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Found 5 results

  1. Will the sprite (in the base layout menu) be updated to be more sharp? At the moment, it looks very stretched especially when next to all the other sprites.
  2. A couple of UI tweak suggestions. 1. Eight portraits. I'm still using the Chinook, so I don't know if troop numbers change later in the game. Even if they do, 8 makes more sense than 6. 2. Dropships first. Most of my visits to this page are to reposition troops in the Chinook, especially when I start regularly taking heavy casualties, so it makes more sense for me to have dropships as the default display. Might not be the case for the majority though; perhaps they fiddle with the loadout of the interceptors more than I do, in which case leave it as it is. 3. Troop class. I'd like to see the class on the green troop icons in the dropship, as that'd make it quicker to position R or C types near the exits. My current equipment strategies have the best players with the heavy weapons (inc. snipers), so I prefer to send my rifle and pistol redshirts out first. Perhaps a green circle overlay, like the number one but in the top right. 4. Streamlining placements. Probably too late to include anything like this, but ideally I'd like to be able to specify a template that the game would try to fit my units too without me having to micromanage. So if I always have 3 C/R, 3 H (inc. rockets) and 2S, I'd like to know that, troop-types permitting, one of the light infantry will be at each side door and one in the middle of the main door (with the two snipers flanking him) and the 3 heavies will be lined up in the second tier. You'd assign it by right clicking the tile, at which point a red circle would be placed in the bottom right (perhaps as an underlay?) with the appropriate letter in it. Obviously, manually assigning a position to a troop would override the automatic placement. 5. Chinook range. Doesn't really belong here, as it's not a UI issue, but please increase the Chinook range to 41K (or whatever is necessary to reach the exact other side of the world). I know that part of the fun of the game is going to be trying to get the base on the other land mass set up in time to prevent the governments there from leaving, but failing a terror mission because you're in Mongolia and it's in Peru isn't fun. If you need to justify it, most governments would allow the refueling of a helicopter on the way to save a city from the aliens and there's (probably, AFAIK) fewer operational barriers to refueling a long distance chopper mission compared to a fast interceptor one.
  3. At the moment there are two screens for soldiers. General recruitment and Outfitting. This system has some serious problems. Its clunky as hell. Probably this is to do with importing the basic screens from the original version. Personally I think both screens could be combined, although its probably too late for that, so duplicating info between sceens would seem to be the way to go. Data available on one tab isnt available on the other. You cant tell a soldiers damage on the outfitting screen? why not, why should i have to check one tab to see if they are in fact healthy or injured then refer back to the outfitting screen to see if a current soldier is worth replacing. I ususally decide wether or not to take one soldier over another based on what role they are good at (ie sniper/heavy support). This information is not available on the general recruitment screen. Also max HP info doesnt seem to be available anywhere (i may be wrong). Also a shortcut to the Dropship layout screen from either or both soldier screens would be useful and I'd be very happy if it was implemented. Again digging around in another tab and sub tab to do this is clunky! So clarification of where I'm going wrong would be appreciated as well as comments from others that this is an issue/or not for them would be great Thanks Alex
  4. I'm a fan of the marvelous King of Dragon Pass, which combines text with some splendid art. By pressing the space key, the UI becomes invisible and you can view the art fully. Seeing as Goldhawk is making all of those fancy backgrounds, perhaps it's a good idea for Xenonauts? It's hard to admire the art if it's covered by the interface.
  5. Inventory math is incorrect. I try to sell 1 item and 2 items are removed from inventory. Sell 10 and 11 are removed, ect...
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