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  1. MacGyverDTH

    January Update & Planning

    Are there any news about the development of Xenonauts2? I was searching for an approx. release date or an date when we can preorder the game (or when kickstarter starts). Maybe i just did not found it, but i thought in one video or thread it says that release was planned for 2017. Is this still the plan or will it be 2018 or later?
  2. MacGyverDTH

    Goldhawk Mailing List

    Will i ever get an email from this mailing list? I siged up over an year ago and never get any email with news...
  3. I never liked the psi powers in the UFO games. If i had the cance i would disable them, too.
  4. MacGyverDTH

    German Translation

    Wie viel ist bei v0.4 denn schon übersetzt? Was meinst du wie lange es gehen wird bis es komplett ist? Muß mir überlegen ob ich auf die Übersetzung warte oder gleich mit Spielen anfange ;-)
  5. MacGyverDTH

    Release Date & Work Tracker

    I dont really believe in a final release today... Would be great, but i dont believe in it.
  6. MacGyverDTH

    Question: release date

    I can not wait to play this game. But because i have not so much time to play i will start playing it when i am sure there will be no more changes which makes my savegames not working. So as soon as i read that there will be no more changes which makes the older savegames corrupt i will start playing. I played for about one hour today and it feels great so far. I hope for an release very soon.
  7. MacGyverDTH

    Build V18.51 Hotfix 3 Released!

    There is still some "####" text in the research window. When will all the text in the game be finished ?
  8. MacGyverDTH

    Post-Steam Development Process

    Is there / will there be "cloud saving" in Xenonauts at steam ? That would be great so i could play on both of my computers.
  9. MacGyverDTH

    Steam Keys - How To Claim!

    Great ! Thanks Chris.
  10. MacGyverDTH

    Post-Steam Development Process

    I am also downloading it from steam now (and deleted desura...). Thanks Chris ! Cant wait to play on steam.
  11. MacGyverDTH

    Steam Early Access

    Read this: How to claim your Pre-Order forum badge! I also can not wait for the steam release. And when this game gets final and is translated to german i will have to do one week holiday to play this game ;-)
  12. MacGyverDTH

    Research Tree Structure Discussion

    I hope all the missing text in the research tree will be added soon. There are still many with "####" in it. I played all the new releases for about 1-2 hours. But i dont want to play longer when there is still some text i can not read (because ####). Thats why i wait till there is a version (beta ?) where all the text is implemented and then i will play longer. But for me it is very important to read all text to get the full story of the game while playing. (I know this is a alpha/beta...)
  13. MacGyverDTH

    German Translation - Update Thread

    When there is no german language in the game when it will be release i will also be a little disappointed. That was one of the points that made me preorder the game. I can read some english, but the research and xenopedia stuff is really hard to read for me because of the technical terms. Maybe Chris can clear this point and say if there will definitly be an german language at the release or if they will do this after the game is released (or he waits till the community will do this for him...)
  14. MacGyverDTH

    German Translation - Update Thread

    Oh, dann hatte ich das falsch verstanden, ich dachte das das dann sozusagen für den Release verwendet wird und hier für Chris quasi die Vorarbeit geleistet wird. Danke für die Info.