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  1. Might just be the allergies but man, was it beautiful to see soldiers and civvies hiding in a room with no windows. Whatever gave them the crazy idea to not run out and die, it worked and got their asses saved. Just wanted to share that. Apologies for phone picture. My PC is demolished with neither USB nor internet working, so I decided it was either that or burning a CD. Great many thanks for the years of enjoyment I got from this beauty. Games that work without internet are a bit like Jesus. Dead, unfortunately, but also much revered.
  2. Bumping this thread as it has been bothersome since the start and is still relevant to me and apparently many others according to Google results. Dragging and dropping faces in the Charlie menu should just switch hotkey positions between two soldiers. Hotkeys should remain constant between missions. That would solve the entire issue at once. Pretty please.
  3. Albert Kowaletz

    Malware detected

    Same. Says that apparently, yesterday on Jan 14th, malware has been found, probably posted by user.
  4. This is a small quirk I've found when playing with Skitso's Map Pack enabled. Since shields can't climb over walls, I had to clear a path for them to get to the other side. Firearms worked normally while the frag grenade removed the wall visually but not physically, it was still there as cover and prevented shields from passing. I've taken two screenshots and a savegame. The screenshots show the frag hole (impassable), then the shotgun hole next to it (passable). No idea how to resize properly. Doesn't seem to show the whole image. Links to the images on Imgur here and here. Savegame: https://www.sendspace.com/file/cfrvkj
  5. Albert Kowaletz

    Help with combat roles

    Wasn't dual-wielding shields patched out of the game some time ago? Anyway, I'm an Assault / Heavy-Weapons guy, apparently. The ones pulling the kills are usually my shotgunners and the guy with the machinegun. I usually keep snipers a bit further behind and riflemen in the mid while assault rush ahead behind the shields. Oh and knights are a beast (shield+baton+grenades). The Heavies deal some significant damage though. The machinegun mows down pretty much everything and when upgraded to tech, wow. Just the total opposite of my shotgun or shield rushers. They run into one position to start firing the next turn.
  6. Albert Kowaletz

    [Suggestions] Energy\stamina - old X-com system ...

    Well, I'm gonna add to this and say no. I might as well use the poll but... Jagged Alliance 2 has a completely different approach. You track a team of mercenaries through months of guerilla struggle. Energy is stored and mercenaries without sleep will suffer from severely decreased combat performance. It also meant that taking hits wasn't just about reducing health until someone died but any hit from any gun would potentially take a guy out of the action. The scale was completely different and so was the concept of fighting redshirts as opposed to battling plasma wielding freak aliens. Energy / breath makes sense in JA2. The characters are all way more fleshy and replacement isn't as easy. There are no airplanes, not really. No base. But even at that level you can see how some mods are way more complex than the game demands. In the original X-Com, energy wasn't as fleshed out as it is in JA2. So I didn't quite remember it as a positive feature. The fights in Xenonauts are usually faster with less suppression fire and cover. The mechanics are generally simplified to allow for a cleaner feel. It's moddable but I'd ask for a reason before asking for feasibility. It's a bit like adding complex bullet wound simulation when the cover system and the shooting aren't even close to realism. Every bit of extra management needs to be justified. Energy creates a more static environment adding bonus to defense more than now which is not a good tweak. It hampers with scouting which would be annoying given that I often send the fastest guys around to look for the remaining buggers. Energy drain on hit means that if I manage to survive, I won't be able to retaliate. Given the small team size which is WAY WAY smaller than possible in Jagged Alliance 2, I wouldn't want a third of my team to get pinned down just because a guy got hit. Especially since, as opposed to JA2 gameplay, I cannot use tactics such as massive suppression and flanking to bail out the wounded. TL;DR: No.
  7. So first mission. Got this: Caesan originally coming from the lower left side of the hedge, moving upper right in the next turn. Thought it had clipped again. Took SAVEGAME. Smashed my way there regardless of casualties to investigate and... There is a gap. Those tiles are empty and walkable. Sorry for image resolutions. Just uploaded directly, have no idea how to make forums rescale image.
  8. Might I interject that, despite all the benefits potentially affiliated with this, there should never be teleports in a game like that. Firaxis did a horrible, lousy job making an arcade-ish X-Com clone that was probably designed for portable devices. Disregarding the unbearably shitty voice jobs delivered by unprofessional speakers, one major pickle I had with it was enemies spawning when you were close enough and teleporting around to speed up the game and decrease CPU load. In combination with the lack of FoV and simplified Overwatch system, there was simply no tactic involved. I haven't really thought of aliens teleporting but now it struck me. I was chasing down a Caesan at night in arctic forest for maybe ten minutes which had appeared to have vanished. Don't give me that. Screw turn tímes, I hate teleporting enemies. Just saying. Some things should be simplified (such as free starting gear), but if you simplify too much, this becomes Firaxcom. And I've got great hopes for Xenonauts judging by the quality I've witnessed so far. </rant>
  9. Albert Kowaletz

