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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I registered here to ask a question. I have searched the forums and I can't find an answer posted. Sorry if this isn't the place to ask or if it's been addressed already but... I'm pretty much clueless regarding pc gaming these days. Haven't done it since the original x-com and fallout days so all this always online and DRM stuff is completely over my head... I'd love to order this game as it looks right up my street, however, I don't have an Internet connection at home. I can borrow someone's to download the game and get occasional updates but I wouldn't be able to play the game if it required me to have an online connection at startup or whatever. Does anyone know if it's possible for me to play this game or will ot be a case of (and not for the first time) no connection, no play? Thanks in advance...
  2. may not be the best place to ask, but i'm a newb to the whole down load game scene. will i need to be online to play xeno after the down load is done? i'm heading overseas soon and will have limited internet, if any at all for online game play just wnted to know how much time to invest or to just wait until i get back to play. thanks
  3. Well, first of all, the game appear very interesting. However, I have been rather worried for a few reasons. To summarize? Although I am not against paid downloadable games, I am strictly opposed to Steam-style games (where all you buy is merely a permission to redownload the game every time you want to play and where you must have an internet connection at all time and the second the support vanish, you just wasted your money). So I want to know if Xenonauts will have an option that allow you to, you know, actually own the game. Thanks in advance. (P.S. I apologize in advance in case the question was already asked.)
  4. Is Xenonauts going to eventually be released with no DRM whatsoever? I'm interested in supporting this game, but can't do so in good conscience as long as it's tied to a DRM system like Steam or Desura (and, yes, those are DRM systems). I would just like to have a game I can install on a computer with no internet connection and play without having to log into any sort of account or have to worry about "product activation" whenever I buy a new computer or computer part. Is this going to be possible when the game is released? (PS: It's hard to search the forums for "drm" when that word is rejected by the forums as being too short to search for :-P )
  5. Hey guys, bare with me ive just had a horrible expreience. Ive reinstalled xenonauts after not have played for a couple of versions, half way through playing it gave a crash with the telltale cut out in the middle of a sound being played. After win 7 not being able to start numerous times, with it attempting to repair itself. i finally took things into my own hands and fixed it partially. The problem. Starforce copy protection. Long story short, has Xenonauts used or ever used starforce copy protection during the alpha? if so its caused me a a good few hours of annoyance trying to fix the damn thing.
  6. Ok, as the new guy around, I have one question: What about DRM Now, I am an old school guy who loves to pull out some of his old (and I mean oooooold) games and play them occationaly (Original X-Com, Wasteland, Bards Tale,...). With that in mind, I am ok with a serial-number I have to type in after/during install, but any kind of online activation/verification will keep me from jumping in. Note: I do not use Steam and know nothing abut Desura, so anyone can enlighten me about that download system? Note2: Yes, I have read the "How to download Xenonauts without using Desura, so I am aware that I not necessarily need it to get the game
  7. I decided to pre-order Xenonauts today, not knowing that Desura operates exactly like Steam, that you have to run their client in order to play the game. Since I'm against DRM on principle I would not have purchased Xenonauts had I realized this. I thought Desura was a dissimilar alternative to Steam where I could download the game and play it without using a third party client. Please let me know if I'm mistaken. Once the full game is complete, will purchasers have the option to download an actual stand-alone copy of the game?
  8. If I wish to test the game on my notebook, will I be able to play the game without an internet connection? Previously I simply ported the build from my desktop to my notebook because the game ran better on it. Can I still do that or will I need to set up desura on my notebook first? Thanks
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