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    Alien Base Crash

    Thankyou so much, well that was embarrassing, but I'm glad it works now .
  2. Fegelein

    Alien Base Crash

    I have also tried updating my drivers and restarting my computer it has not helped, this is extremely frustrating it is only happening with Alien Bases.
  3. Fegelein

    Alien Base Crash

    Uh, how do I do that, lol.
  4. Every time I send my dropship to attack an Alien Base it crashes, I tried on multiple save files, and it has no problem attacking crashed ships, only Alien Bases. It crashes during the loading screen after a couple of seconds. Has anybody else had this problem? I am using Windows 7. I have tried validating my game cache, there was nothing that needed to be redownloaded. Edit: Uploaded my save file, however this also happened in another save file (I just fast forwarded a fresh game until the bases started spawning to test it again). herpderp.sav herpderp.sav