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  1. In a mirrored, or possibly upside down or inverted landmass/water version of earth The ceasian clones peacefully go about their daily lives. Screw plausability! Screw the original Xenonauts story! The Xenonauts are invading their peaceful little world. Allienance: Wrath of the Xenonauts With 3 000 shi.. wait what? Those aren't ships, what are they? They resemble flying movie sets representing their homeworld? What the bloody shiznook (alien curse pronounced cheesenox) are they doing in orbit? The humans are invading by landing movie sets that are a few hundered square meters, filled with civilians and poorly trained/equippmed military on our world. But each time we respond to a scene to clear the infestation out an elite force that goes by the name of "Xenonauts" shows up and starts stealing our technology, killing and abducting our men and scrapping our ships for materials. It is up to you (as the Allienance commander) to negotiate an alien alliance and gather the other races to repell this uncalled for and totally unfair invasion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I've been inspired by the poster Gus (thanks for the title) in the latest announcement thread to rack my brain for a way to play the alien side. This seems to be the simplest way to implement it, although it has a bit of a parody feel to it and requires some suspension of belief/plausability plus a total disregard for the original story. There are not really any major changes to the game play (except it's factions are flipped around) although it will rquire some tweaks and a different balancing then the normal one. No Idea how to end the mod though. What would be the final battle? Invading some biggass museum (because the humans are trying to invade by forcing their culture onto the Ceasan homeworld, what better ultimate battleplan then to launch museums? ) Or maybe we/I should wait for the real ending of Xenonauts at release before making up stuff for the parodylike mod? Hmm maybe it's possible to Playstyle essentially the same except you get points for killing the "local military force" and the civvies. negative points for lettting them flee (which they will do when the last xenonaut is killed or alternative objective (disableing their transport?) is completed As there are no crashsites Airbattles between aliens and Xenonauts would have to happen when the Xenonauts launch an aircraft to intercept your UFO as it's heading toward the landed movie set to deal with the infestation. What I/we would need the most for this mod is 1) Alien paper dolls (maybe we can just use the concept art) 2) The ability to tie in Xenonaut AI advancement into the ticker system, or possibly create our own events and tie them into the ticker system (is that possible to mo already already? or intended to be moddable perhaps) 3) Use the armour drop down list to chose races? possible that wouldn't be too hard... 4) New backgrounds for the base view screens. Could be provided by the community rather than development team artist. It is just a mod after all. (maybe we can just tint the humans grey and morph their forheads to look bigger and call them ceasans) 5) Ability to adjust the score gotten from killing stuff in ground battles (probably already possible) 6) I'm probably forgetting something big and important. 7) More to come.... Edit: 8) A way for players to trigger the mods nerfed versions of alien special abilities (like the "chryssalid" attack) I would expect this mod to come to contain artificial difficulty that changes how things are represented from the main game. Like the chrysalid for instance: as a playable unit you would have to change the conditions for transforming a human into a zombie. Either make it deal a set ammount of damage and need to bring the unit down to below 10 hp or make it do a "facehugger" where it dies after infecting a unit. And probably make the zombie an AI controlled ally instead of player controlled. I hav no idea how modable the alien abilities will be. I mainly want to discuss it (and come up with enough simple solutions or chortcuts) so that I might convince myself to take a gander at it (and most likely fail so horribly it becomes a parody of itself:p) I know that suggesting something and hoping someone else picks it up and makes it a reality is not the bst way to go about it and extremly unlikely. I would probably appriciate it if someone did, but I'm not going to sit around and hope for/expect it by trying to necro this thread after it eventually dies (assuming I did not infact try it out myself). PS: The vote is public, other people will be able to see what you voted for.
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