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Found 1 result

  1. Hello folks! First of all, I want to thank you for making this jewel of a game. I'm a tremendous fan of xcom ufo and tftd as well as jagged alliance 2. I sincerely hope this game outdoes those in popularity (and sales!!) and resuscitates the genre. I'm sorry for this whine, but there are four relatively minor gripes I have with this game which make it nearly impossible for me to enjoy it. I'll keep with the numbered list format of other suggestions on this board: 1) The game has no brightness/contrast option and this is horrible. My monitor isn't very bright so I effectively can't complete night time missions because a good 30% of the flares' radius is pitch black. I frequently get the alien spotted warning, but can't see the vicinity of the alien because it happens to be at the edge of the flare's range. This makes it very difficult to execute any kind of tactics, such as flanking, because I can't tell what the surrounding terrain looks like, whereas my troopers obviously can. This is very frustrating. Also, I can't tell what I have selected in the intercept menu aircraft selection prompt due to low contrast between the selected unit and the box background. 2) The F17 and MiG32 are mislabeled as such because their frames are obviously those of the F16 and MiG31. Please rename them to "interceptor" and "heavy interceptor" to keep with the theme of the naming and to make this less comical. After all: you don't call the M16 an M17, you call it an assault rifle in the game. I think you could apply this theme to all vehicles, missiles and weapons. This is a very minor suggestion, but it would go far to improve the serious atmosphere of the game. 3) This game suffers a serious lack of a serious plane. You see: the Americans have already invented, built and flown a plane made to dogfight extraterrestrial aliens, with nuclear A2A missiles to boot, in the 60s and yet it isn't included in this game for some mysterious reason. You should consider adding this plane as a research option to supplant the MiG, while making the MiG a plane available by default. This would have the added benefit of making this game harder to lose due to one silly air combat mistake. Just read this awesome mod thread here. 4) Jagged alliance allowed a merc to safely shoot past squaddies that were within 3? squares of the (friendly) shooter regardless of stance. This was good. IIRC another thing JaggedAl did right was to allow mercs to get a bonus to their starting TUs in a turn proportionally to the TUs they had left in the previous turn. Ex: Gus would have 10 extra TUs at the start of next round if he takes no action this round. This added even more incentive to have mercs watch a lane of fire for a few turns while others advanced among other cool things. This was very good.
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