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    Technical School, for air conditioning... laid off... got into sales... new territory... bankruptcy... catch a security job before hitting the ground... excel... I don't like Nietzsche much, but perhaps, what doesn't kill you really does make you stronger.
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  1. Mick

    Stun with rebreathers

    Thanks, I figured it was something like that.
  2. Mick

    Any way to turn off psi

    I know I shouldn't hijack this thread but I have to ask, why? On easy, and I'm a total noob to Xcom or any game like it (Im terrible at most RTS games) but I find the Psi effects to be a great challenge that make me change my plans I made when I first started the mission. I'm just saying, Psi, B.S. Sebellians throwing tons of grenades... It makes the game fun.
  3. Hey guys I've noticed that even when my soldiers are wearing suits with rebreathers that they pause when running into the purple smoke from smoke grenades. I don't know why, does anybody have any insight? Am I just forgetting to click on a button to activate the rebreather?
  4. Lol it seems that nobody actually reads the book that comes with the game. My only problem is with the name Kirov. Generalissimus Kirov was the leader character of my Nationstates nation, back when I did Nationstates. But yeah seriously give it a good look, helps you submerge yourself into the games atmosphere.
  5. Mick

    Belt & Backpack

    Lol I was operating under the assumption that it took less TU to use a belt item as opposed to the backpack.
  6. Mick

    how can I remove berserk?

    Lolz awesome, I phased out gas as soon as I got the shock grenades. However I see a change with that coming now that gas grenades don't mean an end to that soldier for the mission. Lol I swear my first campaign I lost six of my own people due to gas mismanagement.
  7. Yes, Jukaga. The game does leave some of that to your own imagination. Your supposed to be able to imagine an American Airforce General convincing Jimmy Carter that despite the fact we can't rescue those hostages in Iran, we can totally protect ourselves from the XENO threat... Sorry, right now I've got some beef with the United States because they drop my funding so fast. Next game ill put my second base in the Dominican Republic or Mexico rather than Mongolia. I do find that having my first base in Sardinia and my next base in Mongolia gives me awesome coverage of Europe, The Soviet Union, and Asia. If the U.S. was a bit more patient we would totally build a third base in the Dominican Republic. Hell ill even cave and build it in Texas. But, no, Its been a few months, they were only giving me a few hundred thousand dollars representing a pittance compared to their combined military spending... NERD RAGE!
  8. Mick

    how can I remove berserk?

    COOL! I don't know if that's going to be a game changer for me, but I'm going to start implementing that tonight. Is there any trick for stunning a civilian that doesn't turn them into a pile of goo?
  9. Mick

    how can I remove berserk?

    MIND BLOWN!!! thanks lol ironically it was my medic that I had stun baton her. Ive mostly just kept going and considered it a loss. Lol, I never even thought to search for that. I found out that you can swap grenades for flares on night missions by right clicking... I love this forum, its helping fill in what I'm not able to find in the manual.
  10. your posts are noted, I apologize I play on a nice computer, lag doesn't seem to be bothering me. The post was an attempt at humor but alas conveying that in text form can most certainly be an issue.
  11. I find myself tending to agree with the fact that there wouldn't be any major public collaboration with the capitalist west and the communist east. The incidents are indeed way to isolated for the early game to force the US and SU into public total collaboration. This was the Era of Leonid Brezhnev and Carter/Reagan... it comes at a period ending D├ętente and increasing hostility amongst both countries. The United States and Mainland China had JUST normalized diplomatic relations. Kim Il-Sung's personality cult was still in full swing and no doubt would single handedly be claiming the exploits of the Xenonauts as his own (Lolz crazy DPRK) Persia ceased to be and became IRAN, no doubt the Ayatollah was more than happy for the alien invasion as IRANs leadership is all part of a crazy Islamic apocalypse cult. He would be shouting stuff like "The return of the Twelfth Imam is at hand!" India and Pakistan are likely completely absorbed with their own conflicts. So pretty much all the largest armies in the world would be completely tied up with the still in swing Cold War. Game Lore wise, the Iceland incident almost turned into an apocalypse anyway. The world is under the impression that the Soviets just attempted an aggressive invasion of a NATO protected territory... so I'd imagine that Politically the hostility would perhaps even be more magnified than the real world political situation actually was.
  12. Mick

    how can I remove berserk?

    I always just stun baton my bezerking people. I think its a great feature and I like how it can mess with my perfectly constructed squads and force me to improvise.
  13. I've had a squad led by a Greek raider, and I've had a medic from NASA. However I think that given the fact that a large part of the game is breeching the UFOs and raiding bases with riot shields and shotguns a practice that the FBI or other more law enforcement oriented organizations employ daily, you might end up with a few people from American state and city police departments. With the FBI, Soviet Militsiya, Stasi, being in existence, just seems that I would draw from them. Again as I state in posts about game content I'm sure there's a mod out there. I was going to create my own soldiers but alas, I have no idea how. I browsed the files and couldn't figure it out.
  14. A thread on the forum because you can't be bothered for a few seconds? how much time did it take for you to post this? LOLZ...