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  1. First up I'd like to say that I'm a long time fan and have been waiting for Xenonauts to be released on Desura for a long time (was one of those guys who was going to order when paypal decided to be stupid). That being said, I've some issue that I'm not sure are bugs or issues being worked on, so here goes... 1) I'm not sure how to switch my guys around in the chopper. I know it was mentioned somewhere... 2) When I select a gun to shoot, I can't seem to deselect it without going to a different xenonauts member and then returning to the first one. 3) Also, mousewheel up and down cycles between xenonauts members when a gun is not selected, but when it is, it cycles between the gun options (ie TUs used). Is this as intended? 4) It's kind of hard for me to figure out where a person is when he's standing behind chest high obstacles. IE when a group of people are behind an obstacle, I always seem to select the wrong person. Any chance these obstacles can be grayed out when people are behind it? Or to grey in their silhouette? 5) Would like an option to rotate the map 90 degrees clockwise/counterclockwise. 6) Also, walls don't show up unless they are 'Seen'. This leads to phantom wall syndrome where it looks like a building is missing a wall until someone literally SEES the wall. Any chance a 'placeholder wall' sprite or some sort of fog of war type method to indicate that a wall SHOULD be there even though we haven't seen it yet? This would help for obstacles as well: for example in Xcom you could see the silhouette of various objects even though there were still under the fog of war. 7) The transition from geoscape to ground combat seems very long. Thanks for listening!
  2. 1) Game crashes if I try to load a game with a crash site in it. 2) I stunned a caesan (was blue). Then I killed it, and the stunned caesan (when I tried to pick it up) spawned another caesan corpse. To clarify, in the inventory screen: 1x Stunned Caesan... I shoot the caesan on the ground... becomes 1x Stunned Caesan and 1x Caesan corpse. Tried to kill the stunned caesan a second time but didn't seem to work any more.