    v 22.6 %0 to hit bug

    Update: Doesn't only happen in UFOs. Found a Caesan spawned inside a barracks wall tile. It could shoot me but I couldn't shoot it from either side. Savegame --------------------- Edit: Also, Aliens can shoot each other inside the UFO. Successfully. --------------------- Edit 2: Sorry for the edits but this does happen quite often now. Just trying to help. Another Caesan that ran away and got stuck under a flight of stairs with 0% CTH. Savegame
  10. Albert Kowaletz

    v 22.6 %0 to hit bug

    Same issue. Provided Screenshot and Savegame. Savegame Two of three aliens taken out with repeated flashbangs, not gunfire. One killed outside with regular gunfire.
  11. Savegame: http://www.file-upload.net/download-8837096/Lolbug.sav.html Screenshot: http://imgur.com/uIvvRQi I had a soldier on the second floor. I told him to go downstairs, switched floors randomly using Tab / Shift+Tab and probably switched to the car while he was going downstairs. Result is a stuck armored car with some layer seemingly above it. Can't move at all. Shooting works. Quitting and loading the savegame again didn't solve it.
  12. I've got an issue where the soldier won't heal properly until next turn. Not sure if there is some underlying mechanic that I don't know of such as critical wounds. But often when my soldier has been shot down to a few HPs, healing him shows the correct amount on the cursor but then heals nothing or just a few points, the TU being wasted. On a new turn it always seems to work though, healing the soldier to his current maximum.
  13. Less bug, more feature request. I've had a situation in which one of my fighters suddenly bailed. Whatever the reason, I couldn't undo it. Some testing showed that a Disengage maneuver cannot be aborted by clicking the corresponding button or giving new movement orders. A Disengage order should be revisable. Whether given consciously or by mistake, the order should only serve to steer the plane away from combat instead with the least effort, not disable a plane for good with a high chance of it getting destroyed in the process due to flying uncontrollably through enemy fire. Giving a new movement order should intuitively cancel the Disengage maneuver.
  14. Throw a flare / grenade and press 'C'. -3 APs (TUs) but the soldier doesn't crouch. Grenade throwing anims last pretty long, so I often make that mistake. Optimal solution would be faster calculations, second best would be queuing the Crouch action for after the grenade throw, third best would be simply not subtracting points for a failed Crouch attempt.
  15. Ah, that makes sense. Good idea. Thanks, Hairyscreech. Figured I wouldn't be able to provide any kind of company to my dropships during mid-game anyway with all of my fighters being busy during waves. As a workaround to the missing squadron flexibility I'm sending Condors and Foxtrots separately which often ends in tragedy but it does work. Say, off-topic, is there a way to obtain the experimental builds without resorting to Steam? I guess most bugs and issues I encounter might already have been fixed in later versions. Since the stable version crashes, too, I might as well get the latest.