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  1. I remember being absolutely annoyed at the psionic abilities wrecking my teams previously and changed the TU cost of the abilities so they couldn't be used.
  2. Honestly a cover based system in which if you have a guy at a corner, he can peek around was one of the rare few things that the newer X-Com games did that was an improvement and I would like to see it in Xenonauts 2.
  3. I kinda wished Psi combat could be used by the human forces and it was one of the things that lacked significantly (for me) with the first Xenonauts game. One of the things I seriously loved about the X-Com games (The proper ones) was getting mind control and finally being able to engage the aliens on an even footing.
  4. I have followed your instructions, both of your instructions as said and I am getting the exact same problem. What I have done is thus: 1) Extracted the XDivision folder from the XDivision097.zip file, moved it to the Mods folder in the Assets Folder (D:\Games Folder\Steam\SteamApps\common\Xenonauts\assets\mods\). 2) I have extracted and pasted the last two updates into the XDivision folder in order. 3) I start up the launcher and select mods, select XDivision, click back, I then start the game. After a few seconds I see the ordinary menu screen of the three guys.
  5. Okay, I've done as you've suggested, up until deleting stuff, which folder do I delete? The XDivision folder or XDivision097 folder?
  6. I just deleted the mod and reinstalled it and didn't work either. I put the zip file in the Xenonauts folder, launched the launcher, installed the mod through the mod option, it said mod installed complete, then closed and restarted the launcher and tried to start it but nothing changed.
  7. I did. I installed the large 1.3GB file and then pasted the copied the smaller file's update into the XDivision folder, over-writing the ones in that folder.
  8. Yes, I just see the vanilla image of the three guys with the screens in the background.
  9. I tried installing the mod, everything seemed to be perfect and I can set XDivision097 in the mod options of the launcher and launch the game but it's not different. I understand that the launcher is supposed to be different. It's exactly the same. Anyone know what's happening?
  10. How about introducing tinfoil hate upgrades to the armours?
  11. Ah, I don't think I noticed the lore reason. That would actually be acceptable for that alone.
  12. Or you could change the icon to be a pair of them.
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