere do I see an option to build this alien containment. Not in engineering, base construction, nor is there an option to research it. Is this a bug.. or have I missed something?
  7. Managed to place a workshop on the right hand side of the second row from the top, taking it outside the new grid layout and into the old one.
  8. Hi, While reading the Base Simplification thread, I had this idea for a building that would increase radar range by boosting the power available (which makes sense from a real world perspective), and it evolved into the Power Station. Power Stations would create power for boosting certain buildings performance. It would increase radar range, damage dealt by laser/plasma turrets (if they're in the game), and other things that would benefit from having much more power available. Even higher tier radar stations (I'm sure there will be some) could benefit from it, increasing range again. These power stations would require researching an alien power source, probably another research to learn how to make the building, and an amount of alenium per week to power it (I like the idea of it having a cost, it limits the use somewhat, and makes it more of a luxury, limited-deployment, specialty building, in a way). Since it would require spending alenium, it would have an option to turn it off if you wanted to conserve resources. It'd then sit there, useless, until you turned it back on, at which point your defenses and sensors would be boosted again. I'd say that it should have week cycles, that cost, say, two alenium per week (balancing would happen in beta) paid in full at the beginning of the week. So, if you wanted to turn it off, it would finish whatever cycle it was on (to avoid wasting alenium already spent) before it shut down. If you wanted to turn it on, it could take a few days to spool up before it starts eating alenium and producing power, so you'd have to plan ahead. The building would be 1x1 squares, and one power plant would provide the bonus to every applicable building on the base. (Having multiple power plants would, in theory, increase the boost even more, but that could get overpowered really quickly. Best play it safe.) I'd think that it would be more of a limited use building near the beginning of the game, but by end game you'd have so much alenium that you could have each base boosted by one of these all the time. (I don't know how much alenium one usually gets, as I've not played much, but based off of what I did UFO:EU it could work out that way.) Having this building would increase the choices the player can make early game. "Is it worth researching and building a power source, and then paying for it in alenium, to boost radar range, when you could build a base to cover that area instead (which can do so many more things than simply detect UFOs)? Do I want to spend alenium this month on powering it, or should I save it for a rainy day?" It would also reward players more for taking down UFOs and collecting alenium, and give them another way to spend it if they wanted. Thoughts?
  9. UFOextender for the original X-COM has this neat feature where you can plan base structures in advance. The construction of queued structures will start as soon as they get connected to finished ones. I think it would be really nice if Xenonauts too had a feature like this
  10. I propose to add this feature: You can speed up the construction of the module by 50% paying the certain amount, as if hired additional personnel
  11. One of the truly silly restrictions of X-Com has always been how few buildings you could physically fit into a single base. I usually ended up with one base mostly for storage alone. Stupid. What buildings you have in a base should depend on what you want to build and if you can afford it. Unless you're building your sekrit base in the middle of a city, space itself would not be an issue. What could be an issue is the map size the tactical engine can handle. If you simply allow more tiles and the game crashes when trying to load the map on a base attack, that's a no go. In that case, the base could simply have *drum roll* a basement! No hangars / garages can be built in the basement level because the vehicles need to have access to the surface. Everything else is not handicapped by a flight of stairs or a lift. The tactical engine already does multi-level stuff so if ground and basement level each get 2 map levels, that's plenty for the map designer to play with. 2 levels are less at-a-glance in the base building window because you couldn't see the entire base at once... unless the base area is rectantular instead of square and you see both levels at once. Obvious is good.
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