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Found 2 results

  1. I'd like some official additions to this game that explore the scientific extremes. Having just played this: and since I'm basically fighting this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOZVp9NFhQE I was like "man know what this retro 80s era xenoinvasion scene needs man? CYBORGS!!!!!!!!!!" So here it is: 1. Allow players, to late game, discover alien technology for robotics. 2. Allow players to, late game, discover alien technology for artificial intelligence. And then allow players to research a branch of this called "memory feed bio-feedback experiment." which is described as "An experiment in recording human consciousness prior to death." 2a. Add Bionics research. Maybe after a special mission or captive alien! 3. Add building called "Morgue" 4. Allow players to store fallen comrades in this new building. (Maybe add misc ability to memorize the fallen in your own way for fun. or see detailed statistics of the fallen.) 5. Add ability for players to have a chance at turning their fallen heros into CYBORGS!!!!! (For huge amounts of money.... *cough* 6 million dollars perhaps *COUGH* 6. Cyborg Abilities to include: Night Vision, Enhance Strength, Speed, Immune to certain toxins (but not ALL). etc, maybe if you ever add ability to jump they can jump higher. 7. Cyborg Weaknesses include, being hacked by aliens during missions (OUCH!!!) Turning rogue and attacking your own team! Or being corrupted and unable to function for a number of turns, or losing time units. Being susceptible to chaff grenades or stuff used by aliens (EMP grenades? They ARE aliens!). Maybe add weird things like stepping on an electric wire or being too close to a generator might cause something by accident. Not sure. Anyway, the original X-COM never had anything interesting with the corpses... and this was a real show at one time: [video=youtube;JdM64zekOAk] Well I've read quite a few threads so far, so please consider this devs! You're game can be even more awesome!! If some people don't like this stuff maybe you could add an Mod Menu in the game options so people can just click and choose mods/DLC/Addons from a folder or something, I see some people want more realism so they may not dig this idea.
  2. Hi. Im a huge fan o UFO X-com but only the old ones. Seen the new site and this game looks promising . I have a question. In what state is the game now if a pre-order it? How many hours of gameplay there are? And when it will be finished there will be te posibility of multiplayer? Thanks
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