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  1. Same for air combat please would be an excellent newbie friendly addition to the game. Some sort of ground combat training mission(s) would be pretty cool.
  2. Ha, you didn't get an exellent for aliens killed?! Seems a tad harsh. Thanks for the pics - absurdly brilliant. Although I almost feel a bit sorry for the aliens.
  3. Just so you know it did crash again and this is the message I got from Windows 7: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: xenonauts.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 55269596 Fault Module Name: xenonauts.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 55269596 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 00220d3d OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 2057 Additional Information 1: 9e27 Additional Information 2: 9e2778096e7e1e2a2e0302fe58f3eea8 Additional Information 3: 9e27 Additional Information 4: 9e2778096e7e1e2a2e0302fe58f3eea8 I did just notice that when I add the mod using the mod installer (from the downloaded Zip file) I have to quit out of it as it freezes. Once I restart Xenonauts the mod is there and can be activated etc. Could I try adding it manually do you think?
  4. Ha, a video of that would be fun if you ever get the urge to do it again.
  5. Hi Max, I totally understand. My life sounds similar to be honest! Don't want to add to your stress. I am about to try the mod again with a completely fresh install of the game so maybe I will have more luck. The research that seemed to cause the crash was the enhanced ballistics one. If it crashes again I will try and copy and past the crash log here or something. I wonder if one of the other mods isn't compatible with it as this doesn't sound like a common crash having read through this thread.
  6. it doesn't include it so you should install the art too (it's really nice). I think Skitso wanted to give people the flexibility to use the the maps if they didn't want some of the art improvements etc.
  7. I do tend to agree. I love all the other aspects of the game but not the base defence so much. It feels like I should have more control over my base - the doors etc. Everything else I encounter in the game I feel like there is a tactical and strategic thought process that I can go through to get around the problem and that if soldiers die it's because I made a mistake etc but not with base defence. Maybe there could be an initial siege stage where you get to hold the base from the 'walls' as the aliens unload from their ship etc or a bit more intelligence information about the nature and direction and number of attackers. My men always end up too thinly spread and a couple die and the defences are breached.
  8. You've gotten further than me. I usually start again for some reason or other once I'm working for a lord and trying to gain influence and friends etc. I kind of enjoy the carefree life as a band of noble murderers for hire, and the responsibility of campaigns and kings etc takes it's toll on me. Have you tried it 'iron man'? - disabling the save/load ability?
  9. StellarRat. How do you tend to defend your bases from alien attack? How many troops do you station on each one? I find that the base rocket launcher defences don't really stop a landing unless you have at least three, so seem a waste of money... but even if I have eight-ten troops in a secondary base they will have terrible equipment and a decent alien force can defeat them AND they cost so much money to pay just to sit there. Seems a waste also. And do you tend to just have one central strike team or do you set up a strike team (for dealing with crashed/laded UFOs) in each of your bases?
  10. I absolutely love mount and blade warband. It's more or less my perfect game. With Xenonauts and that on my harddrive I could happily never leave the house. I'd give one of the mods that enhance Native Warband a go for sure. Plenty to choose from. Some just add a lot more weapons and a few more tactical options (such as ones based on the Diplomacy mod) and others add a lot to enhance the entire game including graphics (such as Floris) but make it a bit harder too. Others totally transform the game world but I've not tried those yet.
  11. I'm getting a crash to desktop as soon as the initial research completes. If I reload and remove the research - and therefore stop it completing - the game continues as normal. I'm playing V1.59 (not CE) with various mods such as the instant grenade, no hidden turns etc. I have verified files etc. I'm using steam, on windows 7 64-bit using bootcamp on my iMac. Game very stable other than this CTD. Shame because this mod looks essential if I'm ever to prosper on veteran level. I just find base defence impossible with 'normal weapons'. Anyone working on a base defence mod to make it better (easier?) by any chance? just too many strong aliens coming at you from too many directions against rubbish troops with rubbish weapons. Anything I can do to workaround the crash? Or more info I can give you?
  12. It's probably worth doing the upgrade to snow leopard for £14.99 to activate the other updates/upgrades anyway I would say, depending how tight money is etc obviously. You'll probably find you need the update at some point - Xenonauts or no Xenonauts.
  13. I play it using bootcamp on my iMac so if you have a copy of Windows that's another option. Bootcamp is really good for gaming on an iMac.
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