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  1. Ok first mission I tried was rather quick (landed massive construction). At first turns where <1 min, after entering the ship it went up to 3-5min tho, which is barely acceptable. This could be due to me using debugger and ctrl-q tho. I tried loading an older savegame but the game crashed pressumably due to version issues. What I noticed during this mission is that a lot of the enemies in the upper level of the ship started running at the same time trying to fit through the same door. The first of those blocked the path tho so all the others started crouching and looking towards where my unit was 4 levels below. (away from where the teleporters are). Those crouched units took a long time to compute in every following turn and only one of the got back up to go some place. The others stayed there for as long as I tried before accidentally hitting V instead of B. This might be the cause depending on how your AI is coded. Try disabling parallel (timewise) moving of aliens and have a look at the code in regards to what happens when an alien blocks anothers way. I will try again to reproduce this in 22.6 later. General remark to the AI: In the old game some kind of enemies (talking TFTD here) hid in buildings in small spaces trapping you, others went out of the ship and back in. I liked both of those traits. It seems a bit boring that enemies would nearly never leave their ship. (Only commanders should stay back imho)
  2. Tbh: I stopped playing because of the ridiculous long turns. This made missions take up to 2-3 hours which made me go to bed at 4-5am-ish. That was fine last weekend but I can't do that stuff on workdays. I'll try another massive mission and send you a savegame with as much description as I can gather. I'll see if I can figure out how to fiddle around with debug mode etc. as well
  3. Maybe the devs could disable animated props while it's the aliens turn, so we could test for this. This would make sense anyways when the props are invisible to the player. I'm pretty sure tho, that the props aren't the main reason for this issue, since turns become shorter when there's less aliens left. Especially it appears that aliens turns are way quicker once you've seen all enemies once. It's hard to make reliable statements regarding this tho, since turns are so long that I didn't have the time to test this a lot.
  4. All massive ships. You can download one of the savegames I posted and check it out yourself if you like.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to take down this massive UFO in the savegame, but when I engange with the Fury, the game just crashes every time. Edit: changing target does not solve the problem, crashes as well. Edit 2: sending the Fury back to base and then back out fixes the issue for the time being. hmmm.sav hmmm.sav
  6. Yes, I know. That's not the problem. The problem is that I tried reequipping the newly recovered soldiers, but the equipment was not there. Seems like it did actually NOT go straight to the storeroom but rather disappeared until I equipped those recovered soldiers with something else.
  7. Hi, I patrolled this UFO while it landed with my maurader at the location my aircraft can be seen on the screenshot. Once the UFO took off (gamespeed at highest setting) it flew away to the east before me getting the engangement button. After destroying it the crashsite is where the UFO was seen last on the map, but that's a couple 100 miles away from my interceptor.
  8. In yet another mission I only had a few enemy androns left in the 3rd floor of a research vessel. The turns were consistantly slow until I got those last androns to move. As soon as they moved (which they in this case only did when I started shooting at them), the turns were only a couple seconds instead of 1-2 minutes.
  9. Hi, this is probably a know bug, but anyways: I just loaded a savegame to check something for another bug report. I wanted to abort the mission directly after deploying, but it said that all my soldiers were outside the ship and would be lost. Now maybe I'm assuming wrong. But if I understand correctly those marks on the ground that your soldiers stand on after deploying are the places you have to go back to to abort, right?
  10. Hi, I have a hyperion tank assigned to my valkyrie dropship (savegame attached). When I start a mission tho, there is no tank on the ground anywhere, not even in the deploy screen. Once I finish that mission, the tank is gone for good, not existing anymore at all. Now I have to build a new one -.- eh.sav eh.sav
  11. Hi, I'm constantly losing riffles and armor. I just finished a mission with 7 guys all carrying mag weapons and some the predator armor. One died, two got wounded. After they healed back up, I wanted to assign them back to the ship, but they now had no equipment on them at all and I had no mag weapons nor predator armors left over to equip them. I double checked loading the save games before and indeed that equipment vanished. EDIT: bought new soldiers and it seems like the equipment somehow reappeared, since those new soldiers are now equipped with mag rifles (changed the default role equip). This might be caused by wounded soldiers blocking equipment after being healed until you assign them new equipment?
  12. Hi, not sure if this is known or a map issue, but in my last terror mission there were trains blocking my shots, just that they haven't been rendered in the map. The tracks looked as if they were empty, except for the couplers between wagons, which were displayed. Unfortunately I neither have a screenshot nor a savegame.
  13. Hi, the hyperion tank as far as I understand hovers above low obstacles. Yet in my last base defense mission I had the tank destory doors and missiles when hovering over them. Is that on purpose?
  14. I just played another map. Very slow turns again (savegame attached). This time there were cesians, no damage to the ship and slow turns long after entering the ship. Aut.sav Aut.sav
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