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    Steam Game Festival Demo Released!

    Hey, Just wanted to share my thoughts on the steam demo - last time I played tactical combat in Xenonauts 2 was like 2 yrs ago I think or even more (on GOG if I am not mistaken). I got over 100 hrs on Xenonauts 1 and played all XCOM games from 90s and 2000s. What I liked: - camera rotation - improved graphics What I did not like: - line of fire is still broken, I would say there is no improvement from Xenonauts 1 at all, the drawing of line of fire (still) resembles a line in paint on 400% zoom, why stick to these 90 degrees rectangulars? Cannot a game engine just draw a straight line based on mouse pointer location? Sorry about complaint but it just feels strange. I remember you said the new Xenonauts is based on a completely new engine so I was expecting something else I guess. Certainly not the glitchy system from part 1. - game seems a bit slow (turns waiting times, movements etc, like in part 1) - some optimization would be certainly welcome - some graphics (enemy movement) are taken from part 1 but I guess it will change in a final version? Good luck on improving the game
  2. I got this recently but only because I was playing on external hdd and during heavy copy files activity. When it finished animations went back to normal.
  3. Hi, I got game freeze already twice when during alien turn one of them jumps over an obstacle during his movement. The only way out is ctrl-alt-del and to kill process. Regards
  4. Hi, Problems as in a title: - no cover indicator in GC - no aircraft readiness messages in geoscape I read changelog and per my understanding these features should be there. Is it only me? Do I need to make delete and clean install? Regards
  5. coma berenices

    Modular UFOs - Discussion and Suggestions

    Is there any progress concerning this mod or is it stuck?
  6. Nice. Now I know why it takes so long to come back after alt-tab although being installed on ssd drive (but not C:\)
  7. coma berenices

    UFO assaulting

    Tank, Tank, Tank. Really. I try to never start a mission without one. It destroys the door and bombard/kill everyone inside. Soldiers go inside when there's one or two aliens left. Of course for bigger ufos you have more to do as tank can't get to upper levels.
  8. coma berenices

    Art Book PDF for review!

    Art on pages 41/42 does not have author caption although mentioned in a text that it was Kris's concept. Same for pages 17/18.
  9. coma berenices

    The impressions upon lifecycle of tanks

    With only 12 shots available per mission with sth like 20 aliens using bullets/rockets on lanterns is a bit of waste of ammo...
  10. Vanilla does not reflect tank stats. Only X:CE does this (as of now).
  11. coma berenices

    Art Book PDF for review!

    It's not a typo and surely just sth with my computer. I am using adobe reader XI. In place of single quote character in table of contents I got a small rectangle. [ATTACH=CONFIG]5077[/ATTACH]
  12. coma berenices

    Small feature request - incoming soldiers

    I agree. Any feature helping in managing incoming 'staff' would be welcome.
  13. coma berenices

    Memorial Wall - Help Needed

    this memorial wall has some scroll problems...at least if you say about casualty list in X:CE0.25
  14. It's for X:CE 0.25hf2 As in subject. I destroyed the building with a tank. Next turn when I approach the rubble (2 tiles distance) game crashes. Attached save. Edit Can you edit subject on main page or move this thread? I mistakenly wrote vanilla version initially. crash 2.sav crash 2.sav
  15. I worked this around as sb suggested to just hire new soldiers and wait for their arrival.