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  1. I would like to ask the creators of the aircrafts. how do you give the coordinates of the weapons? I mean, their place on the airplane. Because, i didn't found any easier solution to do it, just giving the parameters as: 25,44;48,44;33,29 and see what happened. Thanks for the help. Best wishes, Veroci
  2. Veroci

    new awp rifle

    I will try them, thanks to you. I will give the property to the weapon and after that, i will write if it worked. I just need to do some paint work
  3. Veroci

    new awp rifle

    Greetings! I tried to create a new weapon, using the following files with the codes in those. Got an awp.png strings.xml - same as the sniper weapons.xml - same as the sniper rifle items.xml - same as the sniper And the game crashing when i want to equip the soldiers. What i have missed?
  4. Veroci

    new awp rifle

    maybe, that two thing left? I will try it too.
  5. Veroci

    Music ingame

    I just put 3 more code and it seems random to me: For example: <Wave>audio/music/Ground Combat Day 5.ogg</Wave> <Wave>audio/music/Ground Combat Day 6.ogg</Wave> <Wave>audio/music/Ground Combat Day 7.mp3</Wave> and the game plays all of them.
  6. Greetings! I would like to ask for help to start the translate for the hungarian people. Our language has letters like ő,ű,í,é,á. How can i use put them into the game with the arial? I tried to give them the ascii code (ő = ő), but in the game appears like this: Fels Jura.Hungary Can you help me with this? Thanks for the help.