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  1. the F 17 has a green light ahead (like a flashlight). The ufo has a bigger range one.its red. and exacly when the alien ship is fireing the F-14 fire too. Or maybe i got it wrong and the light doesn't represent range.
  2. 1. Dont know why. I played the v8.0 last days and this happend only once in the hole period of time. But today i started new game on easy and atleast 20 times in a row the alien ship escapes from the radar screen. When the fight begins the alien ship is flying away in the left and avoiding the battle. And they are faster then my f-17 and i never catch them.after that, ufo icon remains on the screen. If i try to intercept again (the same ship) same thing happens. 2. The f-17 fire before the alien ship is in range.
  3. When using medipack after a soldier has been injured 2 bugs appear : - first when the soldier uses the medipack to heal another soldier it looks like he is trowing a grenade. - second : For example the full health of a soldier is 60hp. Let's say he is injured and has 50hp. After using the medipack the bar is full but on the right it still shows 60/50hp
  4. HomeBoy

    General Progress Update!

    will we be able to research new interceptor ships and new ships that carry soldiers in the game? I mean after researching alien destroyed ships. Or after cathing an alien navigator alive. I just loved the Leviathan from X-com Terror from the deep
  5. HomeBoy

    Final release

    and another thing. Could you put an option tu upgrade from the standard pre-order to premium by paying the rest of the money?
  6. HomeBoy

    Final release

    I played the v8 and it looks great. But i wont play the game until it is finished. Dont get me wrong but i absolutly loved x-com games (the old ones). I dont want to know more about the game until i will have the posibility of reserching and all the features available. Im afraid if i will play by parts, by the time the game will be done i will not enjoy playing it from the begining to the end. Sorry i won't help the comunity with bug reports, but i helped by paying for the game in pre-order. I have a question. Im sure you guys have a plan in the developing of the game. I want to know if everything goes as planed when will the final version of the game will be released. Dont want a strict date or anything just e period in witch you hope the game will launch. I looked around the forum and did not found nothing about this. Keep up the good work and remember the important thing is for the game to be great as long as it takes
  7. HomeBoy

    Pre-order package

    what does DLC mean?
  8. how long till v8? monday almoust over
  9. I was in a ground mission and when i killed an alien the game crash giving me an error. Send\Don't send. If this happens again should i click on the send error report? And i have a suggestion. Try working a little on the graphic when you shoot a weapon. The whay the bullet flys from the gun is akward.
  10. HomeBoy

    Pre-order package

    i have a question. if i paid the 15 euro will i get the full game to download when is 100% finished? In the site id says the you will get the game minus the last mission.
  11. HomeBoy

    Pre-order package

    i payed the pre-order .
  12. Hi. Im a huge fan o UFO X-com but only the old ones. Seen the new site and this game looks promising . I have a question. In what state is the game now if a pre-order it? How many hours of gameplay there are? And when it will be finished there will be te posibility of multiplayer? Thanks