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Found 2 results

  1. Dread: I'm almost certain this has been brought up before, but dread that affects pretty much everyone all the time makes me 'dread' doing base assaults for all the wrong reasons, especially with all those tedious pop ups you can't click through. The range of it should either be _much_ smaller, or it should only affect those with LoS to the Praetor. Both me and the Xenonauts streamer I follow cannot stand it. It is impossible to describe in words how utterly annoying this is. Battle Rifles: Deals so much damage and has so much penetration it makes all armour but the Predator (and arguably the Sentinel due only to its flight capabilities) essentially pointless; it is a quantum leap up from the standard plasma weaponry, handily outperforming even the plasma sniper rifle on a per shot basis. Even Predator clad units with high Resilience can get one shot by this weapon while getting two shot is about guaranteed. The balance should be similar to Plasma Rifles vs Wolf Armour when it comes to Predator Armour, and Plasma Rifles vs Jackal Armour when it comes to everything else that's Wolf tier or better. As is, this weapon is ridiculous, especially since it's such a huge and abrupt increase in lethality.
  2. The praetorians seem to be able to fill half your squad with a feeling of dread, halving TUs. The range on this ability seems to be unlimited, and not require any sort of LoS, literally being usable across the entire map. Is this supposed to be as powerful as it is? The praetorians (smartly) stay out of range of your squad while all the other aliens are fighting. Because there's no way to kill them before fighting all the other aliens, these guys effectively result in you spending the entire mission with three quarters of your movement points (and the poor guy with a machinegun and 78 TU's is hardly ever able to shoot anythig, because the machinegun costs 40 TUs and he always has 39). Also, is there an option to disable the popups that occur at the beginning of every turn with a feeling of dread? Since it happens to half your squad, every turn, you spend a lot of time being informed of something you will ultimately be able to figure out just by looking at your squad's TU totals.
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