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  1. Surely this is a May update? April ended 4 weeks ago
  2. This is MYZ reskin basically. All locations are pre-made, no random maps. Walls and floors are destructible.
  3. domein

    Destructible roofs and floors

    I loved to destroy foundations of buildings with explosives in x-com apocalypse, then watching whole 5 stories building collapse, crushing 10-15 aliens inside. That was epic, i was packing two team members full of explosives for that purpose.
  4. Loss on turn 3 is a bit silly, guess this is why that other xcom game was forcing aliens to miss all the shots on civilians after two were already killed on the current turn
  5. I think it is more of an ester egg kind of thing, this was happening in the original "Xcom: Ufo Defence" game, back from 1994. Enemy movement in the fog of war was hidden behind additional screen, as not to give out their positions, and shots came off screen much the same way.
  6. There is no mega malware install, simply download it through your browser. I would love to, but this mega only offers to either instaill their browser plugin or install their download manager, there is no option to simply download the file.
  7. Is there any regular download source? I would rather avoid mega malware installs.
  8. Yet mind controlled soldier feeling suppressed alright, kind of inconsistent.
  9. Not sure if intended or bug, but suppressed soldier can still go berserk with high tu shot that he otherwise would not be able to use. Noticed mostly on machine-gun and likes with only 80% tu shots mode available and supressed solder still going berserk and firing.
  10. Now my MAG sniper has 3 aim levels, with last one being 0% accurate. Is it also because of modular weapons.xml?
  11. After installing hotfix i have "#############" instead of all strings in game. Is something wrong with strings.xml? It seems there is only about 500 records there, shouldn't it be more like 5000?
  12. For me this was also the case, I had XNT + Kabills map pack, added 0.26ce exe on top and got lockups on any kind of props destruction by explosives
  13. Ah, I'm so itchy for a new 0.26 patch
  14. XNT is the best, and if you don't agree with difficulty you can change it to be the way you think is fair.
  15. You just have to use cautious tactics to win first encounters, afterwards games becomes much easier. Equip flamers, shields, as much grenades as possible. Blow up walls and cover, keep your men together, concentrate fire, skip turns waiting for reaction fire, advance slowly and only trough defensible positions, DON'T move your snipers\machine-guns before shooting, they loose too much accuracy if moved this turn. Oh, and get a hunter tank fast to draw enemy fire.